Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 12, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • Exciting episode

    Blade and Shen search for a vampire called Sands, Blade suspects that he is a part of Marcus's experiments. Krista visits her mom in the middle of the night to tell her that she won't be home for a long time. Blade meets up with her as well. Krista sneaks into the labs of Marcus and figures out where the vaccine is being kept. This episode takes the Blade myth into a new dimension. This show is definitely well made. The characters are fleshed out, it feels like they function in a real world that is just make believe. This is a great episode.
  • More complications arise.

    First off, there's the meeting between post-vampirized Krista and her still-human mom. The latter thinks her daughter is just aimlessly wandering around Detroit, in denial about her brother Zach's "drug-related" death. You can see it on Krista's face that she wants to tell her mom the truth. But, she is prevented from doing so by the obvious reasons.

    Then, there's the urban preacher who's trying to detoxify street kids from vampiric ash. You can tell he does not approve of Blade's attitude (re: that every ash-dealer who slays a vampire reduces his own workload). To the preacher, it must seem like the Daywalker is making a proverbial devil's deal!

    Finally, there's the FBI agent from Kansas, or wherever. You can tell by his startled reaction, over that solar-intolerant tooth, that he is not a Familiar. Yet, will he become a new ally, in the event Blade has an irreparable falling-out with the preacher?

    Guess you'll all have to tune in next week, to find out. I know I will.
  • Finally a blade episode.

    We finally get to see alot of blade. This episode jumps around alot more than the previous ones. It concludes Kristas injury rather quickly. Then has her with her mom at home. Next, we see her talking to blade and him telling her to be careful and get the drug thing. NExt blade is with an ugly vamp in a casino. Which leads to a factory where tests on the vamps took place. Meanwhile Krista did a drop to a Vanessa who said to thank the Doctor. Blade fits some ugly vamps who were mutated and kills them all. Then Krisat has a conversation with chase. Then the two go out. That leads Krista in to some trouble about her feeding again
  • Left me wanting more...

    It was a good episode. It was slow at first because I am getting darn tired of hearing Krista agonize over every little thing that shouldnt even cause pain to a vampire. SUCK IT UP! It picked up though. I liked the whole plotline of using a failed experiment to find out some information.

    A la Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Blade was able to use some product numbers on a pair of medical tweasers he found to locate the doctor in charge...(Mr. Smith used some numbers on a RAM chip to locate Mrs. Smith). So it seems that even this show is not devoid of some hollywood fiction. Haha.

    By the end of the show I didnt even know it had been 1 hr (including commercials). Then end of it just cut off unexpectedly, making me want more.

    It would seem they took some tips from Oceans 11 and Rush Hour 2 on how to pull a fast one in a Casino. Use a decoy to draw the cameras and do your business as planned. Haha. I wasn't expecting that was cool.

    Anyway, good episode with a respectable amount of fighting and a good number of both humans and vampired dead.

    See you'se guys next week.
  • Is getting there

    like i said before this series has some big shoes to fill. In this episode the writers do a good job on delivering a plot for the wholeseries by shaping up eaxh carather to its places in the series. We are starting to see alliances with blade like in the movies
  • Shen is the comic relief in the show!

    Ever show needs a comic relief and Shen is a perfect
    Example as he and Blade go to see another vampire
    Who has been used in Marcus' experiments. Meanwhile, Krista, as she is getting used to being a vampire, sees her mom for the very first time. Also she tries to get some DNA examples for Marcus and Blade. Very good show once again!
  • I don\'t know for the life of me why I like this series so much. It\'s not like it has the best acting, or storylines. ( I really do like Chase and Marcus though, they\'re the villians you love to hate).

    I don\'t know for the life of me why I like this series so much. It\'s not like it has the best acting, or storylines. ( I really do like Chase and Marcus though, they\'re the villians you love to hate). I miss Wesley Snipes as Blade oh, so much, and and yet every week I come back watching. It\'s just one of those guilty pleasures for me, and this week didn\'t fail to entertain.

    We got some good Blade and Shen(funny as always) scenes today, and for once Blade got as much screen time as Krista in an episode. In some scenes it even seemed like Blade was loosing a little of the I\'m trying to intimate Wesley Snipes so I\'m faking a scruffy voice, but overall for the episode it stil was annoyingly there.

    Krista was faced with her first vampire feeding since she began taking the serum, and she wigged out. While it probably raised Chase\'s suspicions, I could see her two options. She either could feed, and become the uncontrolable moral free vamp she was in the first episode, or she resist, like she did, and possibly alert the vampire community to what was giong on.

    Apparently Chase uses AA meetings as a feeding ground. She thoroughly seems to enjoy the whole process of being a vampire: luring people in, getting there defenses down and then going in for the attack. It was fun seeing her act as a sleazy southern girl, and she was one of the most entertaining parts of the episode.

    Overall it was a good episode, not great, but good. The hour did fly by for me, and I felt the ending was abrubt, so I know I\'ll be coming back next week.

    Final Notes and Quotes:

    - Detective Boone is still running around, although he didn\'t make an appearance in this episode.

    - I finally figured out why the whole Krista plotline seemed so familiar. It reminds me very much of the early days of \'Alias\', except replace vampires with C.I.A. and terrorist.

    - Krista doesn\'t seem to be getting along with her \"handler\" (Blade) and doesn\'t seem to be enjoying being a double agent for him, some more Alias similarities. (Okay, I\'m sure by now you\'ve figured out I was a fan of \'Alias\')

    - We got another mention of a Vampire House today, (Agatha I believe?) and it looks like next week another house, The House of Lichen, will make an appearance.

    - I enjoyed watching Shen jump around on the casino table as an angry gambler.

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Was more bored then interested.

    Krista was getting boring.
    Marcus did nothing.
    Blade, oh my lord, can we PLEASE get another actor. I am crying for Wesley snipes.
    I dunno what they want to do with Boone. Lets just hope they keep it short.

    Chase was the only good character this episode.

    the previews looks mildly interesting, with Blade's old gang.

    The fight scenes were boring. All he did was wave the sword and give the vamps a slice. Where's the choreogrphy?!