Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 19, 2006 on Spike TV



  • Trivia

    • The House of Leichen is introduced in this episode. Leichen is a German word, meaning "dead bodies" or "corpses".

    • Blade's tattoo is from when he was in the gang called the Bad Bloods, when he was younger.

    • As Shen is loading up on weapons for the rescue attempt it is shown that Blade has at least four backup swords.

    • 7-6-7 is the code for the serum storage locker.

    • In this episode, when Blade is captured and one of his "turnees" cuts his shoulders, the blood and cuts disappear. The next couple of camera angles switch, causing this. This doesn't happen because Blade is part vampire but because of human error in make-up and retakes of the same shot over and over.

  • Quotes

    • Jermaine Turner: If you got anybody that cares about you, that loves you or depends on you for living... you'll stop asking questions and stop looking for whatever it is you're looking for... 'cause if you find it, you'll wish to God you didn't.
      Shen: You see, it's because somebody depends on me for living, that thing I'm looking for, I'm gonna find it and that thing is whatever you sons of bitches call their home.

    • Dr. Miranda Berganza: It's an essential step in the processing, we keep things very clean here.
      Chase: Yes, because according to the freaks, we're dirty girls, our blood must be cleansed. Apparently, it reeks of death.
      Dr. Miranda Berganza: It does.

    • Marcus: (holding Blade's sword) And... this means what to me?
      Steppin' Razor: It means that I can deliver you Blade, wrapped up and ready to die.
      Marcus: And, for this gift, you want keys to my front door?
      Steppin' Razor: I think your superiors will make an exception. What do you think?
      Marcus: I think you like risk.
      Steppin' Razor: The payoff is worth it. Sometimes you have to take things to get things - I'm sure you've taken plenty.

    • Dr. Miranda Berganza: It's not often that we get visitors from other Houses. For the most part, they seem to stay away.
      Chase: Possibly because you're all bat****.
      Dr. Miranda Berganza: If that assessment eases your discomfort in some way then by all means you stick to it for as long as you require.

    • Reverend Carlyle: I'm here negotiating for your release. You okay?
      Blade: Shut up and start negotiating. Things need killing.
      Reverend Carlyle: Well, that's just it. I'm-I'm negotiating with you. I'm with them, this was my idea.
      Blade: Then I'll be killing you, too.

    • Krista: Marcus didn't do it.
      Shen: Bullshit. Come here to finish things off?
      Krista: You don't believe me? Shoot.
      Shen: What are you doing here?
      Krista: Boone's alive.
      Shen: The cop?
      Krista: He's turned.
      Shen: No shit. That's what happens when a vampire...
      Krista: Shut up and get the gun outta my face!

    • Frederick: Well, hello Chase and how's life with Marcus?
      Chase: Never a dull moment.

    • Marcus: Is that what you're doing, getting respect?

    • Blade: Every vampire needs a familiar with skills.
      Shen: Yeah, I make the weapons.
      Blade: And I use them. That's the arrangement.
      Shen: No shit--I thought we were dating.

    • (to Chase)
      Krista: Heard you halfway down the hall. Gaining a little weight?

    • Shen: Mostly he just touches vampires, and yeah, it hurts.

    • Chase: Sorry to break this up, but can we please get this over with?

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