Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 12, 2006 on Spike TV

Episode Recap

Krista is attended to by Marcus' doctors and in her delirium sees her dead brother lying next to her.

At a hotel a man and woman are in bed when they're interrupted by a noise next door. Blade sends a man flying through the wall as the couple runs, and demands answers from him about the location of a vampire, Sands. The man is Cain, a dealer of (vampire) ash and Sands' former familiar. He directs Blade to a casino and Blade reveals Sands pissed off the House of Chthon. Blade leaves, letting Cain live and telling him to keep killing vampires to get the ash drug.

In Kansas, the police are investigating the police car where Boone killed the trooper, and they have footage confirming his presence. The investigator, Ray Collins, notices a long tooth beneath the car, apparently canine.

Krista is examining her battle wounds when Marcus talks to her and gives her blood to help her heal. He thanks her for killing Fritz to keep him out of Blade's hands. Chase comes in and offers her condolences, and Marcus leaves her in her room, without the door locked.

Blade talks to Reverend Carlyle after giving him the money he took from Sands' familiar. Carlyle warns that it will go bad and Blade agrees.

Krista pours out the blood that Marcus gave her, then goes to her home where her mother confronts her. Krista warns that she won't be around for a while and her mother has a brief bout of weakness, then admits she wants to have more time with Krista. Krista asks for her trust and a bit more time, and her mother notices she's cold.

As she goes out Krista finds Blade waiting for her and he warns that if he can track her, so can Marcus. Krista tells him what she can about the Aurora vaccine and Blade wants her to get a sample of it while he looks for Sands, one of Marcus' failed experiments. Krista tells him that once she gets the vaccine sample, she's done.

At the casino, Blade finds a disfigured Sands playing the slots. He hauls him outside to interrogate him but takes off in his car when the casino security shows up.

Krista sneaks into the lab with the Aurora vaccine when a guard confronts her. He takes her to Marcus who wants her to deliver a bag, contents unknown.

Sands talks about how he was a part of the House of Armaya and was at a poker game and cheated a guy, and Chase took him prisoner and they experimented on him until he managed to make his escape. Blade demands the name of the head doctor and when Sands pleads ignorance, he forces the vampire to go there with him.

Krista takes her bag to… a wedding. She runs into the bride, who is a familiar and who directs her to a waitress, Vanessa. She takes the bag and tells Krista to thank "the doctor," but refuses to provide his name. Blade, Shen, and Sands arrive at the warehouse where they kept Sands, but it's abandoned. Blade finds tracks on the floor and uses Sands to smash through a wall and find a heavy metal door. Shen blasts the door open and they go in, where disfigured vampires attack them.

Blade and Shen fend off their opponents and Sands runs into the vampire he was cheating when he got captured, and disposes of him with a UV beam that Blade gave him. One last vampire comes after them and Blade dusts him and obtains a scalpel, and lets Sands go. Then he sends Shen to trace the number on the scalpel.

Krista returns to her quarters to find Chase going through her new clothing, and reveals they're going out.

Agent Collins is checking back on a truck, the one that Boone escaped from. Collins notes that all of the bodies were incinerated from incredible high temperatures but one pallet was untouched. Collins notices that the fang he found matches a puncture hole in one of the straps.

At an AA meeting, a wig-wearing Chase pretends to be a recovering alcoholic as Krista looks on. Chase boasts that they're there to feed on the dregs. They pick up two guys and Chase heads off with hers, Theo, while she leaves Krista with the other one, Chuck. When Chuck hits on her, Krista knocks him down but then Theo screams and Chuck goes to find Chase feeding on him. Chase knocks Chuck out, then breaks his neck and invites Krista to dine. They're interrupted by a couple of guys and Krista stalks off.

Back at her apartment, Krista scrubs the blood from her hands and considers her now fully-healed wound. Shen has tracked the scalpel to somewhere in Detroit and starts narrowing down the customers who purchased the lot.

Krista goes back to the lab and manages to slip past the security door. She looks around and the guard from earlier comes in so she hides suspended from the roof above.

Krista comes to Blade and after a terse conversation about her feeding habits, he tells her to get the serum despite the high security. Blade refuses to fight the vampires directly and wants to work through her. He gives her more of the serum she needs and as she leaves, Shen reveals he's found the doctor.

At a diner, Collins gets a call from the forensic team, who reveals the prints on the truck belong to Detective Boone. As he examines the tooth, the sunlight dissolves it into ash before his eyes.

Blade goes to the office of the doctor, Vonner, and barges in to find a nice normal office, but he identifies Vonner from a photograph.