Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 13, 2006 on Spike TV

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    hey i love this seris it was very good and at the same time very edgge but any way i hope they make another one of these series as a seql and have the same people that would be greatl hot hot. . . . . . . . . . . . .... . . .. . . . ... .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .it was very excellent great cool now i dont even kno what to right j j j
  • good ending for this series

    Even f this ending was predicted, it was not predicted the betrail that marcus sofers with the blonde vimpire. Blade has to find his side kick since he is capture by marcus team when they attack the headquartes of blade. He is brought to marcus office where he is tortute by krista and she help him at the end. Once al the conclave blade find his way inn with almost no weapons and help in some way marcus to spread the virus that kills all the pure blood. Marcus and blade fight but manages to escape with krista
  • Awesome episode.

    Marcus lures the purebloods to his building and also discovers the hideout of Blade. Chase and a vampire team infiltrates the warehouse where Blade is hiding. Shen gets captured, he gets tortured, Krista helps him out a bit. Shen manages to get away from the building. Blade finds a way to enter the building. This episode features Blade with the final showdown with Marcus. The fight scenes were spectacular. The fight scenes with Krista and Chase were also climactic. This ends in a cliffhanger, the episode was really good. This show definitely needs a season 2, it's a really awesome show.
  • In this episode Blade kills the pure bloods Krista is found out and that blonde chick is "killed" Just another Blade-arific day.

    This was a great episode to watch. Again Blade kicks vampire ass to the extreme. You had to wonder though how thick marcus and company had to be to not realize that Krista was working for them honestly. It had to be a shocker to Marcus when he found out that the two women he loved betrayed them. You know that the lovely blonde isnt dead a if there is a second season she will fulfill her vengence. So why would she betraye Marcus if it was that simple to kill all of the pure bloods? Bye bye krista her purpose was served, but you never know
  • Great season finale, but why did it have to be a series final too?

    Well, the first (and last) season of Blade ends on a bang.

    The first ever clash between Blade and Marcus, The betrayal by Chase, and a lot of great stuff left open for the next season, wait, there is none!!!

    I was a bit disappointed to see the first ever appearance by the pure bloods cut so short, only one episode. They might have made some pretty good villains in the 2nd season, but, cest la vis.

    Regardless of the abrupt cancellation, I will always regard this show as an underrated classic by the masses.

    Oh well, at least there's a chance for tv movies.
  • Marcus v Blade, Krista v Chase, Marcus v purebloods. AN excellent season final and i am looking foward to the next series and there better be one, otherwise there will be trouble and not just from me. This is the best tv show to come into my life.

    Marcus v Blade, Krista v Chase, Marcus v purebloods. This was one of the best episodes ever, it had me glued to my chair and the tv screen. i could not believe it when it was releaved that the pureblood new about marcus's plan and chase had been working for them all this time. I never thought she would betray marcus, but i guess her jealously over krista got the better of her. At one point i really thought chase was dead and that was it, but thankfully not. this episode had everything i wanted great fight scenes, drama, and twists. All im waiting for now is the next series as marcus no about krista and i wanted to know what chase will do next.
    the second series is going to be even better!!!!
  • One word: wow!

    Allow me to elaborate. Who was expecting the Overlord of House Chthon to have already been informed, by Chase, of Van Sciver's attempted coup d'etat? Not me! I was honestly surprised when Van Sciver's remote control activator didn't work! And, the fact that Chase betrayed him because he had given his mortal wife's necklace to Krista--rather than her--was even more surprising. I seriously thought she had agreed to Charlotte's ultimatum as part of another double-bluff (similar to the one she used on her ill-fated ex-boyfriend from Vegas)! Of course, that just made their showdown all the more exciting. I mean; on one side, you had Chase, who's got at least a century's worth of more experience than Kris. Yet, Krista, has more recent training in military hand-to-hand combat techniques. And, that's what turned the tide for the latter. Unfortunately, Krista seems to have forgotten that--unless she impaled herself on something wooden or silver, when she landed--Chase will probably regenerate every broken bone in her vampiric body. I did deduct one-tenth of a point for the torturing of Shen (necessary evil though it may have been). But, otherwise, I liked this season finale very much. And, I fervently hope Spike TV brings it back for a second season!
  • Possibly one of the coolest episodes of any show ever.

    Highly interesting conclusion, and I can tell you, Ive been waiting for Marcus and Blade to fight the whole series.

    The fact that it was a sword battle made it even better. I can't wait for season 2, ill so bored until it comes.

    I'm also very interested to see what happens to Krista, and the relationship between Blade and Shen after this. I also want to see how Chase inserts herself back into the story after getting tossed down 12 stories, and ragdolling of the banisters.

