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  • A Comical Villain

    Blackadder was a popular comedy series produced by BBC which featured Rowan Atkinson as the nefarious miscreant known throughout the series as Edmund Blackadder, who through various periods of history he tries to make something of himself through devious means.

    With his aide-de-camp Baldrick (Tony Robinson), he gets into all sorts of scrapes in which he sometimes comes up on top, only briefly.

    He manages to survive the medieval era, the Elizibethan age, the reign of King George III & finally World War I.

    Although this comedy show is not for everyone due to its covert gross-out & sexual humor, it is by far the funniest British comedy show this side of Monty Python.
  • Throughout its four seasons and various specials The story of the Black Adder remains as one of the top(if not the best)British comedies ever written. The performances by all the actors are just superb.

    Really, if you have never seen it don't think twice and go and buy it, rent it, download it, steal it or whateverelse you need to do to get your hands on it!

    Since I have nothing to add to the above I leave you here with a few quotes:

    Baldrick: Well, Mr Blackadder always says, when the going gets tough, the tough hide under the table. Blackadder: I'm as poor as a church mouse, that's just had an enormous tax bill on the very day his wife ran off with another mouse, taking all the cheese. Edmund: Never had anything you doctors didn't try to cure with leeches. A leech on my ear for ear ache, a leech on my bottom for constipation.
    Doctor: They're marvellous, aren't they?
    Edmund: Well, the bottom one wasn't. I just sat there and squashed it.
  • Possibly the greatest British comedy of all time!

    Blackadder is my favorite British comedy and one of the most brilliant shows ever. Rowan Atkinson is just hilarious in his role of Edmund Blackadder and the rest of the cast is awesome too. The show fallows him through 4 periods of British history never failing to bring endless amusement to us, viewers. From Middle Age and the adventures of King Richard IV to World War I and the ever funny Captain Darling, the series gets better and better with each episode. My personal favorite part of the series is part 2, where we can see Miranda Richardson in a role of Queen Elizabeth I.
  • I have a cunning plan.....

    This show is just bloody fantastic, funny, it's an oldie but you have to put it on your Must Watch list !!
    Finally a show where Rowan Atkinson talks and he does it really well ! he's in each season which are a different part of english history a character you either love to hate or hate to love !!
    and for the americans, look at the prince regent, it's docteur House !!! completely stupid prince regent, so well acted by Hugh Laurie !
    the Queen is hilarious !
    and don't forget Baldrick with his cunning plans which of course only quicken the end of his master Black Adder !!
    Watch it till the end, it's a great view of english history !
  • There is always a Blackadder in History and our glimpses of Edmund Blackadder are hysterical.

    The best comedy ever. This show is baudy, witty, at times slapstick and just thoroughly enjoyable to watch. It helps if you know a little about British History, but that is not necissary to get most of the jokes.

    Rowan Atkinson is Edmund Blackadder and he and the writers really got it write starting in series II. Edmund is witty, clever and in top form from there on. Hugh Laurie and Miranda Richardson are great in their roles as monarchs or regents of England. Both are a little daft, but Queenie also has an edge threatening to cut peoples heads off when she is really displeased with them. And of course Tim McInnerny, Tony Robinson, and Stephen Fry as sidekicks and/or rivals of Edmund. Great cast, great writing, and great overall show.
  • Blackadder and Fawlty Towers are the two funniest and most clever shows to ever come out of Britain.

    Although I really didn't care for the first season (I really didn't, It just lacks the comic genius that next three mastered perfectly). Seasons 2,3, and 4 are just amazingly clever. British comedy is so great, it makes American comedy look like Baldrick. The show was obviously made on a low-budget, but that is another thing that makes it so funny. I might as well rate this show a 10, because to me its perfect, and is the only thing I can think of that deserves this rating, and also it is the best show I know (and will know), but i cant deny or forget the first season, it will always be there, so a 10 rating will not be possible. I try to rate and review a series as a whole, but I bent the rules in the Ren and Stimpy review so why not do it again, I'll give this a 10, remember this is only (and I mean only) for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th seasons. Blackadder is a classic show, if only they had made more of this outstanding series.
  • Dig up on you British History and enjoy the spin Rowan Atkinson and co gave to the story of Blackadder... A guy who would never make it to be the ruler of the country. Wonder what cunning plan Baldrick will have and enjoy the puns every episode brings.

