Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 28, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • nice

    great pilot to great show. but this show is against eveything we already know about vampires (from Buffy, Angel and Dracula).

    in this show vampires can die from falling from high places, at least by the sergentess woman (now i don't remember her name... Blade's agentess). in the other shows vampires are undead, and can't be deader.

    here vampires can bring offsprings, as in "Van Helsing". in Buffy and Angel they can't, because they're dead. even in "Van Helsing" they can only after giving the kids life with electricity.

    here vampire only need to bite a man and leave him dying, to make him a vampire. in Buffy and Angel he needs to make the man taste the vamp's blood.
  • great episode

    It captures the same ambiance of the Blade movie trilogy, but it's surely no Wesley Snipes in it. The TV version is somehow well made that it expands the franchise into another dimension. This episode captures the same action adventure drama that we saw in the movies. In this premiere episode, Blade is just as tough as the one seen in the movies, this episode starts off the series with a conflict brewing in detroit between the house of chtham and the world humans know and take for granted. It's a really exciting season starter, I'm surely waiting for more.
  • Errm...

    Poor, is the word that comes to mind. It was so bad it couldn't even distract me from my chemistry homework, and that's easy. It was kind of like a horrible mishmash of the Doctor Who new series episode Rose, and a bad episode of Buffy. The leads lack charisma, especially the wooden Blade, and everything just feels so recycled it's pointless. The effects aren't bad, but good effects do not make a good show.
  • I was expecting something more from this show-episode one

    the actor seem very nervous, and the directors did not deliver a good story line, we have to remember that this show has to leave up to blades movies that were very well written and directed. This type of show have good potentiel because they have much meterial they can work with. In this episode we see how blade strarts his quest to find the night walkers in the city. it was well writter but not well dorected.
  • Very good for a first attempt, with a new (and seemingly nervous) cast at firs, that evntually filled in their roles.

    While I won\'t review the entire episode, I want to say that, despite the acting that didnt quite work as well as in their other episodes, this Pilot captivated me from the scene in Moscow. I watched that Pilot over and over, liking it more each time, until the next episode came out.

    Although the only episode I would put under the \"average\" range, this is a very good intro to the series, and piques your curiosity. There may be some truth to the \"Krista: The Series\" comment: it did focus a little to much on her first, but I guess it was necessary to develop a major character early in the series.

    Again, not bad, but the rest of the series does a much better job, and you can tell the actors really get into their roles.
  • Good start so far!

    The show is getting off to a great start after
    We are introduced to Blade and Krista, an ex Army
    Person with a grudge against vampires. With the exception of course of Blade.
    As both form a kind of reluctant yet "friendly" relationship. Though the actor playing Blade is no match for Wesley Snipes, I think he comes off a bit more softer than Snipes did in the movies!
  • The show picks up sometime after the Blade movies end. We are introduced to Blade, and his new 'Whistler' We also meet Krista, an ex army Sargent with a grudge against the vampires who killed her brother.

    Wow, it was quite an episode. I was honestly worried that it would be too cheesy, or wouldn't work on spike TV. While Kirk Jones is no Wesley Snipes, he does try. I think at times he tries a bit to hard to be Snipes...when he really needs to make the character of Blade his own. Of course, that is likely to come with time. The rest of the cast had their ups and downs, but overall, for a pilot I thought it went very well. It usually takes actors a few episodes to work out kinks in their characters before things really start to flow.

    Overall, I thought the writing was very good...and really got sucked into the show. They were able to introduce us to the characters, and really tell an interesting story. Since show did well in the ratings (for spike), we are likely to see a lot more of the actors the chance to really fall into a groove.
  • Welcome to Blade, the vampire slayer

    A fairly interesting pilot that began extremely slow but took off to be a surprisingly interesting and at times brilliant pilot.

    The vampire couple were practically the most interesting of the show, Marcus and Chase. I don’t have this to often but I was definitely rooting for them the entire time, I really hope neither of them is going to die any time soon. They bring so much character and sexual heat on screen.

    The first half of the episode was slow, boring, especially Blade who just wasn’t convincing, he was a big pile of boredness. The fight scenes were badly made and the special effects were laughable at times, don’t make me even start about the acting. But even though I’m being negative, the show really has a lot of potential and so do the characters.

