Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 02, 2006 on Spike TV

Episode Recap

Twenty-five kilometers from Paris, Blade and Vanessa are riding a plane. Blade is injecting himself with the serum after handcuffing Vanessa to the door. Blade refuses to answer her questions and wants to discuss Vonner. When she screams Blade knocks her out.

Krista is at one of Marcus' parties admiring a picture and thinking about her dead brother. A soldier comments that a military man drew it and then hung himself a month after returning from the war. Marcus is telling a crowd about the building when he takes a call from his team about Vanessa and finds out Chase is still alive…barely. Krista's Uncle Pat arrives and tells her that Krista's mother collapsed that morning and is sick. She gets her location but Marcus demands Krista go with him, which she does.

The medical team brings in Chase's charred body and she rasps out the name "Blade." Marcus tells Krista to go to Berlin to find Vanessa.

Blade dreams of Vanessa's pregnancy and then finds himself confronting his own pregnant mother in her kitchen, who says she would have killed him if he'd known what was going to become, then gives him a knife to kill Vanessa and demonstrates on herself. Blade wakes up and tells Vanessa he doesn't want her dead.

Krista goes to the hospital to see her ailing mother and Uncle Pat tells her that she needs a bone marrow transplant and Krista is the only available family donor, but her condition prevents her from doing so. Marcus visits Chase who is receiving massive blood transfusions but is still in critical condition.

On the train, Blade isn't interested in small talk with Vanessa and asks for a bathroom break. He gives in but a man follows them to the restroom and then goes by. But then two vampires attack – he strangles one with a silver garrote and Krista helps dispose of the other one.

Marcus gets an update from his assistant Sabine, Charlotte's spy. He finds Charlotte in his office and she wants answers about Berlin. He tells her Vonner's death is slowing down their research and he has assets in Berlin as well as other areas. Charlotte says Marcus may have to share his secrets with the Armayans and their leader Damek, who want a meeting to discuss terms. Marcus believes Boone is dead but Charlotte thinks Boone is alive and leaked the secrets of their experiments to the Armayans.

Vanessa and Blade make their way through the Paris sewers and Vanessa explains how Vonner contacted her and set her up as a surrogate mother. Blade explains that Vonner set her up and is working for the vampires, and he's taking her to a Doctor. Two more vampires arrive to attack them and Blade ashes one but the other shoots him, and the impact on the Kevlar vest knocks him back. The vampire goes for Vanessa but Blade shoots him just in time.

Marcus hovers over the slowly recovering Chase while Blade gets Vanessa to a doctor, who says her child is fine. Krista and her team watch the doctor's apartment and prepare to go in, but Krista shoots and kills them. The doctor reveals that Vanessa doesn't seem to be carrying a fetus at all, only a womb full of liquid. There's a knock on the door and Krista comes in to tell them she's disposed of the team.

Charlotte and Marcus arrive for the meeting with Damek, who blackmails them with the Aurora secret in return for the cancellation of their exile. Damek gives Charlotte a week or he'll reveal the secret and destroy Chthon. Marcus asks Damek how he found out and he reveals that the survivor, Sands, revealed everything. Marcus warns that Damek won't stop.

As Blade's doctor works on Vanessa and she swears vengeance on Marcus and the ones who did it to her, Blade has another dream of his mother approaching him. The doctor reveals they used Vanessa to incubate some kind of biological substance and now she's sterile and will have to go into hiding. Krista needs to take some of it back and warns that it's about more than Aurora.

The doctor turns Vanessa over to someone to hide her away. Down in the sewers, Krista tries to get out but Blade wants her to provide more information from the inside. He gives her the samples but Krista insists that Blade has to scar her to make it look convincing.

In Silvan, Louisiana, Agent Collins follows Boone's trail to the funeral home where the shootout occurred and finds plenty of evidence, including more vampire ash. His boss Sorenson calls to tell him he's taken off the case, but Collins insists that he has to pursue the matter. Sorenson hints that Collins has some kind of family/vengeance issue but Collins refuses to leave off the case.

Chase is recovering rapidly as Marcus sits at her bedside. Charlotte figures Marcus is playing Charlotte to humiliate her and Sabine arrives to announce Krista has returned. Marcus meets with her and finds she's been horribly scarred across the right eye. She gives over the samples and says Vanessa is dead and there was no child. Marcus says what she was carrying was more valuable than any child but doesn't go any further. Before she goes, Marcus praises her for her work and mentions he has great plans for her in the future.

Blade is meditating and considering a picture of his pregnant mother…then burns it as he contemplates the sample from Vanessa.