Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 2

Death Goes On

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 05, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • One word: Whoa!

    We now have a major revelation: the Vampire Nation is divided into Twelve Houses. Although, I'm slightly puzzled. Did House Erebus make it thirteen? Or, are they now down to eleven?*

    In any case, House Chthon now appears to be in the driver's seat, politically-speaking. And, it also appears that they haven't fully informed the other Houses just _how_ Project: Aurora is eugenically improving their kind.

    On top of that, we have human street gangs hunting vamps in order to cremate them. And, then, convert their ashes into a new psychedelic drug! A potential case of "with-friends-like-these-who-needs-enemies," for Blade.

    And, then, there's the sitch with Krista. Does Van Sciver already suspect that she's a double-agent for the Daywalker? And, if so, is he using Krista as a source of misinformation? Or, is there another, more carnal reason that he's showing her such favoritism?

    On the whole, I think Season 1 of this new series is going to be suitably (and delightfully) Machiavellian.

    *Hence, the one-tenth deduction. ;-)
  • exciting

    This episode is just awesome, Krista is now a part of the House of Chtham. Marcus is now entrusting her with their secrets. Krista takes the serum given to him by Blade, this will help her counter her blood cravings. Fritz on the other hand is the miracle solution for all the vampire houses when his body becomes immune to the weakness that other vampires have, but at the same time he becomes a liability for Marcus if Blade gets his hands on him. This episode is so exciting to watch, this TV series is of high value. The production is well made.
  • good show but in the wrong direction

    i think this show has some big shoes to fill, having to live up to the standrs of blade the movie. In this episode i see the actors more relaz and more intresting in deliverin a story line that will intrest us. I hope that we do not get board with the same thing week after week
  • Although continuing the plot, this episode wasn't nearly as interesting as the pilot, which, if expanded, could have almost passed as a fourth Blade movie.

    This episode expands the Pilot episode, but essentially it functions as a filler episode. I found this episode my least favorite, but there where a couple good parts here and there. In this episode, you learn about an ash dealer named Cain who has invoked the wrath of Cthon by killing a "heavy-hitter". Blade wants to find Cain to find out how he enraged Cthon, but he prioritizes finding and capturing Fritz, to find out how he became immune to garlic and silver. Krista is having trouble adjusting to her new life, and Chase's dislike of her is apparent.
  • Not much action but still a great show!

    Krista who once hated vampires after they killed the one
    That she loved the most. Now is a vampire as She must reluctantly embrace the lifestyle of one as Marcus, her mentor takes her through the steps.
    While Blade goes out and seeks the help of the Reverand
    And also needs Krista in order to defeat the evil vampires that come out and try to kill them!
  • There is a three way war between Vampires, Blade, and Ashers...drug dealers who sell the ash of vampires to addicts who want to get the powers of a vampire (though for a limited time).

    Wow, this was quite an episode. I really loved the three way battle between Blade, the Vampires, and the Ashers. I think the three way battle adds quite a bit of depth to the story. Rather than a simply good versus evil, you have a bunch of people fighting each other for their own reasons.

    I also really enjoyed the dynamic between Chase and Krista. Chase doesn't quite trust Krista, and clearly resents her. However, she comes to respect her over the course of the episode, particularly during the final battle. I also thought that the actors really fell into their roles a bit more during this episode.

    It will be interesting to see what the vampires do now that their main test subject has been killed. Van Scriver seems to have implied that there is more to the serum/vaccine than has been revealed so far. Perhaps it doesn't work on all vampires. We do know that at least a thousand were killed in the testing of the vaccine...perhaps it only works for some. It is something that we will have to see developed over the next few episodes.

    I also wonder what will become of the cop over the next few episodes. He is likely going to be pissed at Van Scriver for turning him into a lab rat, and at Krista for taking what he thought of as his position in the Van Scriver household...however it seems that he would not really be in a position to strike back.

    I hope the ratings hold up for Blade, since I think it really has potential to be quite a show.

  • While the overall series has a good tone to it it doesn't feel like blade.

    The blade character himself is not written to character properly in my opinion. While the series has some good overall ideas and tones the main character lacks the charisma and character that the movei version protrayed. Sticky Fingers ham acting doesn't help either.
    The awaking of Krista's character as a vampire will fill a few episodes and hopefully give us an insight into the vampire world that wasn't protrayed in the films.
    It's sad for me that the scenes that have probably been the series best moments so far have been the ones without blade in them but hopefully the series can grow and improve.

    This episode was a little more slow paced than the pilot and not really as flashy.
  • Another good episode. While this episode didn\'t contain that much action, it still was very entertaining and pushed us deeper into the world of vampires, and \"ash\" dealers.

    The series is beginning to pick up speed, and there were many multiple plots. I am very much getting into Krista as a character, and her being a double agent for Blade. Like the pilot this episode focused more on Krista then Blade, which is a good thing.

