Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 06, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • We're getting down to the wire, folks.

    First off, let me just say that I was as shocked--and initially disappointed--as anyone else that Agent Collins bought the farm. But, at least, his final episode gave him such much-needed depth. I found it especially poignant to hear the long-overdue explanation for the previously cryptic remark made by his boss (re: Collins returning to duty, too soon). With s-f/fantasy shows like this, it's easy to forget that not all monsters are supernatural in origin. On a lighter note, I got a nice testosterone fix from the fight between Blade and Thorn (Lady Charlotte's bodyguard). It was the best such fight since 007 vs. Jaws! The writers will have to work awfully hard to top that, during the season finale'. As for this conclave Van Sciver keeps mentioning? Given that it's being held in Toronto, I have to wonder if Lucian LaCroix will be making a cameo appearance?* *Just kidding!
  • good episode and a good shaping up for the final one

    as we get closer to the end of seasson one we see how the plot is coming also to the end and the people that help blade also have to make the final sacrifice. Like the cop that find the hide out of blade and joint forces and resources to track down one of the pure blood. Finally the cop dies when he find himself bitten by one of the vimpire and blade help him die.
  • awesome episode

    FBI Agent Collins teams up with Blade to track down a business jet that crashed. Blade needs to find out if the pure bloods onboard that jet are dead. Now that Agent Collins is out of the FBI, he helps Blade find Charlotte and her right hand man in a small town. Charlotte and her bodyguard breaks into a high school and feeds on the people who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Blade kills off the infected humans, and slays the pure bloods. This is one awesome episode, I loved the part where Blade slays Charlotte, it's an awesome scene.
  • The first episodes I had my doubts, but seeing the characters and story grow along the way, wow.

    The first episodes I had my doubts, but seeing the characters and story grow along the way, wow.

    Though I had one disappointment during this episode and that's the one who dies besides Charlotte. Didn't expect that cause of the build up of this person. It would have been fun if this person were to stay. Even as a main character in Season 2.

    But never less a great episode and show, can't wait for the season finale!
  • This show is getting better and better.

    This show has surprised me show after show. I can't believe this season is almost over. This was a great episode building to the season finale. It has come a long way, Sticky had big shoes to fill and you can see he is getting more and more comfortable in the role. Hopefully next season will be focused a little more on... well Blade.

    this was an excellent episode, one of the best so far. The season finale should be as good! This series has gotten better with each episode, it was questionable at first, but has drawn me in at this point. If the season finale is a hit, I would give the 1st season a "thumbs up" without a doubt, so we shall all see what Marcus has in store for Blade and the purebloods!