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  • get a dog...

    why would you teach the world to "hit" a dog to take a pill??? Not cool at all. It's not even funny. I thought the show was cute until I saw the preview of that. Seriously, there's enough of people whacking and kicking dogs as it make a joke out of it. And I'm not the only one who believes that as well. I could've the child take the others sandwich or (anything or kind of food) and stuff the pill in the sandwich and make a "better" smack a dog across the
  • Hilarious!

    I absolutely love this show. I just recently started watching it about a month ago and then decided to binge watch it on hulu. On top of it being hilarious, they also tackle a lot of real issues such as racism, PTSD in women, and unhappy marriages. I absolutely love the character development as the seasons persisted! Sometimes Dre gets a bit too much and makes everything about race, but Bow does a great job at calming him down.
  • Amazing show!

    Love this show; it's great for the whole family. They have one of the best writing team and vastly diverse cast out there for a funny sitcom. Character development on this show is amazing! They tackle real issues and quirks of being a modern black family. A++
  • People here are being way to critical over a black sitcom. What with all the stupid hate?

    I don't see all the hate on this website, but overall the show is still very funny, If I was to be very critical I could say that some recent episodes are decent and fair enough, the episodes were more political stuff is tackled is interesting when done right. I dont really understand the hate, good show! People are picking it apart for very strange reasons, blowing the shows multiple messages way out of proportion.
  • nice show

    like it
  • Blackish is a horrible show!!

    Whoever writes the script for this show is a total prejudice ass.. I would think that some of those actors on the show would be embarrassed to be a part of it!! I thought some of them had more class than to be a part of such a crass, rude, racist show. I mean especially since some of them are bi-racial and one is definitely half white! I used to like this show during the first season but now after the last episode I'm not going to watch it ever again. I've lost total respect for the actors that are on that show.
  • Luv this show

    I don't know about that. I did like the swimming episode. There should have been a flashback to when Dre was younger and he attempted to swim but he ended up failing every time. It also would have been funny if he went in Janine's pool completely nude instead of wearing a suit.
  • Is this a real show?????

    I'm pretty sure I have figured out what the idea is for this Sitcom. Shame all white people or Republicans into seeing that they are sub human. Liberals constantly point out racism even when it's not even there. Yet, they applaude this racist garbage??? This show is absolutely racist without question. Don't believe me? Substitute the family for a white family and call the show White-ish. Then watch inner city neighborhoods burn to the ground from all the protests. This hypocrisy is unbelievable!
  • Started Strong, getting weaker by the episode.

    I really enjoyed the first season. The view of a black-ish family in upper class society but trying to still keep it "real" was very funny. This current season has a lot of racism issues in every episode and it is getting to be just too much. I hope they take it back a little, ( or a lot), and get back to the original formula that worked so well. If it keeps up this way I may have to move on.
  • One of my favorite shows on TV.

    I love Blackish, and not simply because I am black. I think it is often well-written and acted, and funny. The cast is very good. I will say this though. As a black guy, I do feel that the show goes out of its way sometimes to demonize white people as a whole. I get that the show is from the perspective of black people, but I have started thinking about that a little more upon its current season. Not all white people are racist and insensitive, and its not as if black people can't be the same way. So to those who have criticized the show in their reviews for how white people are portrayed in the show, I don't fault you for being upset. It's particularly exaggerated in the character of Andre's boss and co-worker Kevin for comedic effect, but I don't find that aspect of their characters particularly funny. And for what on the surface appears to be a family show, sometimes the dialogue is a little inappropriate. However, I do find the overall show to be entertaining a vast majority of the time and hope it gets even better.
  • Disappointed

    The last episode, I heard that white people are atheist, I truly am disappointed by that view of your show, HOW RACIST ARE YOU. that show needs to be pulled and a apologies need to be made, I AM NOT A ATHIEST, and this view just goes to show how racist the black community really is. Why is it the "white folk" are viewed as godless people, if this was a show called white-ish one it would've never made it to air and had gotten on... and that said about the back community it would have been crucified. With all the talk about ending racism you would think a sorry stick at "white folk" wouldn't be told about like mentioning fried chicken and a good ole watamelon (no I spelled right).
  • Super rich kids