    Dig up on you British History and enjoy the spin Rowan Atkinson and co gave to the story of Blackadder... A guy who would never make it to be the ruler of the country. Wonder what cunning plan Baldrick will have and enjoy the puns every episode brings.

    I wasn't such a fan of history class, but this exciting story of generations of Blackadders wanting to rule the UK, or at least have some grasp of power will make you laugh. Wether it's about the stupidity of Blackadder I, or the cunningness of all other Blackadders in history, and how they're dealing with dimwids as sidekicks, you will like it, if you like wordplay and a spin on how things would have been...
  • Blackadder tells the tale of Edmund Blackadder. A prince, al lord, a butler or a captain in the Brittish army, Blackadder has been it all. Constantly surrounded by morrons like Baldrick, George or Percy, he needs cunning plans to get what he wants.

    In the role of Edmund Blackadder we have the comedic genious: Rowan Atkinson.
    He starts off as a studid prince who is more weasel than man.
    But as off the second series he becomes smart and sarcastic.
    He has to please Queen Elisabeth in wathever she wants from him, or lose his head.
    In series 3 he is a butler that uses his wit to persuade Prince George to do as he says.
    In series 4 he's a captain who wants to go home as fast as possible, because General Malchett constantly wants him to go "over the top", and become (most likely) a corpse.

    Every consecutive series shows Blackadder in a lower social class, en with every declining class he becomes more intelligent, and his companions become dumber.

    The best thing about Blackadder are off course his remarks towards the people in his surroundings (be it Percy, George, Baldrick or Darling).

    The supporting cast consists of excelent Brittish actors, with great names like Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

    Blackadder is something that one likes or hates, there is nog middle road. But it is a classic in the Brittish comedic shows.
  • A great show, featuring Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Blackadder, the weirdest tv-show lead ever... and the greatest! (Better and more fun than Mr.Bean)

    The best of the lot. Very funny script, brilliant cast, superbly acted. I love Edmund as this type of meek, slimy, at first stupid-later smart character. Also Baldrick is one of the funnies bi-characters of all time, together with Percy (Whom dissapears in the third series, but comes back, as another character, in the last one)

    In the first series, Edmund was portraied as a stupid and evil little man. Baldric was the smart one, and Percy was even stupider than Edmund.
    In the second, Edmund was smarter, Baldric was stupid, and Percy was.. well, even stupider.
    The third one followed the second, but Percy disappered, with a new stupid monach (Hugh Laurie) appearing instead.
    In the forth, Edmund was a leader, and Percy appeared again, but now as a smarter one, Cpt.Darling.
    So... you see, many changes... BUT...
    All in all, a great show!

    Perfect 10 ;)
  • It IS my favoraite show.

    How do I put it. Right. Blackadder is based in four perods of british history (medievil,tudor,dont know the era series 3 is based in and world war 1)and stars Rowan Atkinson as Edmund blackadder and tony robinson as balderick. Writen by Ben Elton this comedy has some very witty lines. One of my faves:
    "Do you love your contry?"
    "Yes sir."
    "do you love your king?"
    "No sir."
    "And why not?"
    "My mother told me never to trust a man with a beard sir."
    "Ha, the charm of the native cockney wit." Then melchard smacks balderick in the face. Classic scene. It boils down to this. You MUST watch this series and enjoy it to say you enjoy comedy.
  • I love this Series.

    My favorite season is the third season; the one that takes place in King George time. My favorite episode from that season was sense and senility. I love that Blackadder says Macbeth a totall of 9 times.

