Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Nov 02, 1989 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Blackadder: The real reason for the whole thing was that it was just too much effort not to have a war.
      George: By gum, this is interesting. I always loved history. The Battle of Hastings. Henry VIII and his six knives, all that.
      Blackadder: You see, Baldrick, in order to prevent war in Europe, two superblocks developed: us, the French and Russians on one side, and the Germans and Austro-Hungary on the other. The idea was to have two vast opposing armies, each acting as the other's deterrent. That way, there could never be a war.
      Baldrick: But this is sort of a war, isn't it, sir?
      Blackadder: Yes, that's right. You see, there was only one tiny flaw in the plan.
      George: What was that, sir?
      Blackadder: It was bollocks.