Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 12, 2006 on Spike TV
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Episode Summary

Blade and Shen track down a vampire name Sands, who was used in Marcus's experiments. Krista visits her mom for the first time after being turned, she also tries to get a sample of the vaccine and accompanies Chase to a AA meeting.

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  • Exciting episode

    Blade and Shen search for a vampire called Sands, Blade suspects that he is a part of Marcus's experiments. Krista visits her mom in the middle of the night to tell her that she won't be home for a long time. Blade meets up with her as well. Krista sneaks into the labs of Marcus and figures out where the vaccine is being kept. This episode takes the Blade myth into a new dimension. This show is definitely well made. The characters are fleshed out, it feels like they function in a real world that is just make believe. This is a great episode.moreless
  • Is getting there

    like i said before this series has some big shoes to fill. In this episode the writers do a good job on delivering a plot for the wholeseries by shaping up eaxh carather to its places in the series. We are starting to see alliances with blade like in the movies
  • Shen is the comic relief in the show!

    Ever show needs a comic relief and Shen is a perfect

    Example as he and Blade go to see another vampire

    Who has been used in Marcus' experiments. Meanwhile, Krista, as she is getting used to being a vampire, sees her mom for the very first time. Also she tries to get some DNA examples for Marcus and Blade. Very good show once again!
  • More complications arise.

    First off, there's the meeting between post-vampirized Krista and her still-human mom. The latter thinks her daughter is just aimlessly wandering around Detroit, in denial about her brother Zach's "drug-related" death. You can see it on Krista's face that she wants to tell her mom the truth. But, she is prevented from doing so by the obvious reasons.

    Then, there's the urban preacher who's trying to detoxify street kids from vampiric ash. You can tell he does not approve of Blade's attitude (re: that every ash-dealer who slays a vampire reduces his own workload). To the preacher, it must seem like the Daywalker is making a proverbial devil's deal!

    Finally, there's the FBI agent from Kansas, or wherever. You can tell by his startled reaction, over that solar-intolerant tooth, that he is not a Familiar. Yet, will he become a new ally, in the event Blade has an irreparable falling-out with the preacher?

    Guess you'll all have to tune in next week, to find out. I know I will.moreless
  • Finally a blade episode.

    We finally get to see alot of blade. This episode jumps around alot more than the previous ones. It concludes Kristas injury rather quickly. Then has her with her mom at home. Next, we see her talking to blade and him telling her to be careful and get the drug thing. NExt blade is with an ugly vamp in a casino. Which leads to a factory where tests on the vamps took place. Meanwhile Krista did a drop to a Vanessa who said to thank the Doctor. Blade fits some ugly vamps who were mutated and kills them all. Then Krisat has a conversation with chase. Then the two go out. That leads Krista in to some trouble about her feeding againmoreless
Andrew McIlroy

Andrew McIlroy

Dr. Vonner

Guest Star

William MacDonald

William MacDonald

Reverend Carlyle

Guest Star

Jovanna Huguet

Jovanna Huguet

Dr. Vonner's Receptionist

Guest Star

Bill Mondy

Bill Mondy

Detective Brian Boone

Recurring Role

Larry Poindexter

Larry Poindexter

Agent Ray Collins

Recurring Role

P. Lynn Johnson

P. Lynn Johnson

Lisa Starr

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Judging by the look of concern on her face when Krista was impaled and her attempt at a "girls' night out", it can be reasonably assumed that Chase is "warming up" to Krista.

    • In the beginning of this episode we see Krista getting operated on after she was pierced by a large piece of wood in the previous episode. In the background while she is being operated on you can hear a heart monitor beeping. As a vampire in the Blade universe and in other vampire-related universes, vampires don't possess heartbeats because they are technically dead.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Blade: If I'm gonna keep them from winning this fight, I have to trust another human being. It just so happens she's a vampire.
      Krista: And, how hard is that?
      Blade: Almost impossible.

    • Marcus: You don't trust her, do you?
      Chase: I trust your judgment.
      Marcus: That wasn't the question.
      Chase: Yes, it was.

    • Blade: Hey... about you ashing vampires.
      Cain: Yeah?
      Blade: Keep it up.

    • Krista: I didn't sign up for this.
      Blade: Yes, you did.
      Krista: You wanted to know what Marcus is up to, I told you. If I get you this vaccine, this-this Aurora thing, that's your proof. After that, I'm done.

    • Blade: Ready to answer my question?
      Cain: I didn't know you asked one.
      Blade: If you weren't running, you would've heard it!

    • Marcus: I heard you're not drinking enough. The more hemoglobin your body metabolizes the faster you regenerate.

    • (to bad guy)
      Shen: You fleeced Armayans? (To Blade) And I thought you lived dangerously.

    • Marcus: Only a few have faced Blade and survived.
      Krista: I guess, I got lucky.
      Marcus: No. You had an angel on your shoulder.

    • Marcus: How are you today? Bored? It's okay, you can tell me.
      Krista: Nothing. Just wondering what, I'm going to do for the next few hundred years.

    • Blade: Cover our backs.
      Sands: Can I have one of the big guns?
      Blade: Shut up.
      Sands: My timing's off, I've got this thing with my eye...
      Blade: Seriously, shut up.

    • (Blade stares at him)
      Sands: What, are you going to sunglass me to death?

  • NOTES (2)