Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 19, 2006 on Spike TV

Episode Recap

While Dr. Vonner gives advice to a couple, Blade breaks in and Vonner shoots himself rather then be captured. Shen is monitoring the situation by portable camera and tells him to get the files, but security arrives and Blade has to depart. Blade gets back to his car to find a taunting note on the windshield, and then someone hits him with a truck. Shen loses contact and can only see some masked men take him away. He drives to the scene but finds nothing.

The men take Blade to a warehouse where Reverend Carlyle is there and orders him to be chained up. Krista is at a diner and sees a little girl who senses something unnatural about her. After the girl leaves, Krista sees a newspaper about Boone, who has been placed at the Kansas crime scenes. Shen runs the tape back but when he no luck he starts to initiate shutdown protocols.

Marcus knows about Boone as well and is concerned he's going to complicate matters. He wants Chase to work with Krista, who he says shares a bond with Boone. Chase is reluctant but Marcus orders her and then goes to take a call from the mysterious Charlotte.

Blade wakes up to confront Carlyle who says he's there to negotiate on behalf of Blade's captors. Blade pulls one chain out of the wall but the other men knock him out again.

Chase goes to get Krista and take her to Oregon to meet the House of Leichen, who will get the information on Boone's location from Krista's mind.

Blade wakes up and Carlyle tells him he needs redemption, and introduces the masked men. They all have gang tattoos like Blade's, and he recognizes them as members of the gang he was with as a kid. They're not too happy with him.

Krista slips out and goes to Blade's warehouse headquarters, and Shen puts a gun to her head and demands answers. He eventually relents and Krista tells him what she can, but she doesn't know about Blade. She asks him about the Leichen, who Shen says are vampires who have sworn off drinking human blood. He warns they have a way of forcing visions using her blood. She declares she's going to do it anyway despite the dangers. Shen gives her a supply of serum and wishes her well. But as Krista leaves, she hears something with her heightened senses, a reference to the "Bad Bloods."

Blade is suffering serum withdrawal and Carlyle reveals that Blade turned his former gang, and now they want the serum. Blade warns that Carlyle can't trust them and they respond by killing the Reverend, then their leader Steppin' Razor tells Blade they need him to help change their lives.

Agent Collins meets with Boone's partner and finds a German book about vampires, with the title of "The House of Armaya."

Steppin' Razor taunts Blade about how he turned them into vampires and tortures him a bit, then insists that now they want a home. Then he takes off with a package. At the headquarters, Shen is running info on the "Bad Bloods" and finds an old newspaper article saying what neighborhood they're from, and how one member was shot and paralyzed.

Chase and Krista arrive at a foreboding building where a woman, Dr. Berganza, greets them. She takes them in to the dialysis machines they use to cleanse the blood, and meet Frederick, Chase's ex-husband.

Steppin' Razor meets with Marcus who doesn't want to adopt a polluted strain. He shows Marcus Blade's sword to convince him he has the Daywalker. Marcus agrees tog give him membership and demands Blade's location.

Shen heads to the neighborhood where the Bad Bloods hang out and talks to their former member, Jermaine Turner. Jermaine says they dead and hints that they're vampires, and warns Shen to stay away. Shen vows to find Blade and demands answers on the Bloods' location.

Frederick talks to Krista and warns her there's no magic involved, but they're going to turn up her senses through her link to find Boone wherever he is. However, she'll be hungry after the ceremony and if she drinks too much then Boone's spirit will overwhelm hers. He assures her that her own spirit is strong, but warns that Chase knows that as well. Chase arrives and they proceed with the ceremony.

Shen arms himself heavily while Steppin' Razor unchains Blade to take him to Marcus. First they're going to cut off his tattoo, but Shen gets there and opens fire from the balcony, first shooting Blade with two serum-darts, then shattering Blade's blade, then destroying one of the Bloods. Steppin' Razor tosses Shen down to the ground, but Blade has enough time to recover and take out the other two Bloods.

Steppin' Razor goes for Shen but Blade nails him with his sword to the leg and the guy flees. They leave and later Marcus arrives to find nothing but ashes… and a note left by Blade, "Suck Me."

Collins is going over the Armaya book when Boone's partner Gibbs arrives with Boone's open case files. Collins notices a picture of Zack Starr, which Gibbs identifies as one of Boone's "special projects." There's also a photo of Krista that Collins takes an interest in.

Krista enters the Leichen blood chamber where she enters a tub filled with the substance. She fully immerses herself in the liquid to begin the ceremony.
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