Season 4 Episode 2

Corporal Punishment

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Oct 05, 1989 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Blackadder says "Schnell! Schnell! Kartoffelkopf." to Captain Darling. This is German for "Quickly! Quickly! Potatohead."

    • Answer to the cooking accusation: Blackadder says that Baldrick is the worst cooker ever and then descibes his exemplary dish as tasting like 'dog turds' while Baldrick replies: 'That's because they are'. Perhaps it was not the lack of cooking talents that Baldrick suffered from but the lack of proper ingredients. Given the lovely, speckled pidgeon, he was able to make a tasty dish. Or maybe, after months of eating dog turds Edward would eat anything even remotely smelling of meat.

    • It is surprising that Private Baldrick cooked a pigeon to Blackadder's liking. As we found out in the previous show, Baldrick's culinary talents were nonexistent.

  • Quotes

    • (Baldrick enters the court room as a defence witness for Blackadder's trial)
      Blackadder: Deny everything, Baldrick.
      (Baldrick nods, and takes up his position for questioning)
      George: Are you Private Baldrick?
      Baldrick: No!
      George: Oh…um, but you are Captain Blackadder's batman?
      Baldrick: No!
      George: Come on, Baldrick, be a bit more helpful - it's me!
      Baldrick: No, it isn't!

    • Blackadder: Morning George, morning Baldrick. Still the striking resemblance to guppy fish at feeding time.

    • General Melchett: The case before us is that of the Crown versus Captain Edmund Blackadder, alias the Flanders Pigeon Murderer. Oh, and hand me the black cap, will you - I'll be needing that.

    • Blackadder: George, please. No one is more anxious to advance than I am, but until I get these communication problems sorted out, I'm afraid we're stuck.
      The phone rings again
      Blackadder: Captain Blackadder speaking. No, I'm afraid the line's very xxxxsahh.
      He makes a very strange, dysfunctional phone sound. Darling is on the other end of the line in Melchett's HQ.
      Darling: Hullo, hulo, Captain Blackadder? Hullo, hullo?
      Blackadder rustles a newspaper into the phone and bangs it against the receiver.
      Blackadder:Schnell! Schnell! Kartoffelkopf.
      Darling: I said there's a terrible line my end! You are to advance on the enemy at once!
      Now Blackadder starts blowing raspberries into the phone and then begins to sing.
      Blackadder: Pppppft ppppft pffffffft. A wandering minstrel I, a thing of... beeoooooolerum... gale force eight imminent.
      And he hangs up.
      George: Oh, so come on, sir, what's the message? Do tell. I'm on tenterhooks!
      Blackadder: As far as I can tell, the message was he's got a terrible lion up his end and so there's an advantage to an enema at once.
      George: Oh, damn.

    • George: I'm thick. I'm as thick as the big print version of the Complete Works of Charles Dickens.

    • Captain Darling: (Smirking) Just doing my job Blackadder, obeying orders, and of course having enormous fun into the bargain.
      Captain Blackadder: I wouldn't be too confident if I were you: any reasonably impartial judge is bound to let me off.
      Captain Darling: (Still smirking) Well, absolutely.
      Captain Blackadder: Who is the judge, by the way.
      General Melchett: (From outside the room) Baah!
      Captain Blackadder: I'm dead.

    • Captain Darling: You're in for it now Blackadder! (to General Melchett), quite frankly sir I've suspected this for some time: quite clearly Captain Blackadder has been disobeying orders with a breathtaking impertinence.
      General Melchett: (Furiously) I don't care if he's been rogering the duke of York with a prize winning leek! HE SHOT MY PIGEON!

    • General Melchett: Before we sentence the deceased, I mean defendant, I think we had better hear from the prosecution.

    • Baldrick: (hung-over; to George) Permission to die, sir?

    • George: I'm a complete duffer at this sort of thing. In the School Debating Society I was voted Boy Least Likely to Complete A Coherent... erm...

    • Blackadder: {to George and Baldrick} Now, I'm not a religious man, as you know, but henceforth I shall nightly pray to the God that killed Cain and squashed Samson that He comes out of retirement and gets back into practice on the pair of you.
      (phone rings; Blackadder answers it)
      Blackadder: Captain Blackadder. Ah, Captain Darling. Well, you know, some of us just have friends in high places, I suppose. Yes, I can hear you perfectly. You want what? You want two volunteers for a mission into No Man's Land, Code name: Operation Certain Death. Yes, yes I think I have just the fellows.
      (Blackadder hangs up; addresses George and Baldrick)
      Blackadder: God is very quick these days.

    • BLACKADDER (describing his lawyer): A man was found next to a murdured body, he had the knife in his hand, thirteen witnesses that seen him stab the victim, when the police arrived he said, "I'm glad I killed the bastard." Mattingburg not only got him off, but he got him knighted in the New Year's Honors list, and the relatives of the victim had to pay to have the blood washed out of his jacket.

  • Notes

    • The Corporal Jones in this episode is a reference to one of Ben Elton's favorite tv shows, "Dad's Army."

  • Allusions

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