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  • Blackadder tells the tale of Edmund Blackadder. A prince, al lord, a butler or a captain in the Brittish army, Blackadder has been it all. Constantly surrounded by morrons like Baldrick, George or Percy, he needs cunning plans to get what he wants.

    In the role of Edmund Blackadder we have the comedic genious: Rowan Atkinson.
    He starts off as a studid prince who is more weasel than man.
    But as off the second series he becomes smart and sarcastic.
    He has to please Queen Elisabeth in wathever she wants from him, or lose his head.
    In series 3 he is a butler that uses his wit to persuade Prince George to do as he says.
    In series 4 he's a captain who wants to go home as fast as possible, because General Malchett constantly wants him to go "over the top", and become (most likely) a corpse.

    Every consecutive series shows Blackadder in a lower social class, en with every declining class he becomes more intelligent, and his companions become dumber.

    The best thing about Blackadder are off course his remarks towards the people in his surroundings (be it Percy, George, Baldrick or Darling).

    The supporting cast consists of excelent Brittish actors, with great names like Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

    Blackadder is something that one likes or hates, there is nog middle road. But it is a classic in the Brittish comedic shows.
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