    Mossop: ...lest you continue in your quotations and mention the name of the "Scottish Play".
    Keanrick: Oh-ho... never fear, I shan't do that.
    Blackadder: By the "Scottish Play", I assume you mean Macbeth.
    Mossop and Keanrick: Aahhhhh. Hot potato, off his drawers, Puck will make amends. Aaahh.
    Blackadder: What was that?
    Keanrick: We were exorcising evil spirits. Being but a mere butler, you will not know the great theatre tradition that one does never speak the name of the "Scottish Play".
    Blackadder: What, Macbeth?
    Mossop and Keanrick: Aahhhhh. Hot potato, off his drawers, Puck will make amends. Ohhh.
    Blackadder: Good lord, you mean you have to do that every time I say Macbeth?
    Mossop and Keanrick: Aahhhhh. Hot potato, off his drawers, Puck will make amends. Owwww.
    Mossop: Will you please stop saying that. Always call it the "Scottish Play".
    Blackadder: So you want me to say the "Scottish Play"?
    Mossop and Keanrick: (shout) Yes.
    Blackadder: Rather than Macbeth?
    Mossop and Keanrick: Aahhhhh. Hot potato, off his drawers, Puck will make amends. Owwwwww.
    Prince George: For heaven's sake, what is all this hullabaloo, all this shouting and screaming and yelling blue murder? Why... it's like that play we saw the other day, what was it called... umm...
    Blackadder: Macbeth, sir?
    Mossop and Keanrick: Aahhhhh. Hot potato, off his drawers, Puck will make amends. Owwwwww.
    Prince George: No, no, it was called Julius Caesar.
    Blackadder: Ah, yes, of course. Julius Caesar... not Macbeth.
    Mossop and Keanrick: Aahhhhh. Hot potato, off his drawers, Puck will make amends. Owwwwww.

    I also love the episodes in the 2nd and 4th sason well.

    Blackadder: (talking into the phone) Captain Blackadder speaking? (pause) No I'm afraid the line is very heeeeeeeeeegh
    Darling: Hello? Hello captain Blackadder, Hello?
    Blackadder: (crumples newspaper into phone receiver. knocks phone 3 times on the table) Shne! Shne! Catoflecought!
    Darling: I say, there's a terrible line at my end. You're to advance on the enemy at once!
    (Blackadder blows a raspberry into the receiver, while Darling listens interested)
    Blackadder: (in a Mr. Bean voice) A wandering minstrels eye, i sing to pray… eeeeooouuuu… (in normal voice) Gold force aids? End mint.
    (Blackadder hangs up phone)
    Lt. George: So come on sir, what's the message? I'm on tender hooks, do tell!
    Blackadder: Well as far as I can tell, the message was: he's got a terrible lion up his end, so there's an advantage for an enema at once.

    Melchett: What say you, Blackadder, I sing a song to keep our spirits up?
    Blackadder: That all depends wether you want the slop bucket over your head or not.
    Melchett: Well perhaps some pleasant word game?
    Blackadder: Yes, allright. Make a sentence out of the following words: Face, sodding, your, shut.
  • Hateful, deceptive, ruthless, and that's just his good side: Rowan Atkinson starts as the evil scion of a family that serves the English crown through several generations. One of the funniest shows ever made.

    Edmund Blackadder just wants to help. Himself, that is: the little devil is constantly plotting to con others out of money, privilege and maybe life itself, as he aims for more power and loot in his role as an official in the English court. Assistant Baldrick is forced to help him out, and barely lives to tell the tale.

    The show moved through four eras, from the Tudors up to World War I. Each time, the dastardly man tried to scheme his way out of mediocrity, and wound up nearly losing his own skin in the process. Great writing, laugh-out-loud funny and filled with devilish plot twists. My favorite season is the second one, but they're all worth it.

    They say evil never wins. That won't stop him from trying.

    Laden with big laughs and clever characters. A nearly perfect show. See it this instant.
  • In all of the seasons, Edmund Blackadder is in command or chief of Baldric but Blackadder is always out witted by an idiot that commands him.

    He is made to do the most stupid things, but still he does his duty but always tries to curb things his way. Rowan Atkinson plays Blackadder along with Tony Robinson as Baldrick and throughout the four seasons are 'The Black Adder' : Brian Blessed as King Richard IV of England, Robert East as Harry, Prince of Wales, Elspet Gray as The Queen and Tim McInnerny as Percy.(Also is uncredited Patrick Allen as the narrator) In Blackadder II : Tim McInnerny as Lord Percy Percy, Tony Robinson as Baldrick, Miranda Richardson as Queen Elizabeth I,Stephen Fry as Lord Melchett, Patsy Byrne as Nursie (Bernard) and uncredited Tony Aitken doing the end credits. In Black adder III is: Hugh Laurie as George, Prince of Wales, Prince Regent and Helen Atkinson-Wood as Mrs. Miggins, A Coffee-Shoppe Keeper. And finally, BlackAdder Goes Fourth : Rowan Atkinson as Capt. Edmund Blackadder, Tony Robinson as Pvt. S. Baldrick, Stephen Fry as Gen. Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett, Hugh Laurie as Lt. the Honorable George Colhurst St. Barleigh and Tim McInnerny as Capt. Kevin Darling . Ben Elton and Richard Curtis both wrote this, and it's a fantastic piece of work! Well worth watching, top quality!
  • This is British sitcoms at their very best

