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  • Ok so John Blackstar the astronaunt gets stuck in a blackhole. And some how gets stuck on some planet. And gets rescued by seven trobs in the process. This show only lasted like thirteen episodes. If you ask me this was a trendy show that died off quick.

    Id like to let the record show. His character first off should of been black. Theres alot of info around the internet pointing to this. Instead CBS gave this guy a great tan in the process. I think it would of worked any way it was on. From the start I liked what the show was about. I wont give it away. It was much more about good versus evil. It was about two swords. When joined together was a powerful sword. If memory serves me right there were also seven trobs to. I can see a similar storyline with snowwhite and the seven dwarfs. The episodes themself were ahead of its time. Looking back I dont see how this show did not take off the way He-man did. The same company did both of these cartoon shows. Blackstar was out before He-man to. Maybe one day will actually know why and what else happened along the way. If you ask me Blackstar was an original show with skys the limit. I believe it may of been alot more popular then He-man if given more of a chance right from the start. Dont get me wrong I was a fan from He-man to. Lots of episodes. One good episode after another. One amazing toy line to. I hear there will be a new He-man movie to. I can only hope for a Blackstar movie. Will see what happens. With hollywood I learned one thing. You never know what else can happen.