Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 9

Angels and Demons

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 23, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • nice twiste coming up?

    I qould had never belived that this can happen, when blade has to possibly team up with marcus to fight the pure bloods in this series. In this episode we see how dificult is the plan of marcus and how krista is benn sucked even deeper into the vimpire world. The death of her mother had left her vulnarable to marcus charm. Mean while blade find out where krista is and with who.
  • Awesome episode.

    Krista becomes depressed by the death of her mom, she starts to affect her relationship with both Blade and Marcus. Blade and Marcus figure out that the liquid inside Vanessa's womb. This episode shows a flashback of Marcus's past. Before he was turned, he was an immigrant from England finding a new life in Detroit. His life becomes a living nightmare when a mobster figure feeds him to the local indians who happen to be vampires. This episode gives Marcus a human face, we see him differently, it explains why he is who he is today. This is a really exciting episode.
  • im glad that marcus killed damek, i really hated that guy. Seeing marcus's past was really interesting as it showed a more human side to him which help the viewers understand him better. i can't believe marcus and krista got it on, i never so that coming.

    this episode was great from start to finished and really gave alot of insight it some of the characters.It was really intersting to learn of marcus and damek's past history together. we also got to see and a human side to marcus that we hadn't really seen before. The fight between marcus and damek had me on the edge of my seat, of course i was cheering for marcus. i also like it when krista was in marcus's past, i thought that was really well done. Finally lets not forget when krista sleeps with marcus i was extremely shocked when she did that as i though she hated marcus, but i guess she found him appealing after she saw everything he went through and saw someone she could share her pain with.
  • I loved the vulunerablity of Marcus to let himself connect with Krista. You really saw a different side of him. I just loved this episode just for that. I love all the blade series but some just hit what you watch it for.

    Overall this episode was interesting to see the past and how it affected them now and why they are where they are.It brings some of the characters together for an exciting twist and see the savagery of what they are. I love vampires and what they are all about and Blade really lets it all hang out.If you love vampires and all what they are about you need to watch this show. Blade is awesome in all he does and I like the way Sticky does it. All the characters bring excitement and a "what's going to happen next" likeness to all it's viewers!!! Love It!
  • A masterfully poignant episode.

    Though the focus is supposed to be Krista (emotionally torn-up from having to ash her vampirized mom), the show is undeniably stolen by Van Sciver. And, the genetic memory flashback of his last few days as a mortal. We thereby learn why he hates Pure-bloods, in general. And, why he used Armayan vamps as guinea pigs, for Project: Aurora, in particuliar. It was also interesting to note that Van Sciver seemed to have a vision of Krista while she was having the flashback about him! Could this be the reason for his almost-obsessive infatuation with her? If so, then Blade might be developing similar feelings for her. It would certainly explain his shorter-than-usual temper around Shen. The only reason I deduct one-fifth of a point? Agent Collins unexplained recognition of a Familiar-glyph! Did he spot a similar one on the truck driver killed by Boone, in South Dakota? Or, on one of the two ambulance drivers sucked dry by Mrs. Starr?
  • Krista is going insane and learns about Marcus's violent past which includes his turning.

    A very decent episode. This episode basically all about Marcus, despite the first minutes attention on Krista. We learn how he got turned and how his lover was killed by a vampire. Unlike , the "Angel" reference in the trivia though, Marcus's love isn't a crazy psycho like Darla was.

    So as imagined, a violent past gives us insight into how Marcus is although he isn't very sympathetic much in the series. Little by little though the writers have given us bits with Marcus and Krista topped of by their intimate encounter at the end. It was very predictable but it was still well done. With this emphasis on Marcus, Blade didn't do much which was a shame. The detective played by Larry PointDexter finally found out who Blade is , so it'll be interesting how that plays out.
  • I loved this episode, specially when krista was in marcus memories.

    I really liked this episode, and i think it was great seing krista and marcus together, because marcus really care about krista and now we uderstand why he is like he is, and it might be a chance for him to go to the good side now that charlote is conspiricing against him and krista.
  • Krista has a rough time after killing her mother, While Marcus deals with Damek.

    I knew that this episode was going to be really good. I mean killing your mom (for the second time) has to have a huge impact on the way you view your alliances and your life as a whole. So you know it would ripple into this week's episode.

    I liked that the episode started out in a bar, it's only the best place to start a chaotic downfall (with several shots of hard liquor).

    This episode revealed a lot about Marcus and how he became a vampire and how many vampires feel loss. Which adds more depth to the series which is very important. The flashbacks also revealed who Marcus' wife was (Alex mentioned he was married in the previous episode). It also showed us that Marcus really really hates Damek (for several reasons). So i thoroughly enjoyed the scene where Marcus totally kicked the crap out of Damek and ashed his sorry ass. Another pureblood down. yes.

    We briefly saw more of Charlotte (that girl creeps me out) and she obviously knows that Krista and Marcus can't be trusted. Which worries me because that girl is the purest form of evil, i've ever seen. So once Krista got over the whole "hating and wanting to kill" Marcus thing (courtesy of ADE). They totally hooked up. Now from what i've heard, people hated that. I liked it. Its an important part of the plot and hopefully we'll get to see Krista stumble down the dark side more often. What's the point of being immortal if you don't enjoy it?

    I'm interested to see what happened to Chase (Charlotte's goone Thorne took her). Chase is so awesome, and hates Krista just as much as Charlotte (if not more) So i'm curious to see what they conspire.

    So a really good episode. Character development and some action and Krista managed to piss of Blade which should mean some ass kicking. (not necessarily Krista's, but somebody). Can't wait until next week!
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