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  • that show sucked, two kinds of people who will like this: hard gamblers who like casino movies/TV-shows or really addicted british TV fans

    Hey i wasn't joking, it aired on TV, it's a mini-series right? cuz here on TV.COM it's written that the show is On Hiatus/TBD, just don't tell me it's gonna be back in a furious comeback cuz it sucked!!!
    First of all, we're talking about a british series so there's people (like me) who hate the british cinema and TV-shows, all the damn accents in the movies, the annoying unoriginal stuff and of course the british (with the accents!!) idies for show such as THE OFFICE who was though as genius (i really prefer the US Office), so if you like me, change the channel right away, but i gave BLACKPOOL a chance, i was wrong, so we're going next, it's a drama set in BLACKPOOL, the Las Vegas of the UK, where Ripley Holden (David Morissey, i think it's his name) is a casino owner, one day a body is found at the casino, something that makes the business bad for him and a lot of cops and detectives snooping around his place when Ripley is the first suspect in their minds, well at least there's really funny parts, let's call it guilty pleasure cuz it's the kind of black comedy, the kind of dark humor, so we're going next and fast enough our Vegas crime-drama becomes a musical comedy, yes all the people began to sing, it's like watching a hong-kong martial arts movie when suddenly Jackie Chan will start singing, that's crazy! so i hate musicals too, they're just annoying, bunch of people singing (and most of the time they're trying to put up a good show with a cool screenplay in, but the singing just ruins it all!), so that's it, one episode one enough! if you will see that change the channel QUICK!!! and if this show is gonna be back, i'm gonna stab myself, seriosuly!
  • *Spoilers*Lolz Love It!!! Blackpool Is A British Television Musical Comedy Drama Serial,An There's Been A Murder. A Wanna Be Vegas Amusement Arcade OwnerRipley Holden (David Morrissey)Has A Little Trouble With A Guy At The Arcade And The Next Thing You...

    Know He's Dead In The Same Aracde That Night. DI Peter Carlisle (David Tennant) Is Called In And Quickly Finds He Has More On His Mind Than Murder, When He Falls In Love With Ripley's Long-suffering Wife, Natalie (Sarah Parish). With a Drug Dealing Gay Son And A Daughter Dating His Old School "Bully" Ripley's Little Life As The Big Fish Of Blackpool Goes The Hell. All In All It's A Good Show. I Thought It Was Super Awesome. I Only Started Watching It For David Tennant But I Really Loved It. Yeah The Singing Was Alittle Corny But With Songs Ranging From "The Gambler" By Kenny Rogers, "You Can Get It If You Really Want" by Jimmy Cliff, "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash And Of Course "Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis Presley It's Non Stop Music Fun Lolz.
  • that was a bit weird ...

    „blackpool" could have made a nice show with a good story and wonderful acting (especially by david tennant) but the singing and dancing scenes were quite a bit silly at times. well, i know now that tennant has quite a nice singing voice but that didn't really save me from taking my head phones off sometimes because i thought the whole thing to be quite embarrassing at moments ... . i still haven't figured out what all that was about. The storyline would have provided enough to make this show work brilliantly (and i really would have liked to see that) but instead the strange musical scenes made it unintentionally funny. The concept might have worked all right with an eccentric comedy (the casual singing does with „pushing daisies" for instance) but it didn't work here with all this serious stuff around . it's a pitty for the great acting and the interesting story spoiled by that.
  • Music, murder and mayhem in Blackpool -Britain's Vegas

    I absolutely love this show and watch it on DVD all the time. Ripley Holden is a big brassy fish in the small pond of Blackpool. He has just opened a new amusement arcade at massive financial risk but life is good. The next day he opens up to find a body in his establishment and Ripley's web of lies and chances slowly begins to unravel. I picked up the dvd because of a love of David Tennant -who is fantastic as the ever-eating DI Peter Carlise, in love with Ripley's wife and slighly biased in his investigation..! I would recommend this show to anyone who loves musicals, comedies or just good fun. Excellent show and I hesitantly look forward to the American version.
  • What A Seedy, Seedy Place!

    Great Show! I got it on DVD it was so good! I love watching it. I'm a huge musicals fan and this is one of the most interesting. I mean, who could really relate 'Boy with the thorn in his side' by the Smiths with a drug deal? I couldn't before but now i can't think of anything else when i hear it! Great casting too. Sarah Parish is beyond fantastic, David Morrisey is a gun and as for Bryan Dick as DC Blythe, when he went off at Carlisle in Eps 5, fantastic scene! Definately one of the stranger shows/musicals but easily one of the best!