    Well done, and the acting has definitely gotten better since the beginning.
  • Really great finale

    I loved this episode, with was really great.
    The fight between Chase and Krista it was great.
    The torure that Krista made to Shen was very impressing, I had to look to the other side, poor guy.
    The look that Marcus made after he finds out that Chase was working for the pure bloods, was really cool.
    But now I wonder wat will happen to Krista now that marcus knows that she was working with Blade. Can't wait for the next season.
    This was a great season finale and a great show and I really hope that they continue to make the show for many eyears.
  • Average show ending season on a high note

    This show has been building up quite nicely, character developement has been getting stronger on each episode.
    I admit the first episodes werent that great, but Chase and Krista made things interesting. Blade has been the weakest character on this show. But last two episodes have finally waken him up from the slum he was in. This show had some great interaction between the main characters and also the best fighting sequences so far(Chase and Krista fight was great). And it ended with a great cliffhanger which makes the waiting for the next season very hard :)

    Hopefully the next season will be great.
  • Very Pivotal episode. Threatening the whole structure of the Vampire conclaves and Houses. Assuming that the Pure bloods of each house will unite to attack Van Schiver possibly in the next years or so series. If the show survives the Axe by Spike.

    This is probably the best and moving episode, because it will get rid of what I think is the most problematic problem of the show for me which was Krista. I mean how stupid could Van Sciver be to not know that Krista was working for Blade. And....I\\\'m hoping that Krista either goes one way or the other.. not float back and forth. That\\\'s real irritating to me. I miss Collins, I wish they wouldn\\\'t have killed him off, but I guess his arc wasn\\\'t developed enough, or they didn\\\'t know what to do with his character. Also, Shen really doesn\\\'t have muc of a background or history yet. I mean we\\\'ve seen Blade\\\'s background, Krista\\\'s, Van Schiver\\\'s, but not Shen. He was kind of dropped into the script. A Young Whistler was introduced but Shen was never mentioned. Shen supposedly has a Sis that was bitten.
  • Very impressive ending to conclude Blade\'s first season.The writing on Blade continues to surprise me.

    The showdown battles between Blade/ Van Sciver and Krista/Chase were well done and choregraphed. I finally believed Kirk Jones has become more comfortable filling Wesley Snipes\' shoes in fight scenes.I wasn\'t surprised that both Van Sciver and Chase survived at the endThe showdown battles between Blade/ Van Sciver and Krista/Chase were well done. I finally believed Kirk Jones is becoming more comfortable filling Wesly Snipes\' shoes in fight scenes.I wasn\'t surprised that both Van Sciver and Chase survived at the end. Both \'bad guy\' characters are very colorful villians who deserve to continue on to a Blade second season.
  • Although it\\\'s not been a great series so far, season 1 ends on a high note.

    This was probably the best episode so far, not that that's to hard really, but still. The action flowed well with the story and there were some very good moments.

    I was very impressed with Shen's torture scene. It was pretty graphic which helped to realise the pain he was in. This is something most shows wouldn't show, mainly because of censorship, so it was good to see here.

    I was a bit disapointed that no main characters were killed. I though Blade would be a show with year long story arcs that would be resolved in the season finale. Still it gives us something to look forward to in the next season.

    Finally I'll have to mention the visuals. The whole off-screen "ashing" thing is a bit of a pet peeve for me, but obviously a bit of a neccesity on a tv show. Still there were some impressive things to see. Blade and Marcus's fight scene looked pretty good, nice to see that the fight scenes are improving.

    All in all a good episode. Hopefully they've ironed out most of the shows problems during this first season run and so all they have to do before season 2 is pay for acting classes for Kirk "Sticky" Jones and they'll be ready for a better second season.
  • Nicely Done - now where is season two?

    Okay - nay sayers beware - those that have ripped the show - have not seen it completly.

    with the end of the first season came the hopes that a second season is in the works. Fine acting, fine scripts, and Sticky did a bang up job of filling in wesley's place as Blade.

    While the season is only 12 episodes (the first 2 hours will be cut into pieces for syndication) it gives you the change to know and like the people that revolve around the world of blade.

    The season is a complete story arc - so missing two or more episodes may leave you a little confused...but the 1.5 minute recap at the beginning is designed to keep you up to speed.

    nicely done all the way around...can't wait for the DVD release that will have the R rated version that I've heard is out there....that should be interesting to see!

    Here's to wishing you at least 2 more seasons on Spike - if not...head for sci-fi and take the place of SG1 that is leaving at the end of season 10~!