    Black people as a whole are not that stupid as to ACT like he did in the presence of WHITE rich people nor assumedly take a dump in a walk-in humidor. This episode is TOTALLY embarrassing to me as a black man. I have tolerated a lot of "slap-stick " bull on this misrepresentation of an upper class black family until THIS 5/4/16 episode, this one should be evident that you are making fun of Black people and I'm asking you to STOP.
  • Very Disappointed

    I was watching the Feb. 17, 2016 episode "Twinsdependence" (with my great granddaughter who is 12 yeas old) and there was Bowe on the computer with her son asking her what she was doing and her answering, "looking at porn". Really?? The show is supposed to be about giving kids and the larger audience a message. A good one at that. And then there was the swimming episode. Did you guys have to have all the mothers half naked in their bathing suits? Don't see any reason for that. Seems like the show is just like all the others. Wants to get down in the dirt. I am far from a prude. I am only 68 years old with 8 grand children and 3 great grand children. (we are an interracial family) and this is unacceptable. You really need to re-think the message you're sending.
  • i am a proud white man and most of my family loves it

    ok so as i mentioned we are a white family 'dosent have anything to do with anything everyone just keeps crying rasist and am trying to prove a point'i love anthony anderson hes one of the funniest men alive today i find his over reactions amusing as do my siblings we enjoy this show regularly it kindof brings back the old family matters feel yes there are topics about rasism but its handled in a very funny way i say try it
  • Best show ever

    I love love the show. My husband enjoy watching it, like regular society that we live in; we take the positive and ignore the negative. Best show ever can't wait for next season
  • Love it.

    Love it.
  • So disappointed you jerks!

    So disappointed with last weeks episode that I won't watch the finale or another episode again! I'm so tired of the devisive society we live in! Why can't i, a white republican woman, enjoy a COMEDY without being put down and shamed? I used to enjoy this show because the actors are smart and funny. Apparently, they are also nasty and mean! Good luck to you, I hope you need it. Count me OUT!!! I can't even rate this show a 1. The scale won't let me, losers!!!
  • Actually it's a really GOOD show

    I think the issue is that it is not catered to all audiences, basically it's not catered to white america and therefore it is not entertaining and other choice words used below. It's very funny and people can relate to it as well. Those who can't or don't find it funny are usually white. What I do find interesting is that while it is funny to a lot of people but not all is that it still happens to remain on air. Shrugs, something must be going right.

    Watched a few episodes, and the more I see the show the less I like it. Please bring something funny and entertaining, this show is a piece of crap in every way. Cosby show had class, very well written and was extremely funny, black-ish is not even close. I give this show one more season. Good luck, you will need it.
  • One of the best shows on TV

    a34trgv1 not withstanding I believe Black-ish is one of the best shows on television. It is funny. The writers know how to squeeze a joke into and out of every situation. It is very timely. I was not a fan of the Cosby show. It was just such a white-washed show. I could not relate and the show refused to address "real" topics. Black-ish does not shy away from what it is like to grow up black in a middle to upper class environment. They've tackled everything from "the nod" to ***phobia, to spanking to black Republicans. They have done so in ways that were not preachy, judgemental or racist. They've been all about the funny while getting their message across. I hope the show has a long long run. It is not like Modern Family (my wife who is white and I am black) loves Modern Family. I could take it or leave it (the show has it's moments). I really really enjoy Black-ish. The kids are too funny!!
  • Oh fuck you!!! Another stupid sitcom?! >:(

    I like Anthony Anderson and all, but what the fuck was his smoking when he made this show? I saw one episode and I knew that this show was fucked up in the fucking head! From the stereotypical bad parenting trope to the racially offensive title; I've seen racially offensive characters, but a racially offensive title?? What was the person who came up with the title snorting?! Cocain?! Dope?! Acid??!!! Why would anyone think blackish would be a good title?! I don't recommend you watch this show; not only is it not funny but the alone is racially offensive. I hope this show gets cancelled and Anthony Anderson learns not to make fun of his own people; fucking ***!!! >:(
  • great show

    I like this show .. its as good as in the middle and modern family .. so sick of l the reality shows its nice to kick back and laugh and get your mind off your day
  • The danger of 'Blackish'

    This show could become a truly unique, enjoyable, and enlightening show or a new twist on Black Exploitation media. I see early signs of both. Using Black actors to say or act in derogatory or dismissive ways : whether to imply that Blacks over react to the reality of White privileged/ racism, illustrate negative stereotypical' Black' attitudes, or belittle Black experiences and public figures,is demeaning. This show has the potential to take us backwards. To the writers, take care and do not fall into the trap of money over truth. I wish you all well and expect an enjoyable and empowering show from actors like Laurence Fishburne who was outstanding in movies like, Cornbread, Earl and Me, Boyz N Hood, Otjello and Matrix
  • Great show.

