Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 12, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • More complications arise.

    First off, there's the meeting between post-vampirized Krista and her still-human mom. The latter thinks her daughter is just aimlessly wandering around Detroit, in denial about her brother Zach's "drug-related" death. You can see it on Krista's face that she wants to tell her mom the truth. But, she is prevented from doing so by the obvious reasons.

    Then, there's the urban preacher who's trying to detoxify street kids from vampiric ash. You can tell he does not approve of Blade's attitude (re: that every ash-dealer who slays a vampire reduces his own workload). To the preacher, it must seem like the Daywalker is making a proverbial devil's deal!

    Finally, there's the FBI agent from Kansas, or wherever. You can tell by his startled reaction, over that solar-intolerant tooth, that he is not a Familiar. Yet, will he become a new ally, in the event Blade has an irreparable falling-out with the preacher?

    Guess you'll all have to tune in next week, to find out. I know I will.