    This is how British sitcoms should be - mean, witty, cynical and fitted with an incredible cast.
    Rowan Atkinson is brilliant as Edmund Blackadder, the sharp and intelligent man that seems to be surrounded by idiots.
    Although series 1 isn't as good, series 2-4 are brilliant, mostly because Blackadder has grown a brain and Baldrick has lost his - the way it should be.

    I don't know how someone could not find this funny - Blackadders insults alone are more than enough reason to watch the show - add hilarious situations and a great supporting cast and you have an incredibly funny and effective sitcom.
  • This is, how Comedy should be.

    Not only does The Black Adder show a face of Rowan Atkinson that is apart from Mr. Bean, it shows a way funnier one, to my mind.
    This is sitcom at its best. Mean, sarcastic, sometimes even cynical, but always funny. This is not somekind of sophisticated humor, but still it is above so many other comedy-shows.

    And the ending of the last episode, of the last season must be the best ending to a sitcom ever.
  • Rowan Atkinson at his best!

    Incredible funny show from britain. Rowan Atkinson create such extraordinary character, Edmund Blackadder, like no one before. And we can see something diffrent from Rowan's Mr.Bean, couse Edmund is the smartest one in this show. Shows starts in medieval in Britain and end during II Great War. In my opinion first season is the best one. Load of gags and make this show the best british one after Monty Pythons Flying Circus. Shame that there are only 4 season, 6 episodes each. Couse there are much more ideas which could be used in this show. I really have lot of fun with this show!
  • Oh. Superb. Amazingly witty. Those amazingly extended similes just have you rolling on the floor with laughter. My one disappointment is that I could only choose one classification. Because this classic belongs in so many of those categories.

    Enmund Blackadder, a bungling fool in the first series, declares that he shall go forth into history and warp and mangle whatever he so desires in order to place himself in a position of power.
    With his trusty dogsbody Baldrick by his side, Blackadder becomes the metaphorical skidmark on the underwear of life, taking advantage of anyone and everyone for his own personal gain.
    And, of course, he has a laugh or two along the way.
  • Historically Funny!

    Blackadder is one of those rare TV series that really makes you laugh...but in some caes it is not because it is funny, but the grossness or the meanness of Edmund Blackadder when he does something to Baldrick.

    The last special (Blackadder Back And Forth) was brilliant, I hope they plan to do something else in the near future.
  • Pure and simple, this has got to be one of my favourite shows ever.

    Rowan Atkinson has the timing of a comedy god. Tony Robinson is the best dogsbody since Manuel from Fawlty Towers, and any selection from the pack of accompanying characters, are all works of genius.

    This is the best of British comedy. It's got good competition but as far as I'm concerned, Only Fools and Horses and the like are unworthy to clean the Black Adder's boots.

    Also one of the first shows that I would regularly quote from.
  • Another classic from Rowan Atkinson

    The Black Adder series is just another in the long line of classic comedies starring Rowan Atkinson. Even if you hated Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean (as many people do), your opinion of him willc hange after watching this classic show.

    I think it is fair to say that first season is not nearly as funny as the others. My personal favorite series is Black Adder III which not only stars Rowan Atkinson but Hugh Laurie as well.

    If you ever get a chance to see the Black Adder Chrsitmas Special where Edmund, catch it as it is one of the funniest christmas specials I have ever seen.
  • Another reason to love British television ...

    From the cowardly, power seeking, Edmund Duke of Edinburgh (the slimy one), to the cunning, witty, respected captain during 1st World War; this strange and complex character known as Edmund Blackadder has entertained myself and the everyone I know. A satirical lesson in British history, seen through the eyes of the ever cynical Edmund; not only is it historically accurate-ish, it truly does include clever comments on the British society's that Edmund finds himself in.

    I thoroughly recommend this fantastic comedy. Each episode will have you laughing with the endless repetitions that never get old ('I have a cunning plan'), and thinking about the way in which people lived during the times portrayed so brilliantly by all the actors and actresses.

