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Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 13, 2006 on Spike TV
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Episode Summary

Marcus makes the final move on the Purebloods and also discovers the whereabouts of Blade's and Shen's main hideout. This leads to a final showdown between Marcus and Blade as well as Krista and Chase!

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    hey i love this seris it was very good and at the same time very edgge but any way i hope they make another one of these series as a seql and have the same people that would be greatl hot hot. . . . . . . . . . . . .... . . .. . . . ... .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .it was very excellent great cool now i dont even kno what to right j j jmoreless
  • good ending for this series

    Even f this ending was predicted, it was not predicted the betrail that marcus sofers with the blonde vimpire. Blade has to find his side kick since he is capture by marcus team when they attack the headquartes of blade. He is brought to marcus office where he is tortute by krista and she help him at the end. Once al the conclave blade find his way inn with almost no weapons and help in some way marcus to spread the virus that kills all the pure blood. Marcus and blade fight but manages to escape with kristamoreless
  • Awesome episode.

    Marcus lures the purebloods to his building and also discovers the hideout of Blade. Chase and a vampire team infiltrates the warehouse where Blade is hiding. Shen gets captured, he gets tortured, Krista helps him out a bit. Shen manages to get away from the building. Blade finds a way to enter the building. This episode features Blade with the final showdown with Marcus. The fight scenes were spectacular. The fight scenes with Krista and Chase were also climactic. This ends in a cliffhanger, the episode was really good. This show definitely needs a season 2, it's a really awesome show.moreless
  • In this episode Blade kills the pure bloods Krista is found out and that blonde chick is "killed" Just another Blade-arific day.

    This was a great episode to watch. Again Blade kicks vampire ass to the extreme. You had to wonder though how thick marcus and company had to be to not realize that Krista was working for them honestly. It had to be a shocker to Marcus when he found out that the two women he loved betrayed them. You know that the lovely blonde isnt dead a if there is a second season she will fulfill her vengence. So why would she betraye Marcus if it was that simple to kill all of the pure bloods? Bye bye krista her purpose was served, but you never knowmoreless
  • Great season finale, but why did it have to be a series final too?

    Well, the first (and last) season of Blade ends on a bang.

    The first ever clash between Blade and Marcus, The betrayal by Chase, and a lot of great stuff left open for the next season, wait, there is none!!!

    I was a bit disappointed to see the first ever appearance by the pure bloods cut so short, only one episode. They might have made some pretty good villains in the 2nd season, but, cest la vis.

    Regardless of the abrupt cancellation, I will always regard this show as an underrated classic by the masses.

    Oh well, at least there's a chance for tv movies.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • While looking for a weapon he can use to escape Marcus' office, Shen picks up a sword. He promptly puts it down however and picks up a fountain pen. He apparently believes in the old adage, "The pen is mightier than the sword."

    • When Chase is torturing Shen, she takes blood from him with a needle and squirts it in her mouth while getting a little on her chin. This spot disappears and reappears once when Marcus licks it off with his finger while replacing her with Krista.

    • The second time we see Shen use Tucker's eye it's rotating round in the small glass bottle. The scanner would not be able to recognise the eye if it were not still.

    • We find out Shen's full name is Shen Lu Wei.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Marcus: (to Krista) Now, I have a question for you. How long have you been working for Blade?!

    • Chase: Sounds to me like another job I'll be required to finish.
      Krista: (sighs) Just get this one done first.
      Chase: So, that's it? You came all this way just to say that? Do you roll over, too? Catch a ball?
      Krista: You know, Chase, you and I don't have to be like this.
      Chase: Too late, darling. Now run along, daddy will want you to fetch his slippers.

    • Marcus: Actually, one last problem remains. The same one we always have it seems. Blade.
      Krista: What about him?
      Marcus: He has a habit of showing up when least expected. Thought Chthon would do the same to him.
      Krista: Soo... where do we find him?
      Marcus: That's the best part... I already have.

    • Marcus: Things will be very different from here on out.
      Krista: Especially now that Chase is dead.
      Marcus: We don't know that for certain.
      Krista: C'mon Marcus, I saw her drop a dozen stories.
      Marcus: (In a loud, angry voice) Even if I saw her ash, even if I ran my hands through the remnants. I would still watch my back for the rest of my years on Earth.

    • Shen: Anyone ever tell you you're an optimistic son of a bitch?
      Blade: Every goddamn day.

    • Shen: Don't even try to tell me this is a win!
      Blade: Purebloods dead, it's a win. Marcus further up the ladder, it's a win. Krista still with him, it's a win.

    • Chase: This isn't about Marcus. This is about me moving up in the world.
      Krista: Sorry sweetie, I only see you going down. (drops Chase down several flights of stairs)

    • Blade: Can't have a party without the cake! (tosses Aurora into the air and shoots it)

    • Shen: Seriously bro, what do you think our odds are?
      Blade: Whatever they are, they are even worse for Krista.

    • Blade: Figured you were dead.
      Shen: So did I until Krista split me a little pick me up.

    • (Referring to Blade being "dead")
      Chase: Your boyfriend is dead. I guess you'll have to do.

    • Rusk: Oh, get on with it, Van Sciver. We're far too old to be moved by your honey-voiced ass-kissing.

    • (Krista mouths I'm sorry)
      Shen: Just do it, you blood sucking bitch.

    • Blade: Kill them all. Familiars too.
      Shen: I was hoping for something more specific.

    • Rusk: What a delightful way to end the evening--drinking the blood of a traitor.

    • Blade: I should have let them kill you, Van Sciver.
      Marcus: It's nice to meet you too, Blade.

    • Blade: That's the mighty relic of Cththon? Why am I not surprised it's a piece of shit?

  • NOTES (1)