Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Nov 02, 1989 on BBC

Episode Recap

After numerous failed attempts, General Melchett has ordered Blackadder's troops to make that one Big Push that will assuredly cost the entire unit their lives. George is excited about the news, but Blackadder isn't. He learns that George is the last survivor of the first bunch from Trinity College Cambridge to sign up. Given the size of the crisis, Blackadder calls upon his old trick from the Sudan. Pleading insanity, Blackadder dons a pair of underpants on his head and shoves two pencils in his nose. After a call is sent in to Staff HQ, Blackadder gives his own theory on how the Great War got underway. Melchett reaches the trench, reminding George that he will shoot anyone who tries the lame Sudan trick. He then offers George a chance to return to Staff HQ, but George turns it down. In the final hours before the planned attack at dawn, Baldrick asks Blackadder to phone none other than Field Marshal Haig himself. Haig, a comrade of Blackadder from a minor victory in the Upper Voltaire back in 1892, is bound to return a favour. As the moments tick away, Blackadder and Baldrick give their opinions on the wretched state of the Great War. At dawn, Blackadder calls Field Marshal Haig, who has been no better at warfare than General Melchett. Blackadder reminds Haig how he had saved his life in 1892, and now he needed Haig to return the favour. Haig promptly tells Blackadder to plead insanity with the old Sudan trick and hangs up. Blackadder is now at the end of his rope, with one additional surprise: Melchett has dispatched Captain Darling to that same rope end.

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