    We got to see the inner working of \"ash\" dealing that is going on in Detroit. We also learned that the head of it all is a man named Cain, who is an enemy of both Blade and the vampires. Although Blade and the vampires are no where close to a truce, atleast now they both have a common enemy, very reminescent of Blade II.

    The detective from the pilot, who got tested on is back and has escaped from the vampires custody. It didn\'t seem like he was of any importance, all we saw him do was wander around killing random people, but I\"m sure the writers are going somewhere with him. I suspect he will want revenge at Krista for biting him.

    Overall it was a good episode. Even though it was light on the action, I still was entertained and intriguied as I learned many new things about the vampire world from this episode.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Apparently newborn vampires have night terrors that can last for a very long time.

    - Krista(screaming and crying after a night terror):\"HELP!! HELP!!\"
    Chase(in reference to Krista): \"Bloody new-borns\"
    Fritz: \"You had night terrors for almost 10 years\"

    - Blade once again, was the most boring part of the episode. Maybe if he would loose the scruffy voice I would be able to deal with him.

    - Marcus obviously is very much into Krista: taking her out to dinner and then holding her hand when she was in the hospital, which Chase didn\'t seem too happy about. I see a love triangle forming.

    - We once again got another mention of *The Board\", but still have not seen any faces.

    - How evil is Chase!? She actually was smiling when Marcus stapped the shop lady.

    - We still havn\'t learned the source of the cure, that has allowed Fritz to wander around in sunlight.

    - Shen(talking to Blade about Chthon members): \"If they figured out how to neutralize garlic and silver we\'re up **** creek.\" That\'s a scary thought.

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • The parts with Blade sucked even more than the first time around.

    The scene between blade and the 'reverend'.
    Here's where we got a real actor, showing some emotion in his lines and good timing. A
    nd here's where we have a talking ventriloquist dummy.

    Guess which on is Sticky? U can't guess this wrong... God does this guy SUCK at acting.

    All the other scenes that lack Blade was fine. Not great though.
  • Not blade

    Ok, i was working and recorded the pilot, so i thought i\\\'d watch the pilot with the 2nd episode, hmmmmm what a mistake, the guy they have playing blade is so wrong they may aswell have cast forest gump, the acting is dry and not \\\'the sun is to hot way\\\' but more of a \\\'quick frun before we get burnt to death\\\' way. mysself i was looking forward to this series but it has not delivered. for a start they should have had a main charcter that had the same hair style as blade did in the films, 2 they have prgressed past the films in the search for a cure for vampirism without explaining the origins of the experiment, there are so many others if i went on i might get banned for being boring, anyway thats my few words on it, blade will never work as a seris just like buffy never worked as a film.
  • Still looking good, although not as good as the pilot

    Still looking good, although not as good as the pilot.
    Still looking good, although not as good as the pilot
    Still looking good, although not as good as the pilot
    Still looking good, although not as good as the pilot
    Still looking good, although not as good as the pilot
    Still looking good, although not as good as the pilot
    Still looking good, although not as good as the pilot
    Still looking good, although not as good as the pilot
    Still looking good, although not as good as the pilot
    Still looking good, although not as good as the pilot
  • Marcus and Blade both investigate the ash trade.

    More character delopment than anything else in this episode. Not much action at all. The ash trade thing is very interesting as a concept, and it will be interesting to see what happens to Cain, the dealer.

    The most intriguing aspect of this whole eppy to me was the escape of Det. Boone. He was supposed to be incapacitated for the trip out to the West Coast, but he remains just conscious enough to execute an escape. I wonder how that will play out over the season, just to have some crazy vampire running loose around the midwest.

    Not a great episode, but decent. Let's see how the rest plays out.
  • Not much fighting, but intriguing plot.

    This episode wasn't exactly one for the ages in terms of fighting. There are a total of one vampire death at the hands of Blade, and a total of two in the whole episode during battle scenes. Yes, there are others which are killed in the episode, but not in battle.

    The Vampiric ash plot line is quite intriguing if you ask of my opinion. It is somewhat like Blade II, in that Blade and the vampires have a mutual foe to some extent.

    I was happy tonite that they finally abandoned the whole Krista complaining of her brother's death. Not once did she mention her brother...HUZZAH! That improved this episode like two fold over the pilot. I was so sick and tired of hearing her say "my brother" this and "my brother" that. STFU! Haha.

    Like the pilot, Blade doesnt have a overly large part here, but that is a good thing. Less sticky fingas is a good thing.
    So far I feel like I'm playing a map of God's Land Deluxe, a Use Map Settings map for Starcraft, when watching this show. You have a bunch of entities in free for all format, and one player is God who can be vigilant whenever he so chooses. That is kinda like what Blade the series is. You have the humans, the vampires, the humans who have devoted themselves to the vampires, the humans who consume vampiric ash and, finally, humans who make and distribute the vampiric ash. They all do battle in one way or another, and Blade is there as god and can do whatever he wants when he wants...and you see him in flashes.

    I actually enjoyed this episode since the storyline with the ash and all is quite intriguing...and you are just waiting to see where and when Krista slips up...
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