Season 4 Episode 1

Captain Cook

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Sep 28, 1989 on BBC

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  • The first episode of Blackadder i ever saw

    The start of my favourite season of Blackadder. Only involving the main cast we get introduced to five hilarious characters and their ability to light up a scene with the funniest dialogue of any sitcom ever.
    Blackadder is the same Blackadder as season 2 and 3 perhaps not as mean but still as witty as ever.
    'Your head is so minute Baldrick that if a hungry cannibal cracked your head open there wouldn't be enough inside to cover a small water biscuit'. Hands down the funniest put-down of the episode.
    Baldrick is as stupid as ever. He is alot louder and more animated than in previous seasons.
    (About carving his name on the bullet) 'Its a cunning plan know how they say that out there is a bullet with your name on it, well i thought if i owned the bullet with my name it, i'd never get hit by it'
    I love Stephen Fry as Melchett, much funnier than the meltchett of Season 2. He's so crazyily incompetent, its hilarious.
    The introduction of Captain Darling is a great example of the brillance of the show
    'Come sit next to me Darling' 'Thanks sir'
    And Hugh Laurie as George, so disgustingly cheerful in such a depressing place as the trenches of Western Europe
    '(singing) Row row row your boat gently down the stream, belts off, trousers down isn't life a scream!'.

    Brillant first episode
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