    Zach, a guy who appears to want to become a vampire gets shot in the head because he was to curious and dangerous. His sister finds out and she wants to know who his killer were. Soon she meets Blade and it gets pretty obvious he likes her. But the chick is pretty dumb and let herself get caught, from the on the pilot takes off and becomes pretty fun.

    Krista gets changed into a vampire, together with Chase they had some very sexual scenes and great chemistry. Krista was pretty annoying as human but was a hell of a cool vampire, plus she is very attractive.

    Blade’s butt-boy turns out to be very lovable as well, he gets to have the best lines and I hope he will become a mayor character in the upcoming episodes.

    The most irritating character was the cop, Krista’s first kill or turn anyway. It was funny to see that he was put in some bags with vampires that get experimented on, I hope to see more of that because it’s an interesting storyline.

    The episode was far from a masterpiece but it was more than just decent. Characters had a great affection, except Blade who was boring and weak.

    Nice pilot that could have been better, but I expected to be worse.
  • Not a bad start....

    Not a bad start to the series. I can see the potential in the first episode. I\\\'m starting to feel like Krista is the being set up as the main character. Blade almost feels like secondary character. But of all the characters I actually like Marcus above all. He\\\'s supposed to be the villian. But in all honesty if he ended up the victor at the end of it all. I wouldn\\\'t mind in the least. Okay, so he\\\'s an evil blood sucking vamp. But he\\\'s an evil blood sucking vamp with charisma. I would love to see more of him.
  • We are introduced (or re-introduced, for those who have read the comic books or seen the movie) the vampire Blade.

    Excellent jobs all around, and inspired casting with the choice of rapper "Stickyfingaz" as Blade.

    The pilot episode picks up where "Blade: Trinity" left off. This time around, his tech guy is an Asian fellow named Shen, who seems to share the dry humor of his predecessors. After the death of a young man who seemed to want to be a vampire, his sister(a former soldier) takes it upon herself to find his killer. Along the way, she meets the famous daywalker. Pretty straightforward storyline, not too many surprises along the way. However, it is nice to see a well-written comic-book/sci-fi show come along just in time for the summer.
  • Better than expected...

    This was definitely better than I expected it to be. It was a bit cheesy in some parts and the acting isn't Emmy worthy, but in was good. I love the Marcus character and I didn't expect Krista to become a vampire, so that was an interesting turn of events. I'm curious to see how things move along; Blade doesn't show a lot of emotion, which makes it difficult for personal relationships that can keep the audience interested. The writers may make up for that with other characters, but since Blade is the main character, that may not be enough...
  • Blade the series starts with a young girl named Krista Star searching for her brother's killer while Blade uncovers a body smuggling ring for vampires.

    Krista: "You take this seriously"

    Blade's helper: "There is no other way to take it".

    Krista: "You killed my brother.".

    Marcus Sciver (Neil Jackson): "Yes I did".

    Yeah this series is gonna rock. There were skeptics who said it be crap but they're eating their words right now. "Blade The Series" pilot was far better than what fans expected and it delivered an engaging, adventurous start to the series.

    Let's start with the acting Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones (a rapper) was actually pretty good in the lead role. He obviously did watch Snipe's interpretation of the comic book character.

    Jill Wanger in the other lead role as Krista Starr whose looking for murderer of Zachary her brother was brilliant.
    Really great stuff. She was tough, she was delicate and that coupled with a pretty face made her a good choice.

    Neil Jackson as the main villian Marcus Sciver was also very unoressuve here. The actors don't have a lot of background but they really put their best step forward here.

    So Krista stars investigating the death of her brother but runs into a dirty cop whose hampering the investigaton. She takes matters into her own hands and grabs his file and digs in and finds out that Marcus Sciver is the one behind it.

    Meanwhile Blade is doing his thing and unocvers that someone is smuggling in people as meat for the vampires while the vampires are doing experiments to breed other vampires.

    The first meeting with Blade and Krista was memorable.
    "Blade" is the hero but doesn't take crap from no one.

    Krista can also kick butt as well and this leads to pretty
    decent action scenes.

    All the elements are there for the show to succeed with the acring and effects, the plot development (Krista being turned into a vampire herself) and much more.

    Like others have stated beautifully the show has great potential and we can only hope the rest of the episodes are as decent.

