Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 30, 2006 on Spike TV

Episode Recap

At a Detroit club, a guy hits on Jennifer, a waitress, and slips a knockout drug into her drink. Later she wakes up chained in a basement with angelic paintings on the wall. There are also TV screens which come on to reveal static. A hulking masked figure starts taping her as he removes her teeth.

Krista is taking a shower after her night in bed with Marcus and then removes a vial of serum from the drain. She looks at it for a moment then destroys it and goes out to hunt. Blade knocks her out. He takes her back to his warehouse and locks her away, telling her she'll have to get clean. She says she's fine but she can't resist the blood bag he leaves out for her. When she goes for it he shoots her down and tells her she'll have to go through detox… or she's ash.

At the earlier bar, another waitress Nicki is looking for Zed from the previous night. She goes into a backroom looking for him and the masked figure locks the door behind her.

Shen is meeting with a friend, Daniel, who wants him to look into a missing girl. Shen is unimpressed but a girl, Bethany comes to ask him personally--the missing girl, Nicki, is her sister. Shen notices from the photos that somebody in the crowd has a familiar's glyph and agrees to look into it.

In New Orleans, the captured Chase is brought before Charlotte. The young-looking vampire appeals to Chase's anger and says that Chase will one day understand her. She warns that Marcus suffers from delusions of grandeur and he's planning something sinister against them. Chase denies knowing anything and Charlotte has her bodyguard apply pressure and demands she declare her loyalty to Marcus… or Chthon.

Blade prepares to head out after telling Shen to deal with Krista like any other vampire if she gets free. Shen tells him about Nicki and notes he can't identify the glyph, which belongs to an independent vampire outside of the Houses. Blade goes to look for Nicki at a bar run by a major familiar player, Cotton. Blade bursts in and interrogates him, and Cotton reveals the vampire wannabe works for the White Prince and hangs out at a metal club.

The figure checks in on Nicki, chained up like the other waitress, then leaves.

Shen is going through his old books and finds a glyph matching the familiars, when Krista bangs on the door. She begs to be released then lunges at him and he locks the window back up.

The figure returns and gags Nicki, then begins to record her again as he pulls out a razor and plays back a tape of him cutting up another woman. Blade returns to the warehouse and Shen briefs him on the White Prince, who resurfaces every nineteen years and uses the glyph of a historical nobleman who danced with his disemboweled victims. The legend says the White Prince is disfigured and uses familiars to lure in his victims. Blade wants to take him out but has to do it quietly, so he plans to give the familiar what he wants-Bethany. Shen explains it and Bethany agrees--he gives her a transponder to track her.

The White Prince confronts Nicki and accuses her of being corrupted, and he died and rose again and is now purified. He cuts himself and then reveals the wound healing.

Bethany goes to the metal club while Blade watches from outside. Shen talks with the bartender, Kurt, and then keeps Blade up to date from where he's watching the club from outside. Zed hits on Bethany and starts to struggle, and Shen intervenes against Blade's orders. Shen starts beating on Zed but determines he doesn't have a glyph. When he turns around, Bethany is gone with no sign she's left the club.

Marcus is informed the virus will be ready for transport in three days when Chase arrives and tells her she was at a "tea party." She tells him that Charlotte wants her as a spy and she told the girl she needed to think about it. Marcus tells her to go back to Charlotte and say she agrees, and say she wants to prove it.

Krista is pounding on the doors as she goes through withdrawal, with Blade's voice ringing in her head. She breaks the door down.

Shen berates himself for his mistake then goes back into the restroom in the club. Blade picks up the transponder signal and tells Shen that she's moving, but she's still in there. He notices Kurt the bartender has the White Prince glyph and demands to know where the club basement is. The White Prince arrives through a secret door in the wall, grabs Shen, and takes him down to the basement.

Blade barges into the club and follows the transponder signal through the bathroom and into the basement. Shen is chained and gagged and Kurt taunts him about how he's a familiar. Blade arrives and finds the recordings of the White Prince's other victims. The Prince attacks him and the two fall into the next room. Blade frees Shen and sends him to find Bethany, while the White Prince battles it out with Blade. Shen finds Bethany and Nicki along with the dead girls. Kurt attacks him and the two fight, and Shen kills him with one of the Prince's razors.

The White Prince flees up the stairs and into a nearby empty building with Blade in pursuit. The Prince taunts Blade about how they both like to kill and torture, but Blade is unimpressed with the Prince's claims he's a seraphim appointed by a higher power. Blade pulls off the Prince's mask to reveal he's a scarred albino. They fight a bit more before Blade rips off his lower jaw then throws him out into the dawn to dissolve into ash.

Shen gets Bethany and Nicki out, and he tells her to take care of herself before slipping away as the police arrive.

Chase meets with Charlotte and tells her she agrees, and gives Charlotte a present--Marcus' broken blade, taken from Blade. Charlotte is pleased.

Shen and Blade get back to find the door to Krista's cell knocked off its hinges. But she's still in there and admits she screwed up. Blade needs to know where Marcus is going to make his move and he tells Krista to get Marcus to trust her so she can get the info. After she leaves, Shen asks Blade if he trusts Krista, and Blade says nothing.