Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 19, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • Poor Reverend Carlyle!

    I guess he learned the hard way that even a man-of-God can't make a deal with the Devil without getting his fingers burned.

    I can also only guess as to what he had in mind for Blade. Which was probably to make him thirsty enough, for blood, that he would be able to better empathize with what the ash-addicts were going through. And, thus, perhaps be more amenable to sharing his appetite-supressant with them. Sort of like methadone being used to combat the withdrawal pains of heroin and cocaine addicts.

    But, evidently, Blade was thinking long-term. He knew that eventually the ash-dealers would hunt the source of their designer drug into extinction. Similar to what nearly happened to beavers and bison in the 1800's. Ergo, the ash-dealers would ultimately put themselves out of business. And, as a result, simplify the Rev's work.

    Unfortunately, the Rev forgot that patience is a heavenly virtue. He wanted an immediate solution to the problem! So, he committed what he thought was the lesser of two evils: betraying Blade to his first victims. And, he paid the price.

    Still, Blade might be gaining a potential new ally in the form of FBI Agent Collins. He has that German book recovered from ex-Detective Boone (which the latter, in turn, probably confiscated from Sands, the vampire cardsharp). That, in turn, might lead to a meeting with Blade, via Krista and the manhunt for Boone.

    Only time, and further episodes, will tell.
  • Awesome

    The stakes are raised when Blade gets kidnapped by a street gang turned vampires called Bad Blood and one of his most trusted ally Revenrend Carlyle is in on it. Krista herself gets herself into some trouble when Marcus wants him to go to the House of Carlyle. This could turn really ugly if she couldn't inject herself with the serum before the effects of the thirst takes over her. This episode is action packed, and the scenes don't end up at one corner too long, things keep on moving and it goes fast. This is one exciting episode, I can't wait for the next one.
  • is coming together slowlly

    in this episode the writers and directos still have not sold me the show like the movies I II III, in this episode we see the fight of the diferent houses and diferent types of vampireas or changed people. The gagget guy does his job good and come to the aid of blade at the end
  • Exactly why I watch the show!

    Again this is why I think the show has become
    Such a guilty pleasure. As Blade's past does come back
    To haunt him and the gang he used to be in while he was
    Very young and was bad to the bone. Want his life but
    Leave it to Marcus to intervene. As Kristia goes to a very haunted house and tries to have visions of Boone and see if he is alive! Or a vampire perhaps?
  • Blade's past come back to haunt as the "Bad Bloods" go looking for him to make a deal with Marcus for Blade's life.

    Interesting episode. Blade gets captured by “The Bad Bloods” a gang he turned as a boy vampire. They come to get revenge and to turn him over to Marcus so they can get accepted into his high vampire social life. Shen (Nelson Lee) has a big part in this episode as he literally comes to his rescue. I liked that. They made the assistant more important than just him be Blade’s gizmo boy.

    Krista undergoes a vampire ritual at the House of Lycan to gain an energy vibe where Detective Boone is. Meanwhile Agent Ray Collins (Larry Poindexter) starts to uncover the whole vampire case as he starts to look into Boone’s files.

    It was a very decent episode. Not a lot of action for the first half but they were doing more character development and it was a good way for Kirk Jones to show more drama and not just buttkicking.

    It was also a great way to show that Shen can do a lot more than Blade gives him credit for. Not all of the “Bad Bloods” were destroyed so it will be interesting how the leader comes back.
  • You just can't keep a good man down. Unless it's Blade, in which case you just can't keep him up!

    I always think that reviewers are far too biased, and giving this episode high ratings would only prove that further.

    If you like Blade as a character you'll notice this episode continues it's quest to make Blade look like an idiot. How many times has Blade been knocked down in only four episodes? If he isn't getting punched out by lackeys or walking directly into machine gun fire and falling over, he's getting knocked down by cars and trucks!

    Admittedly a car surpisingly punching through a wall might give him an excuse for getting hit, but this week he was standing in the street with no other traffic and he can't hear or see an armored car accelerating towards him! It's not a hybrid! It's a loud 1 ton vehicle!

    So four episodes in and Blade already needs rescuing. Rescuing by his "gadgets" guy who can't figure out for himself that using a noise filter (or adjusting the treble in iTunes) on the audio clip might have helped.

    Last week I thought Blade was improving. He got decent screen time and dialog, effects are decent, the fight scenes were not as bad as previous, and the b-plots moved along. Even the dull Krista (who usually gets most of the screen time) got rightly pushed into the background.

    This week, Blade gets chained to a wall for 45 minutes. Come on! He's barely done anything and you're already knocking the character out to avoid action and dialog?

    And of course the worse thing about this episode ... the bad choice of camera angle that revealed that Blade has to wear three inch soles on his boots! No wonder he's not too good at fighting. Sticky Jones is a short guy, no point in trying to get around that now. The least they can do is get rid of the platforms so he can move better during the choreography.

    Blade is a kickass character. So isn't time he started giving it instead of receiving it?
  • I was bored once again. It was only a smidge better than last episode. Nothing happened in this episode. No story progression.

    They had something there, with Blade\'s past and that gang Bad Bloods. But it wasn\'t executed very well. It didn\'t draw me in.
    I /was/ interested in it, and wanted to see it unfold. But then at the end, it was like, \"That\'s it?\"

    That\'s it? -Yea that is happening a lot during this show.

    Last episode, the cliff hanger. Well with those, eppys are suppose to connect with each other. The writers kinda suck, cuse they barely did.
    I was expecting to see something important cuse of the cliffhanger, and got a 2 minute scene that answered absolutely nothing. I mean, not like I expect the whole plot explained, but at least SOMETHING.

    Boone - I don\'t get it, why are we still on this guy? Of all storylines they want to wrap it around a character like him.

    I liked more of Chase\'s story. It was funny to see her ex. lol

    We also got to hear about another house. Sakara was it?

  • It wasn't bad, but the idea was like a side mission in an RPG PC Game like Diablo I/II or Dungeon Siege I/II, or probably more like a FPS which forces you to get through some side story blocking you from completing the real plot.

    The episode itself wasn't terrible, but as I said in the summary it was like a side mission in your favorite RPG PC game. I say this because while the episode was all cool and featured Blade a lot more than usual, the plotline for the episode really did nothing for the overall plot. There was no tie in with the Aurora Project the vampires are working on, any aspect of it for that matter whether it be Krista trying to steal it or the vampires trying to use it. There was nothing telling you anything about the cop. None of that.


    Blade gets captured and the whole episode is recalling his past with this blood gang called Bad Blood who he pretty much left for dead after he converted sucked them dry, when in fact he just converted them to vampires.


    You just watch Blade deal with the problem. As I was saying, its like one of those side missions in that you can complete it all you want but it won't really advance the plot.

    There was no advancement of any of the really intriguing subplot, and the whole Krista plotline in this episode was quite baffling. They are making her so concerned with that dumb cop (Detective Boone is his name) who is now a vampire. I am really hoping that next episode, or the one after that, they explain why this cop is so important. They really need some vindication for introducing this cop as a vampire, because I just don't see his importance to the series yet. If any of you understand his importance then I applaud you because I just don't see it.

    Decent episode I suppose, but I think that in 9 weeks when the first season is over I will look back on this episode and say "uh...did we really need this episode?".


    By the way, to make things worse, that doctor who Blade was seeking at the end of the third episode has no part in this episode as he commits suicide right off the much for getting my hopes up at the end of the third episode.