    I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.
  • "I have a cunning plan."

    This has got to be one of the best (with Fawlty Towers) shows on tv. Each series was better than the last, with my personal favourite incarnation of Blackadder being Series 2 -- Rowan Atkinson with that beard was just completely hot. And the ending of Series 4 was truly heartbreaking. When they charged over the edge of the trench and it faded to white, I was just in tears.

    If you get a chance to watch it (reruns on tv, dvd rental or purchase), I highly recommend it.
  • the show is all about edmund blackadder and baldrick as they're family go through the greatest moments in time

    this show is great when i first saw it was the last episode of seires two and it was just so fuuny i hope they make a new sieres of the great show baldrick always has a "cunning" plan which is terrible and is always put down by the blackadder of that time hilarious
  • This sitcom has four series, all in different time periods, chronicling the Edmund Blackadder dynasty. This series will allegedly be brought back into the 1960s, with Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson confirmed to be on the cast.

    This show, voted the second greatest British sitcom of all time, was divided into four series of six episodes, with Edmund Blackadder, the main character, decreasing each time in social standing. In the first, Prince Edmund was the Duke of Edinburgh. In the second, he was an Elizabethan lord to the queen. In the third, he was a mere butler to King George IV, and in the fourth, he was a World War I captain in a decrepit trench. His manservant Baldrick was one of the stupidest people in all of England, while his friends George and Percy also had brains like Swiss cheese. This show was one of the most brilliant series ever. The third was my favorite season, followed by the fourth and second. The first season was decent, but once Ben Elton joined the writing team for season two, there was no looking back.
  • Throughout British History, The Blackadder family survive through events of great significance. Along for the Ride is Edmund Blackadder, and his faithful servant Baldrick as well as Melchett, Percy/Darling and Elizabeth/Queeny

    Ah Blackadder. Truely one of Britains Greatest ever television masterpieces. This series began with an overbugeted, under written first steries which dissapointed many and almost led to the show's cancellation. But as Legend goes, Rowan Atkinson left the writing duties and Ben Elton joined the team and began to co-write with Richard Curtis and the rest they say is history. The series really finds its level with series 2 and keeps getting better and better and rasing the stakes even further. Each series takes place during a different point in English history

    Series 1: 1485-1499 - Middle Ages
    Series 2: 1558-1565 - Elizabethan
    Special: 1648 - Civil War
    Series 3: 1775-1827 - Regency
    Special: 1840s Victorian
    Series 4: 1917 - World War 1
    Special: 1999 - Millenium

    Each Series stars Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Blackadder and Tony Robinson Baldrick. Both Edmund and Baldrick appear in every episode.

    Joining them in Series 1 was Tim Mcinnerney as Lord Percy Brian Blessed as King Richard IV, Elspet Gray as the Queen and Robert East as Prince Harry

    In Series 2 Stephen Fry, Miranda Richardson and Patsy Byrne all made their first appearences in the Series as Lord Melchett, Queen Elizabeth I and Nursey. Tim Mcinnerny returned as Lord Percy Percy. Also during this series Hugh Laruie first appeared in two guest roles. Tim Mcinnerny Left the Cast at the end of series 2.

    In Series 3 Hugh Laurie joined the caster proper as Prince George the Prince Regent and Helen Atkinson-Wood as Mrs Miggins.

    In Series 4: Tim Mcinnerny and Stephen Fry return to the Cast.

    The Blackadder series is groundbreaking in terms of its comedy. While it is a physical comedy, its true power and laughter comes from the dialouge which is possibly the sharpest and best written scripts on television outside of The Simpsons.

    Rowan Atkinson gives the performance of his life as the ever selfish Edmund. His Brilliant portrayal becomes increasingly good through the series as the character of edmund evolves.

    He Starts series 2 as a nasty, rude bastard who only cares about power and himself and has little regard for manservant Baldrick and hangeroner Percy. In series 3, Edmund is less of a bastard and more greedy but no less selfish. Finally in the Mindblowing series 4, Edmund is neither selfish, greedy or a bastard, He is simply a sad bitter man scared about his impending fate who truely does care about his friends and respects them. The final scene of series 4 in which Blackadder has been ordered to lead the charge against the Germans is heartbreaking. Darling arrives, having been forced to attend by the Insane General Melchett. They all enter the trench and stand waiting. they all hear the guns have stopped and believe its peace. and then Edmund destroys their hope by telling them that the guns have stopped because they are about to charge. Its a heartbreaking moment when you realise that these 4 characters who had been the sources of so much laughter in the previous series were about to die and that it wasn't funny anymore. It was a real message. They were going to die and for what?

