Season 4 Episode 5

General Hospital

Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Oct 26, 1989 on BBC



  • Quotes

    • Blackadder: I spy with my bored little eye something beginning with "T".
      Baldrick: Breakfast.
      Blackadder: > What??
      Baldrick: My breakfast always begins with tea. Then I have a little sausage, then a egg with some little soldiers.
      Blackadder: Baldrick, when I said it begins with "T", I was talking about a letter.
      Baldrick: Nah - it never begins with a letter. The postman doesn't come till 10.30.
      Blackadder: I can't go on with this. George, take over.
      George: All right, sir. Umm… I spy with my little eye something beginning with "R"
      Baldrick: Army.
      Blackadder: For God's sake, Baldrick. Army starts with an "A". He's looking for something that starts with an "R". Rrrrrrr.
      Baldrick: Motorbike
      Blackadder: What?
      Baldrick: Well, a motorbike starts with an rrrrm rrrrm rrrrm.
      Blackadder: Right, right, right. My turn again. What begins with "Come here" and ends in "Ow"?
      Baldrick: I don't know.
      Blackadder: Come here.
      (Blackadder punches Baldrick in the face)
      Baldrick: Ow!