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  • Hateful, deceptive, ruthless, and that's just his good side: Rowan Atkinson starts as the evil scion of a family that serves the English crown through several generations. One of the funniest shows ever made.

    Edmund Blackadder just wants to help. Himself, that is: the little devil is constantly plotting to con others out of money, privilege and maybe life itself, as he aims for more power and loot in his role as an official in the English court. Assistant Baldrick is forced to help him out, and barely lives to tell the tale.

    The show moved through four eras, from the Tudors up to World War I. Each time, the dastardly man tried to scheme his way out of mediocrity, and wound up nearly losing his own skin in the process. Great writing, laugh-out-loud funny and filled with devilish plot twists. My favorite season is the second one, but they're all worth it.

    They say evil never wins. That won't stop him from trying.

    Laden with big laughs and clever characters. A nearly perfect show. See it this instant.