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Blade: The Series

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On the mean streets of Detroit, an ancient evil is growing bolder by the day. The House of Chthon is on the verge of eliminating the final barriers to their supremacy over mankind, and only the Daywalker can stop them. Half human, half immortal. His only allies are a master weaponsmith and a woman obsessed with revenge against Chthon. And he will stop at nothing to win his war, because he is the ultimate vampire hunter. His name is Blade.

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    • This is not the movie. It isn't Wesley Snipes. It's still Blade, killing vampires.

      After surviving the pilot (which was an ordeal, I have to admit), the series takes off and turns out to be better than I feared.

      Especially in the pilot, the acting is horribly stiff, and the scenes just keep changing, sometimes showing us a few seconds of something then jumping to another important act.

      The man in Blade's part (Kirk 'Sticky Fingaz' Jones) is really stiff, and no doubt trying to follow Wesley Snipe's act. He doesn't succeed. He doesn't have the charm, his style is empty showing off, and frankly, I don't think he was all that intimidating. His lines had no conviction in them. I just didn't feel him.

      Sure, the characters got better, not to mention the plots, as the season went on, and by the time it ended, I would have liked to see more, frankly. But still, it seemed something was very often lacking, whether it was good writing or believable, heart-warming (or chilling) acting.

      Also, the vampire hissing/growling seemed a little overdone to me; they didn't look like lions, but they sure sounded like ones!

      The special/visual effects got a little better as the show progressed, but they looked pretty bad sometimes too - or the scenes were purposefully cut to avoid us from seeing what would have otherwise been something... unreal or hard to create. The series also had the distinct style of cutting the action where it would have got a bit too brutal or detailed, although the final episode had some surprisingly gruesome stuff in it...

      All in all I would not mind seeing more, because they left things hanging pretty bad.moreless
    • Creative and well controlled writing since a long time. Not as slow as lost, and not as fast as heroes, just the right plot development.

      It is interesting to see that the audience responds badly to strait and tight plots. It seems that they need some absurdity to be pleased from a show.

      You can find these absurdities in shows like heroes and lost.

      White bears in the jungle, people healing for no apparent reason, islands disappearing or moving around without a goal. for Lost...

      Or 20 different characters becoming good or bad every next episode, trying to save the world... from themselves, Being shocked all the time by events like "this is your real father" (which confuses them more than their powers btw). for heroes.

      In short, those are Mixed Soup plots to keep the viewer tuned.

      I was extremely sure when I first decide to check Blade "the tv series" that I would meet non-sens and absurdity in person. I was wrong.

      Blade's main plot is as simple as intriguing and easy to watch, and the side stories are well served, never boring. Blade itself disappears for a while to appear exactly when it should.

      There may be some amateur moves in the shooting or cutting of some scenes, but they never spoil the show.

      As they mostly are in the Marvel Comics. The Cast is excellent and fit well their covering their lack in acting skills.

      The action and episodes are well balanced, each character has its time, and is well developed.

      And most of all, for the first time, vampires are not shown as "Halloween Monsters" with weird costumes or make up as in Buffy, but they are seriously treated "a la supernatural".

      Maybe the casual viewer may not choose to watch such a dark show, but where are the hardcore Fans of the genre who lets such a show being canceled? watching supernatural perhaps?moreless
    • Awesome Show!

      Blade: The Series is one of the best action tv shows on television ever. I thought it is the best in the Blade Trilogy. One of my most favorite episodes was the pilot Blade: House of Chthon. I loved this series so much but I cannot believe it was cancelled just after thirteen episodes (including the pilot) Though it did suck the Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones took over the role of Blade from Wesley Snipes but the Blade Trilogy will always be remembered. I really liked the action of this series. It had great vampire action and violence. This should've never been cancelled. Farewell Blade: The Series.moreless
    • Bring it back!!! i want this show brought back now. The plot was f****** awesome. I loved everything about show! Just by watching the pilot I was hooked

      Bring it back!!! I want this show brought back now. The plot was f****** awesome. I loved everything about show! Just by watching the pilot I was hooked - In the pilot, Krista Starr returns from military service in Iraq to learn that her twin brother, Zack, has died under mysterious circumstances. Her investigation reveals that Zack was a "familiar" - a kind of indentured servant who agrees to do a vampire's bidding in the hopes that his "master" will eventually reward him with eternal life. Krista's search for her brother's killer soon brings her face to face with Blade, as well as with the killer himself, Marcus Van Sciver, a powerful vampire and high ranking member of the House of Chthon. Smitten with Krista, Marcus decides to turn her into a vampire by injecting her with his blood. Krista is then approached by Blade, who injects her with the same serum he uses to control his own vampire instincts, and offers her a chance to help him avenge her brother's death and bring down Marcus and the House of Chthon, and revealed that Zack was trying to do a sting operation with Blade. The two form a reluctant partnership. This series was awesome.. And I really do wish they would bring it back.moreless
    • what the hell were the creaters smoking when they wrote this expertly put trash?

      first off yes i did just see the pilot episode and yes it was so bad that i did'nt even finish watching it.(yes it was that bad!)Okay! i'm a big fan of the movies(note: only one&two tinity was trash!),and i like mr.snipes in action flicks so you could only imagine how happy i might have been when word got out that there will be a blade tv show course wesley was'nt going to be in the show so they pick that dude from flight of the phenox which looks nothing like blade or wesley snipes.The fight scences were horrific and the dialoge was lame and dull couple that a very weak pilot episode plot and you get a blade-errific nightmare.Then there were a few things that just pist me off for starters the new blade can't fight his way out of thin air,secound the acting on blade's part and the cast was terrible especially blade,and thrid they completely changed blades look i mean what happend to those really pimpin vest from the movies? then since when dose he need infered shades to help him see whos a vampier or not?(stupid)and last(which this really pist me off the most) since when dose blade get his rear kick'd by well...every one i mean almost every villian in the pilot beat the crap out of blade as if he were a some extra in a low-buget martial-art flick. so in conclusion may this marvel nightmare be put to rest in peace and hopefully it dose'nt stay on the air for long.moreless

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