Season 4 Episode 4

Private Plane

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Oct 19, 1989 on BBC

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  • There is only one way to sum this episode up and that it FUNNIEST BLACKADDER EPISODE EVER!!

    This is my favourite Blackadder episode of all time. It is funny, and saw the return of Flasheart from Bells in season two. I love this episode. It produced some of my favourite Blackadder quotes and some of them I repeat at school and my friends look at me like I'm crazy. You have got to love when the Baron says that if they escape they will suffer a fate worse than a fate worse than death. It was also good when Flasheart head butts Darling and then Melchett walks in and tells him to stop slouching. Blackadder is full of comic genius and this episode provides some great examples of it.