Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Jan 16, 1986 on BBC
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After the Queen appoints Blackadder Lord High Executioner, he finds himself in trouble when the Queen pardons someone he executed ahead of schedule.

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    Holly de Jong

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    Lady Farrow

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    Bill Wallis

    Bill Wallis

    Gaoler Ploppy

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • END SONG:

        His great-grandfather was a king,

        Although for only thirty seconds,

        When put in charge of beheading,

        He felt that fame and glory beckoned,

        Blackadder, Blackadder,

        No such blooming luck,

        Blackadder, Blackadder,

        Elizabethan schmuck,

        Blackadder, Blackadder,

        Nothing goes as planned,

        Blackadder, Blackadder,

        Life deals him a bum hand.

      • The first two episodes were originally meant to air the other way round. This would explain why Percy's beard reappears after he has shaved it for the second episode.

      • The balladeer in the closing credits makes reference to the first series and Edmund's relative:

        'His great-grandfather was a king,
        Although for only thirty seconds.'

      • Goof: Blackadder clearly says he moves Lord Farrow's execution date from Wednesday up to Monday. However, when Lady Farrow visits him on Monday, she says her husband "dies tomorrow".

    • QUOTES (10)

      • (In jail Edmund presenting himself to the staff)
        Edmund: Right, good morning team. My name is Edmund Blackadder and I am the new minister in charge of religious genocide.

      • (Edmund teaching Baldrick advanced mathematics)
        Edmund: Right Baldrick, let's try again, shall we. This is called adding. If I have two beans and then I add two more beans, what do I have?
        Baldrick: Some beans.
        Edmund: Yes and not. Let's try again, shall we. I have two beans then I add two more beans, what does that make?
        Baldrick: A very small casserole?
        Edmund: Baldrick, the ape creatures of the Indus have mastered this. Now try again. One, two, three, four. So how many are there?
        Baldrick: Three.
        Edmund: What??
        Baldrick: And that one.
        Edmund: Three, and that one. So if I and that one to the three what will I have?
        Baldrick: Ahh, some beans.
        Edmund: Yes. To you Baldrick the Renaissance was just something that happened to other people, wasn't it?

      • (Telling Edmund about the bad news)
        Lord Melchett: Unhappily, Blackadder, the Lord High Executioner is dead.
        Edmund: Ouuwow, murdered of-course?
        Lord Melchett: Oddly enough, no. They usually are. But this one just got careless one night, signed his name on the wrong dotted line. They came for him while he slept.
        Edmund: He should have told them they have the wrong man.
        Lord Melchett: Well he did. But, you see, they didn't. They had the right man and they had the form to prove it.
        Edmund: Heee. Bloody red tape ehh!

      • Blackadder: And the new ruff?
        Percy: Better?
        Blackadder: Worse.
        Percy: Fashion today is towards the tiny.
        Blackadder: Well then Percy, you have the most fashionable brain in London!

      • Blackadder: We live in an age where illness and deformity are commonplace, and yet, Ploppy, you are, without a doubt, the most repulsive individual I have ever met. I would shake your hand, but I fear it would come off.

      • (On Lord Percy's cunning plan)
        Blackadder: Pathetic! Absolutely pathetic! Contemptible! … Worth a try.

      • (Lady Farrow is waiting to see her husband, who Blackadder has had executed)
        Lady Farrow: I am prepared for the fact that the may have lost some weight.
        PercyAnd some height. That's the interesting thing. You'll probably hardly recognize him at all, actually.
        Lady Farrow: You will be telling me his arm's grown back next.

      • Nursie: Ointment, that's what you need when your head's cut off. That's what I gave your sister Mary when the done her. "There There" i said, "You'll soon grow a new one!"

      • (On Percy's giant ruff)
        Blackadder: You look like a bird who's swallowed a plate, Percy.
        Percy: It's the latest fashion, actually, and as a matter fact, it makes me look rather sexy.
        Blackadder: To another plate-swallowing bird, perhaps - if it was blind and hadn't had it in months.

      • Edmund: "And in Genoa, 'tis now the fashion to tie a live frog to the shoulder braid, stand on a bucket and go 'bibble' at passers by."

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Queen: You know I'm really very keen on you, don't you, Edmund?
        Edmund: As you were keen on Essex.
        Queen: Exactly.
        Edmund: Right up to the point at which you had his head cut off.

        Robert Deverux, the 2nd Earl of Essex (eight creation) was indeed one of the queen's favourites, but lost her favour after a failed expedition into Ireland during the Nine Years War. He was accused of treason in 1599, and executed in 1601.
        For some reason, the second episode of Blackadder II takes place two years, before Queen Bess' death in 1603.

      • Lady Farrow: May flights of angels sing you to your rest!

        This is a play on the quote from Shakespeare's "Hamlet", when Horatio mourns the death of Hamlet: 'And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!'