Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 2

Death Goes On

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 05, 2006 on Spike TV
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Krista wakes up to face the realities of her vampire state, and Marcus explains the rules pertaining to the Houses. Blade seeks out Rev. Carlyle to get a lead on the vampiric-ash trade, then uses Krista to get information on the super-vampire Fritz.

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  • One word: Whoa!

    We now have a major revelation: the Vampire Nation is divided into Twelve Houses. Although, I'm slightly puzzled. Did House Erebus make it thirteen? Or, are they now down to eleven?*

    In any case, House Chthon now appears to be in the driver's seat, politically-speaking. And, it also appears that they haven't fully informed the other Houses just _how_ Project: Aurora is eugenically improving their kind.

    On top of that, we have human street gangs hunting vamps in order to cremate them. And, then, convert their ashes into a new psychedelic drug! A potential case of "with-friends-like-these-who-needs-enemies," for Blade.

    And, then, there's the sitch with Krista. Does Van Sciver already suspect that she's a double-agent for the Daywalker? And, if so, is he using Krista as a source of misinformation? Or, is there another, more carnal reason that he's showing her such favoritism?

    On the whole, I think Season 1 of this new series is going to be suitably (and delightfully) Machiavellian.

    *Hence, the one-tenth deduction. ;-)moreless
  • exciting

    This episode is just awesome, Krista is now a part of the House of Chtham. Marcus is now entrusting her with their secrets. Krista takes the serum given to him by Blade, this will help her counter her blood cravings. Fritz on the other hand is the miracle solution for all the vampire houses when his body becomes immune to the weakness that other vampires have, but at the same time he becomes a liability for Marcus if Blade gets his hands on him. This episode is so exciting to watch, this TV series is of high value. The production is well made.moreless
  • good show but in the wrong direction

    i think this show has some big shoes to fill, having to live up to the standrs of blade the movie. In this episode i see the actors more relaz and more intresting in deliverin a story line that will intrest us. I hope that we do not get board with the same thing week after week
  • Although continuing the plot, this episode wasn't nearly as interesting as the pilot, which, if expanded, could have almost passed as a fourth Blade movie.

    This episode expands the Pilot episode, but essentially it functions as a filler episode. I found this episode my least favorite, but there where a couple good parts here and there. In this episode, you learn about an ash dealer named Cain who has invoked the wrath of Cthon by killing a "heavy-hitter". Blade wants to find Cain to find out how he enraged Cthon, but he prioritizes finding and capturing Fritz, to find out how he became immune to garlic and silver. Krista is having trouble adjusting to her new life, and Chase's dislike of her is apparent.moreless
  • Not much action but still a great show!

    Krista who once hated vampires after they killed the one

    That she loved the most. Now is a vampire as She must reluctantly embrace the lifestyle of one as Marcus, her mentor takes her through the steps.

    While Blade goes out and seeks the help of the Reverand

    And also needs Krista in order to defeat the evil vampires that come out and try to kill them!
David Palffy

David Palffy


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Adrian Hough

Adrian Hough

Winston Haupt

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Ryan Kennedy

Ryan Kennedy


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Bill Mondy

Bill Mondy

Detective Brian Boone

Recurring Role

P. Lynn Johnson

P. Lynn Johnson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • How was Chase able to go over to Krista after she got impaled with the giant wood post? Chase stated earlier that she couldn't move her leg.

    • How did Chase catch so much shrapnel when Krista was deeper in the blast radius when she shoved her out of the way?

    • Is Blade just completely invincible? When Chase shot him at least one bullet hit his heart, judging from when he took it out later. In the films, (1st one at least), a vampire died when anything pierced their heart.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Marcus: Fritz tells me you caught him in a weak moment.
      Krista: Aurora? I want it.
      Marcus: You what?
      Krista: We should all have it. If it's everything that Fritz says it is.
      Marcus: Fritz has no idea what it is and neither do you.

    • Fritz: Like I said, things change. One day, you're scared ****less of a pizza topping or the silver fillings in some old man's teeth. Of the dawn's early God damned light. And, suddenly, it doesn't matter anymore because you're different. Because you believed in something. You helped make something happen.
      Krista: What happened?
      Fritz: Project Aurora. Five years and millions of dollars and a thousand dead vampires later... you get me. The vaccine's first success. And, where am I? In the basement beating meat.

    • Chase: Does the silver burn?
      Fritz: No, it tickles.
      Chase: I'm beginning to think you like this.

    • Krista: My door is locked.
      Marcus: It's just a precaution- newborns sometimes snap. It's only until your mind and body reconcile certain metabolic changes.
      Krista: Here I was thinking it was because nobody trusted me. (Marcus smiles)

    • Marcus: The House of Chthon is going to be something different entirely.
      Krista: What's that?
      Marcus: Eternal.

    • Fritz: Where are you going?
      Chase: A warehouse on West 9th.
      Fritz: Where you ate the raver?
      Chase: Don't start with me!

    • Marcus: Perhaps I haven't given you the proper respect.
      Krista: Yeah, throwing me off a building was a little rude.

    • Chase: Your blood stinks so bad I want to drown you in it.

    • Winston: Blade's interference must be making things difficult.

    • Shen: She killed the golden goose. Fritz was the key.

    • (in reference to Krista)
      Shen: You think she's gone native?
      Blade: No.

    • Chase: I cross my barely beating heart.

    • Blade: I need information on Fritz.
      Krista: Like what?
      Blade: He is not your average vampire, find out what you can.

    • Krista: (screaming and crying after a night terror) HELP!! HELP!!
      Chase: (in reference to Krista) Bloody new-borns.
      Fritz: You had night terrors for almost 10 years.

    • Chase: (talking to Fritz about Krista) She won't last that long...Bitch is gone the first chance I get.

    • Shen: (talking to Blade about Chthon members) If they figured out how to neutralize garlic and silver we're up shits creek.

  • NOTES (1)