Blacke's Magic

Season 1 Episode 6

Prisoner of Paradise

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 1986 on NBC

Episode Recap

Alex has been asked by the Justice Department to help them with the extradition of Victor Kroeger, a man who pulled a scam that netted him 122 million dollars, and has been on the run for 18 years, and who has been caught in the small country of San Marcos. It seems that Kroeger has been caught before and always manages to escape. Agent Harrison was the one who handled the extradition in Honduras five years ago, and it seems his superiors want Alex to help. Alex accepts. Leonard upon hearing of this decides to go with him in hopes of getting the money. Alex, Leonard, and Agent Harrison are met by Captain Gondolpho, who apprehended Kroeger. They also run into two of Kroeger former associates, Stuart and Rhodes who both think that they sent each other a telegram asking the other to met them there. But it appears that Kroeger was the one who sent it. They also run into a photo journalist Leslie Davis, who wants to cover the story but Gondolpho is not sure if he should allow her but Alex convinces him to. Upon meeting Kroeger and learning that he is being kept in his room. Alex wants him kept in a more secure location. Gondolpho suggests the room at the top of a tower. Gondolpho then gives Harrison the key. The maid then brings Kroeger some caviar and champagne, which he says helps him to sleep. Kroeger also tells them that he intends to bolt the door from the inside. Harrison then goes down with Alex to get his marshalls who stay on guard. Upon returning Alex says good night to Kroeger from the door. Later that night, a scream wakes up everyone and they find Kroeger dead at the bottom of the tower. They take the door off its hinges to see what could have happened. Alex finds Kroegers champagne unopened and some scratches on the door. Alex suggests that Gondolpho take Kroeger's prints so that they could be verified. Harrison's upset with Alex and demands to know why he was so eager to come down and Alex refuses to answer him. While talking to the maid, Alex discovers that Kroeger didn't have the caviar and champagne every night as he claimed, and wonders why he sent for it and didn't even touch it. The coroner then tels Alex that the fingerprints were confirmed and that he found sand on Kroeger's body. Alex goes to the beach and finds Stuart dead. Leonard tells Alex that Harrison ordered a background check on him to see if he has a motive to kill Kroeger. Alex says he does; a man named Jeff Andrews who helped Alex when he was starting was one of the men Kroeger bilked, who was ruined that he killed himself. Alex asks Leslie if she can develop the film so they can see if there's anything in the pictures that could be useful. Rhodes folllows her and tries to grab the photos, it seems that he is a mercenary and has to keep a low profile. Sergeant Diaz tells everyone that a plane has been chartered and ordered to be ready to leave at a moments notice. Rhodes claims that he was not the one who ordered it. Alex and Leslie look at the photos and can't see anything. Alex then tells her that he knows that she is Jeff's daughter and asks her to tell him all that she can remember about Kroeger. Alex then brings everybody there and right away accuses Gondolpho of being the killer. He then remembers that while he and Harrison went to get the marshalls; Gondolpho was all alone with Kroeger. But Harrison reminds him that Kroeger was still alive and inside the room when they returned with the marshalls. Alex pulls out the photos and shows him the photo when they first arrived and shows them the walkie talkie on Gondolpho's belt and the one when they returned with marshalls, the walkie-talkie's no longer there. It seems that he and Kroegef were working together; Gondolpho attached his walkie-talkie to the inside of the door, and Kroeger ordered the champagne for the ice cubes, which he used to place on the bolt so that it would remain open when they left the room and would lock after it melted. And when thought he was talking to Kroeger through the door he was talking to the walkie-talkie. When they broke through the door, Gondolpho pulled his walkie-talkie which accounts for the scratches on the door. Harrison then says that Kroeger supposedly fell to his death and now he's saying that Kroeger got away. But Alex says that's not what happened, Kroeger and the Captain later met on the cliff and Gondolpho killed him and threw his body off the cliff to the beach, which how the sand got on him and Alex also whips out one of Kroeger's eyeglass lenses which he found at the top of the cliff. Gondolpho then carried Kroeger's body over to the courtyard and placed it below the tower. Gondolpho then asks Alex why would he do it? And Rhodes asks why was Stuart killed? Alex then says it was because Stuart discovered what they overlooked that the man whom they thought was Victor Kroeger was an imposer; maybe an out of work actor who resembled Kroeger, who was promised a slice of a 122 million dollar pie. Harrison then reminds Alex that the fingerprints were confirmed. Alex says that the prints sents were that of the real Victor Kroeger, Gondolpho. Alex then says that even with plastic surgery, there are still some old features that remain. Rhodes says that he sees it and asks Alex how he knew. Alex says, the plane; if he didn't order it then who did and Alex said that it had to be Victor Kroeger but he was dead. So he asked Leslie for help. She then tells them of the time that she and her father went with Kroeger to one of his buildings and that they went up in a construction elevator and that when they got to the top, Kroeger demanded to be brought back down. Alex then says of how Gondolpho was always clutching the handrail and clinging to the wall when they went up the stairs to the tower, which is vertigo. Harrison asks why did he do this? And Alex says it was so that he could kill Victor Kroeger so that no one would hound him. Kroeger then tries to escape through a secret passage but Alex says it's been sealed. Kroeger then pulls his gun and calls his men to enter and orders them to detain them while he goes for reinforcements. Alex then convinces his men that he is Victor Kroeger and goes through the secret passage which wasn't sealed and chases Kroeger and catches him.