Season 4 Episode 3

Major Star

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Oct 12, 1989 on BBC
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Blackadder grabs yet another opportunity to return to England by organizing a morale-raising music hall show, including Baldrick's Charlie Chaplin impersonation and George's appearance as a lady songstress who captures the General's heart.

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  • I love the hilarious characterisation

    Melchett's inability to distinguish males from females serves as the catalyst for much of the humour in the episode. One of the funniest scene's in the shows history takes place here between Melchett and Darling. Discussing his date with Georgina we finally get to see the whole 'darling' thing being put into practise. 'I know exactly what ill say to her(Goergina)Darling..' Darling thinks he's refering to him and responds 'Yes Sir'. The rest is hilarious, just watch it.

    I love George here, dressing up as a girl and then accepting Melchett's marriage proposal 'I didn't think i could refuse, after all he is a general he might have had me court marshalled'

    'Oh no but he's going to award you the Victoria Cross when he lifts your frock up on the wedding night'. HILARIOUS

    I love it when Blackadder gets angry

    Great Episode.moreless
  • This type of laughing burns calories, makes your sides ache, and prompts an immediate rewind so you can watch it again!

    This is one of my favorite Blackadder episodes.

    The gang puts on a show, complete with George (Hugh Laurie) in wonderfully ridiculous drag, Baldrick (Tony Robinson) as Charlie Chaplin, complete with a dead slug for a moustache, and guest star Gabrielle Glaister as Private "Bob" Parkhurst. The twist comes when General Melchett (Stephen Fry) believes that George, while in drag, is in fact his onstage persona "Gorgeous Georgina". The General woos "Georgina", and in fear of being court marshaled, "she" accepts an invitation that leads to absolute catastrophic hilarity. Rowan Atkinson is at his best. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie compliment each other perfectly, as usual. And as usual bumbling Baldrick is wonderfully silly, trying to help with his "cunning plan!"moreless
Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson

Captain Edmund Blackadder

Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson

Private S Baldrick

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry

General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Lieutenant the Honourable George Colthurst St. Barleigh

Tim McInnerny

Tim McInnerny

Captain Kevin Darling

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    • Blackadder: Baldrick, in the Amazonian rain forests there are tribes of Indians as yet untouched by civilisation who have developed more convincing Charlie Chaplin impressions than yours.

    • {George has returned from a date with General Melchett dress as "Georgina}
      Blackadder: Well, thank God the horny old blighter didn't ask you to marry him. {George looks at him} He did? Well how did you get out of that one?
      George: Well to be honest, sir, I'm not absolutely certain that I did.
      Blackadder: What?!
      George: You don't understand what it was like, sir. You know, the candles, the music, the huge moustache. I don't know what came over me?
      Blackadder: You said yes?
      George: Well, sir, he is a general. I didn't really feel I could refuse. He might have had me court-martialed.
      Blackadder: Whereas, on the other hand, of course, he's going to give you the Victoria Cross when he lifts up your frock on the wedding night and finds himself looking at the last turkey in the shop.

    • George: Because if you are cheesed off, sir, you know what would cheer you up and that's a Charlie Chaplin film. Oh, I love old Chappers, don't you, Cap?
      Blackadder: Unfortunately, no I don't. I find his films about as funny as getting an arrow through the neck and then discovering that there's a gas bill tied to it.

    • Blackadder: (to Bob) You're a girl with as much talent for disguise as a giraffe in dark glasses trying to get into a polar bears only golf club.

    • Bob: I want to do my bit for the boys, sir.
      Blackadder: Oh really?
      Bob: I'll do anything, sir.
      Blackadder: Yes, I'd keep that to yourself if I was you.

    • Baldrick: Haven't you smelled it sir? There's something afoot in the wind.
      the huddled masses yearning to be free.
      Blackadder: Baldrick, have you been to the diesel oil again?
      Baldrick: No sir, I've been sapping the milk of freedom. Already our Russian comrades are poised on the brink of revolution, and hereto sir, the huddled whats-names such as myself sir, are ready to throw off the hated oppressors like you and the Lieutenant…(notices that Blackadder has advanced upon him glaring)…present company excepted sir.
      Blackadder: Go clean out the latrine.
      Baldrick: (Saluting) Yes sir, right away sir.

    • Blackadder: Baldrick, no. It's the worst plan since Abraham Lincoln said, 'Oh, I'm sick of kicking around the house tonight, let's go take in a show.'

    • Darling: We received a telegram this morning from Mr Chaplin himself at Sennett Studios: Twice nightly screening of my films in trenches excellent idea stop. But must insist E. Blackadder be projectionist stop. Oh, P.S. Don't let him ever… stop.

    • Blackadder: We're in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun.

    • {Baldrick does his Charlie Chaplin impersonation.}
      Blackadder: Yes… Bob, take a telegram. Mr. C Chaplin, Sennett Studios, Hollywood, California. Congrats stop. Have discovered only person in world less funny than you stop. Name Baldrick stop. Yours E. Blackadder stop. Oh, and put a P.S.: please, please, please stop.

    • Bob: I want to see how a war is fought, so badly.
      Blackadder: Well, you've come to the right place, Bob. A war hasn't been fought this badly since Olaf the Hairy, high chief of all the Vikings, accidentally ordered 80,000 battle helmets with the horns on the inside.

    • Blackadder: The point is that, now that the Russians have made peace with the Kaiser, at this very moment, over three-quarters of a million Germans are leaving the Russian front and coming over here with the express purpose of using my nipples for target practice. There's only one thing for it: I'm going to have to desert, and I'm going to do it right now. (but as he reaches the door, Gen. Melchett enters)
      Melchett: Are you leaving us, Blackadder?
      Blackadder: No, sir.
      Melchett: Well, I'm relieved to hear it, because I need you to help me shoot some deserters later on.

    • Melchett: I enjoyed the slug-balancer

    • Edmund: General Melchett is in mourning for the woman of his dreams. He's unlikely to be in the mood to marry a two-legged badger wrapped in a curtain.

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    • Baldrick says that Charlie Chaplin is as amusing as vegetable that's grown into a rude and amusing shape. In series two's "Beer", Baldrick was amused by a turnip which had grown into the same shape as a "thingy".

    • When Blackadder mentions Fawkes, he is referring to Guy Fawkes who was an English soldier and member of a group of Roman Catholics who attempted to carry out the Gunpowder Plot on November 5th, 1605.

    • King Lear
      Upon hearing of the death of his dear Georgina, Melchett yells "Howl! Howl! Howl!. This is exactly what King Lear does in the title Shakespearean play when he finds his daughter Cordelia dead.