    Blackadder I-V are one of the greatest pieces of television ever created and worth every cent in purchasing it. Go on, get it. you won't regret it. Hey Nonny No!
  • Rowan Atkinson is such a great comedian!

    This was the first series of the popular sitcom written by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton. The difference with this to the other three series of the sitcom is that Rowan Atkinson is also a writer of this first series, and instead of Blackadder - Prince Edmund, Duke of Edinburgh (Atkinson) being a villain or annoyed, he is pretty much a copy of Mr Bean. But that's because Atkinson wrote it that way. I do prefer the villain versions of Blackadder that follow, but this is not a bad start to the sitcom. Also, the main difference is Baldrick and Percy are smarter than Blackadder instead of them being thick. Also starring Brian Blessed as King Richard IV of England, Tim McInnerny as Percy and Tony Robinson as Baldrick. Look out in the first episode for Peter Cook! Very good!
  • Hilarious

    Blackadder is a brilliant, funny british comedy that anybody would struggle to dislike. The show follows the events of Edmund Blackadder, played by Rowan Atkinson, through the middle ages and even the first world war. Rowan Atkinson really shines as Blackadder and his quirky one-liners are brilliant. He may have seemed like a strange choice at first but he does a fantastic job as Blackadder, really making the show what it is. Without him the show would never have been the hit that it was. There is never a dull moment in blackadder with the character Baldrick also being hilarious.

    To conclude I will say that Blackadder is one of my all time favourite TV shows and I cannot see how anybody would dislike it. If you have never seen it then buy the DVD's and get watching!!!
  • I was introduced to this show as a youngster. It still never stops to put a smile on my face.

    This show really epitomizes British comedy: slapstick and intellectual at the same time. Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson are the perfect duo to get into trouble together. Their friendship is what makes the show so great...well, maybe not the friendship. Maybe its the way Rowan beats the hell out of Tony verbally and physically. Either way, Hugh Laurie's roles are absolutely hilarious as well. Overall, one of the best shows on television ever. I wish they would make more!!
  • Rowan Atkinson sa I would never have believed

    I stumbled upon this show during an english lesson at high school and I was soon laughing myself crazy!Not only is the show funny, but Edmund Blackadder shows Atkinson as very few believe he could be: witty and gifted with a very "visual" way of acting (as opposed to other shows like the more famous Mr. Bean).
    I would reccomend this show to anyone with the possibility to view it (which sadly enough is only the english-speaking world, no one in Italy has ever bothered dubbing it (sob)).

    As a side note: House fans seeing seasons three and four ("Blackadder the third" and "Blackadder goes forth") will see Hugh Laurie playing a Very different character from G. House.
  • One of the most clever premises for a show, ever!

    Four main series, a christmas special, and a one shot season five. All take place in different times in British history. The dark ages, Elizabethen, Georgian, WWI, victorian christmas and modern day. All the characters are reincarnated over and over always trying to get through life my whatever means possible. The main character is Rowen Atkinson as "The Black Adder". Who schemes and plots to try and make his station better. Surrounded by idiots Edmund "Black Adder" sees everyone as a mark. With no real friends, he is unapologeticly nasty. A character type I can only compere to Basil Faulty (John Cleese), or House (Hugh Laurie, who is in Black Adder series 3 as George IV).
    Other stars were Stephen Fry, Tim Mcinnery, Miranda Richardson, Brian Blessed, Tony Robinson, Hugh Laurie, and Miranda Richardson. A pretty impressive list. At the time each of these performers could easily hold their own show. Guest stars includes Rik Mayall, Nigel Planter, Adrian Edminson, Colin Firth, and Patsy Byrne who is hilarious as nursey in BA2. From what I can tell it is fairly historically accurate, but with cheeky twisting of historical figures.
    I didn't give this a full ten because series 1 is a little rough. The character wasn't fully figured out yet. But to be fair, it was the first series. If you're looking for Mr.Bean, although also awesome, is not here. If you are looking for cleaver, here it is. If you like Family Guy, go away.
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