Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 9:30 PM Nov 02, 1989 on BBC

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  • Better than any textbook

    The final episode of this show pays homage to the sacrifices made by the soldiers during the bloodbath that was World War I.
    Tony Robinson turns Baldrick into a memorable character with a stunnig performance in this episode
    Baldrick: (about the war) I heard it started when some guy called Archey duke shot an ostrich cause he was hungry.
    And his war poem
    'Boom boom boom boom, boom boom boom boom, boom'
    Famous stuff
    Blackadder fears death more than anything and does everything to get our the war, however all his efforts fail. 'Who would notice another mad man around here' Powerful line. Jutxtaposed by Melchett's line about Blackadder
    'Why he's as sane as I am,, bahhh!!' I love Melchett
    The final minute is one of the most poignant moments from one of the most silly and emotionally void shows off all time. I couldn't believe the way it ended, it was heartfelt but painful.
    A better representation of the war than any text book or documentary could ever create