    I loved it, but I don't think most white people will not appreciate it. They don't understand it or like it.

    How can they understand when in 1871 Congress also passed the Ku Klux Klan Act, which allowed the government to act against terrorist organizations. So why haven't the kkk, their families and supporter been all destroyed?
  • I get it, the show works for me

    Blackish is a refreshing comedy that stirs away from the typical show with a mostly black cast. Folks raised in a middle-to-upper middle class background will get it. Others might not and that's Ok. Different strokes for different folks. The characters are realistic and highlight the struggles of African Americans trying to maintain a balance living in an upper middle class. The father, Dre seems to be the main character who struggles with maintaining his roots and passing down those cultural roots to his kids. The mom, doesn't push this idea on the kids as much as the dad. My mom was a PhD professor, so I can identity with how not all blacks fit into one box. She pushed education, studying hard, language everyone in our neighborhood came from the same background and there seemed to be a struggle that I was too young to understand. I had to walk a tight rope and didn't feel uncomfortable until someone pointed out that we were different, didn't fit in. Not all black folks are connected to the hive mind. I get the struggle Dre has with trying to keep and preserve his cultural identity and pass them on to his kids. But I also identity with his kids who are going to schools that are racially didn't have the identity struggle perhaps Dre would have had. It was a totally different experience moving from a lower -to-middle class neighborhood, to a mixed middle to upper, class neighborhood. There was more diversity. In the case of Black-ish Dre's kids were more self aware than he thought. Exposing them to black culture was completely understandable and necessary if those things weren't offered in school but in his case they were. The kids school took the approach of exposing ALL of the kids to figures in black history, as a part of being an American. Dre was taken that the teacher was white. See these are honest struggles that were done in a way to make us all laugh at how ridiculous Dre's mentality was about the subject. His struggle and his wife's mixed identity is what the show is all about. But as the show makes an organic progression I hope it will get smarter and the writing will get better. I thought the first few shows were hilarious but there was an episode which was a major dud. ( I think it was the one about black history) I suspect some whites (who have left bad reviews) might not get this show for the same reason some blacks might not get "FRIENDS," or Doesn't mean that either of those shows were bad. In comedy people make fun of their own issues, hang-ups and paranoia. Remember Archie Bunker? Someone commented that this show made them feel I would challenge them to watch the "Jefferson?" or "Good If we can't laugh at ourselves what is the point of entertainment? I believe this show has a lot of potential to be a great, but the writing has to steadily improve.
  • It's called "Black-ish" but the tv show is not clever-ish... It's Clever

    This TV Show is one of my favorites, It's funny, modern, and even picks up on everyday social issues, people say they are a rip off of modern family, but it's not quite, this TV show is about a lucky couple that did not have much but rose to the top by their choices, the media is showing that any black person can make it to the top and that's what I call fair and just, however when they realise from their success they forgot to teach their children about their culture so they then lack in culture. And that's what the TV show is about average african americans (multicultural mixed wife) living the "American Dream". Some people may say that this show is just for black people but the target audience can even be for anyone it has jokes that are smart and clever such as the game of thrones parody in one episode and green mile "Dead man walking" :').
  • bloom off the rose

    the ratings have been steadily dropping for the past few weeks. I guess the one tired joke is finally getting to people.

    Hopefully, enough people white and black will continue to watch Empire or something else so the ratings keep dropping and this turd gets pooper scooped

  • Whats good

    The only thing good about this show. Is the ratings. This show attests to capitalize on this assumed racial divide that is the corner stone for Politicians, Hollywood Elite and Race baiters alike. I think the Rateings show just how untrue this ideology is today. This show is so irreverent it's not even funny.
  • Skip it, there's better shows

    Terrible comedy writing and unrealistic characters.
  • Its okay if we are racist cause we are black!

    This show relies too much on race jokes instead of true comedy That just makes it uncomfortable for viewers to watch.
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