Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 30, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • Intresting episode

    Very intresting episode this was. Here we see how blade not only is focus in his couse but help a girld that has her sister kidnap by what they called white prince. It turns out that is a vimpire that comes out every 19 years to torture and kill women. Also we see how krista has to go to detox once again and blades give her a chance to help him once again. THe house of cathon is getting ready strat a war with the pure blood
  • Awesome episode.

    A serial killer known as the White Prince prey on young women. Blade and Shen hunts down for the serial killer who might have originated from France during the middle ages. Charlotte kidnaps Chase and recruits her. Blade and Marcus make use of an innocent woman as bait for the White Prince, it works but it puts her life at risk. This episode is a bit bloody, but at least the producers made the gore bearable and watchable. The fight scene between Blade and the White Prince was awesome, the scene goes by really fast, but it makes the whole episode really watchable.
  • Pretty Good overall, the metal was awesome, and the torture scenes were pretty genuine...

    Liked this one, as I have liked all the series so far.

    Its probably the only TV show I watch these days, theres not much else besides reality TV now...

    anyway, just wanted to comment on that jaw thing mentioned in the notes. although technically the jaw should disintegrate, it doesn\\\'t, and it should be noted that the same applies to Boone\\\'s tooth after Agent Collins finds it.

    apparently, now vampire parts only disintegrate in sunlight.
  • Not bad, not great tho.

    The child pureblood talking about drinking baby blood still creeps me out, as I have two of my own, one not even crawling yet.

    I could have done without the whole white prince thing, but it gave some insight into Shen's past. There was something about a sister in there. I hope that we will learn more about him in future episodes, as he is the only one we really do not know about at this time. I am liking his character.

    I am still wondering if Chase is really on Marcus's side or not. I dont think she really cares for the purebloods.
  • Blade takes on a psycho vampire in a classic example of a show without limitations.

    This episode was a fine example of the spanning nature of the Blade universe. I see this show as a continuation of the excellent films that preceed it and this epidose really highlighted the broad nature od Blade. A villian that, with a little more buildup, could have filled a Blade feature film (especially in the manner of recent horror films) gets a fine episode that still maintains the excellent plot of the season. Another great fight sequence and a little more character development for Blade's latest "familiar" gives the episode the same punch and pizzaz that is keeping the series on top. I can't wait to see how the events of HUNTERS influence the series in the final three episodes of this season.
  • Intense

    I wouldn't say it was a great episode but I wouldn't put it down completely. Yeah, it was basically a filler to an extent but it was pretty intense. I liked how Shen got to be the real hero. Yeah, Blade was the one who did away with the "Big Bad," but Shen had a big part to play. His character really hasn't been explored that much so far in the show. That's a part I liked about this got to see more of Shen. I hope they can go into his character more throughout the series. Blade, we know...from the movies. This series is supposed to follow Blade:Trinity and Shen became the new "Whistler."
  • I've liked every single episode up to this point, but this one was just awful. First filler episode for Blade, but was not interesting at all. A psychotic vampire kidnaps young women and then mutilates them thinking it will bring him closer to god :|

    Horrible episode this week. I've liked every single episode up to this point, but this one was just awful. It did not advance the story at all, and while I usually hate filler episodes, this one was exceptionally bad and not interesting at all. A psychotic vampire kidnaps young women and then mutilates them thinking it will bring him closer to God ... how boring. Like the freak of the week episodes on Smallville or the new patient of the week on House, these are the bottom of the barrel epiosdes that can be skipped unless you have absolutley nothing to do that night. Worst Episode Ever.
  • This episode wasn't one of my favorite episodes, but it wasn't awful.

    This is a summary of what happened in this episode. Blade captured Krista and locked her up. Shen speaks to a girl who is worried about her sister. Blade and Shen saw a familiar in one of the pictures, which came from the girl. Blade did find information about where the guy does his where abouts. Shen tries to prusade Krista that she can fight the thirst. The girl's sister gets involved in the plan. Blade finds the White Prince and kills him. The girls survived. In the end Krista decides to be Blade's undercover partner again.
  • Everybody else is calling it that. Why not me?

    Seriously, though: I loved this episode for a lot of reasons. First, there were the detox segments with Krista. To me, it was the most realistic portrayal of excruciating withdrawal agony since the "Starsky & Hutch" episode where David Soul was tortured by heroin injection. Then, there was the slight focus on Shen. Once again, we see him in action away from Blade. In this case, looking for a missing girl on behalf of her sister. It's hinted that he had a sister who got vampirized. Hence, his team-up with Blade (and, slightly greater empathy for Krista). But, of course, what steals the show--or, at least, the episode--is the plotting and counter-plotting by Van Sciver and Lady Charlotte. At the rate they're going, their internecine rivalry will bring down House Chthon more effectively than all of Blade's actions, put together! Btw; Gilles De Rais was not only a real-life serial killer. He was also immortalized as "Bluebeard," in the French "fairy tale" of the same name.
  • Krista is sent into detox by Blade after getting too close to Marcus. Blade goes after a psycho vampire called the "White Prince".

    We all knew there would be repercussions for Krista's behavior last episode, but I don't think Blade had to knock her out, shoot her and lock her in a room. Seems a little too severe. But good news, she broke some crap (a metal door) but eventually came back to her senses. and then Blade told her to get Marcus to trust her and get more information on the Purebloods. Isn't going to be kind of hard to get him to trust her more if she's all "thinking straight" and not killing people? If i wanted to earn the trust of a vampire, the first thing i would do would be kill someone. Maybe Blade needs to start thinking straight.. anyway enough ranting.. we need some rambling.

    But anyway, although this episode veered off the regular plot line, it gave the viewers what they wanted. Blade kicking ass. Maybe it's just me but i think he did better than usual ass kicking this episode. Usually he gets thrown around by regular vampires but this time he got thrown around by the White Prince (a saw like character who tortures his victims and takes their teeth, but who also has this wierd god complex.. like dude. you're a vampire! not god. shut up. or Blade will rip your jaw off. (oh wait. too late).

    So that scene was great. I'm left to wonder if some tweeker will stumble into that room and find the Prince's bottom half of his jaw and wonder what the hell it is. I guess i'll never know.

    This episode keyed us into why Charlotte took Chase. That little devil (well vampire but she's evil) wants to play Chase against Marcus and use her as a double agent. Which seems a little naive of Charlotte, I mean you have to know that Chase would never betray Marcus (she went back and told him about her and Charlotte's "tea party".) So at this point, we think Chase is still loyal to Marcus. The episode also gave Shen some more screen time, which i liked because he's a good character and shouldn't just have scenes in a dark room typing on the computer.

    I would liked to have seen Agent Collins somewhere and maybe Marcus ash the crap out of another Pureblood. But i guess we have time for that later.

    So this episode was very good. Not as exciting or informative as last week's but important nonetheless.