Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 9

Angels and Demons

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 23, 2006 on Spike TV



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, when Marcus is stabbed by Damek, it seems to be the same spot where Blade was stabbed by his father in the previous episode "Sacrifice."

    • We find out that Marcus Van Sciver was turned in 1899 by an Indian vampire.

    • Krista's family members have each been killed by a vampire. Zack (Shot by Marcus), Lisa (Bitten by Krista, then shot), and Pat (Bitten by Lisa).

    • Goof: How did Marcus kill Damek? He just hit him in the face with the tomahawk, and it doesn't seem to be made of silver.

    • Damek's man killed himself by beheading, but in slow motion we can see that he didn't cut all his neck.

  • Quotes

    • Marcus: It's called furniture, Damek. Please suppress the urge to urinate on it.
      Damek: I just thought for the self-proclaimed leaders of the vampire nation, the House of Chthon would be a little more... upscale.

    • Marcus: We all make allowances with those who we share a birth experience. You and Frederick for example.
      Chase: I'd like to kill him.
      Marcus: And yet you never have.

    • (while "fixing" some wires in the sewer)
      Shen: You got some real problems, pal.
      Security Familiar: Like what--rats?
      Shen: No, daywalkers.

    • (about Krista)
      Blade: The girl is on a knife's edge and if she falls off I want her to fall our way.
      Shen: So you can catch her, right?

    • (about the after death experience)
      Marcus: It's the only bond that can't be broken by hate, or hurt, or even time.

    • (Talking to Krista) Marcus: If I thought you really meant the things you said and did in my office, then Chase would be disposing of an ash-stained carpet right about now.

    • Marcus: You've been drinking.
      Krista: (sarcastically) Obviously not enough.

    • (looking at the dreary basement headquarters)
      Dr. Chang: This is where you guys work? I gotta say it looks better off the computer screen. Ever hear of a lamp, maybe a couple of throw pillows?

    • Chase: I hate to ruin your day but remember when a woman stormed the lobby and then killed our disposal team--one Lisa Starr?
      Marcus: Tell me you're joking.
      Chase: Crazed, out of control. Like mother like daughter.

    • (referring to the way Marcus was looking at the remains of Alex the pureblood)
      Chase: You look like a little boy waiting to open his presents on christmas day.

    • Dr. Chang: (sarcastically) No, Blade, really you don't have to thank me.
      Shen: Welcome to my nightmare.

    • Shen: Haven't found Krista yet.
      Blade: So, what are you doing about it?
      Shen: I told you, I put the word out. What do you want me to do? Tack up flyers around the neighborhood. (sarcastically) "Lost vampire. Last seen ashing her mother. May be suicidal, homicidal. Both. Needs her meds."

    • Lance: See, this is where you're supposed to say who you are.
      Krista: Someone you don't want to know.
      Lance: Why, do you bite?

    • Shen: It's weird, isn't it?
      Blade: What? That I haven't taken your head off yet.
      Shen: You and Marcus, on the same side, gunning for the Purebloods. Guess the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
      Blade: I don't have a problem killing my friends either.

    • Shen: If I can just isolate the security feed and cut the uplink, we can tune into BSTV.
      Blade: BSTV?
      Shen: Blood Sucker Television! Twenty-four hour Cththon Network, all vamps, all the time! (Blade glares) Tough room.

    • Damek Henchman: Where's Damek?
      Chase: Hell. Care to join him?

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