    All in all though from the pilot it looks to be a great series on SpikeTv.
  • Blade bashes Vampires as if it is his last day on earth.

    Alright this is a Pilot episode and that usually means that it is going to get better, "Sticky" needs to walk straight, and well Miss. Starr she is fine.

    I think this series is just as promising as the movies, Sticky is just as good as Snipes and well that being said I hope the show takes off, however based on experience I highly doubt it can survive more than one season.

    Stunts and effects were great for a TV show, the background music was like taken out of a 80ties tv show but Marcus he makes a great Vampire vilain together with the Hotness playing chaser.

    Cant wait to see episode 2.
  • Good start to the series.

    Take it for what it is. A pilot show. It runs a little long and is a little rough around the edges but shows great promises. I feel that once this series gets a few more episodes under its belt and matures it will be around for awhile. I was disappointed when I heard that Wesley Snipes was no longer going to be doing the movies but with Spike bringing the series to life in a weekly series really got me pumped. To the nay sayers I say give it time they stayed true to the Blade character that’s good enough for me at the moment. The acting wasn’t horrible (I’ve seen worse) and Kirk Jones played Blade well. Here’s looking forward to more of this series.
  • Fantastic beginning for a new series! Great fights, stunts, special effects, dialog, story, acting - you name it!

    Sometimes when a new series starts, you are left pining for an explanation of where the characters come from and why they act the way they do. Fortunately, that is not a problem in this Pilot episode of the Blade series.

    The origin of the Blade character is recited by one of the other characters. The other vampires are also described. And the viewer sees firsthand where the motivation behind the female costar in this series comes from.

    There is a lot of cool jumping in this show - both when vampires leap at someone and when they leap across a wide chasm, like say, between two buildings across the street from each other.

    I assume these stunts are done with wires - though I didn't see any and was not able to figure out how they were rigged if they were. Standard Hollywood magic, I guess.

    The weapons are pretty cool. There are guns that fire shells containing a luminous, light blue, translucent liquid. Generally, when vamps are hit by one of these - they burn and turn to ash. It is an impressive visual effect that the producers are neither stingy with nor do they overdo it.

    As one of the new vampires is introduced to "the life", we get to hear/see a bit about the vampire lifestyle within the city.

    We also see that some of the humans, the ones that want to become vampires themselves - are as bad as the vampires they serve. Maybe worse. Because the vampires might have been good once, before they were infected with the wicked disease. Their human servants are just evil on their own - nobody made them that way, it is their nature.

    When I saw the commercial, I assumed the fact that the star not being Wesley Snipes would really bug me. It did a little for the first couple scenes but I quickly forgot about Snipes as the face of Blade.

    This guy's face replaced his pretty quickly in my mind. Snipes is great and this lead is too. As far as I am concerned, I will accept either one as Blade.

    The female costar is totally beautiful.

    Her looks range from cute to beautiful to irresistible in a variety of attire. If there is something she does not look good in, apparently the costume people do not have it in her size!

    She looks nice in every scene.

    She almost looks like different women depending on what she is wearing and how her hair is fixed. Since her looks remain good in all scenes, that is not so bad.

    The quality of this long pilot episode was high enough to make it a first rate film. Since the company that made it - New Line - actually makes films, that does make sense. It also implies that future shows will be of the same high caliber.

    A nice touch to the show's writing is that the writer definitely understands the concepts of poetic justice, morals, suspension of disbelief, tension, action, and comedic relief.

    The viewer is served a full course meal of quality drama. The show goes over and above the call of duty for a TV series.

    If you like vampire, scifi, horror, or action movies - you will probably love this series.
  • Blade has bite.

    Blade the tv series has the same hard edge that the movies. If it goes past season one. Which I wish it does. I see it going the same way as Stargate SG1 and Buffy the vampire slayer. The key for Blade tv series is to take the best from the movies. Which I feel it has and to the mythos. A very good start to a hopfully long running series. I only hope that the series become a bad vampire of the week series. It needs to mix it up alittle. As to what some would say as to the pilot being slow. Most pilot are slow. Due to setting up characters and mythos. We will see after three or four episodes.
  • TV GUIDE's Matt Roush is full of hot air.

    I believe he's the same "objective" critic who once proudly confessed his ignorance as to why the Batman runs around Gotham City, dressed the way he is.

    *Can you say, "The murder of his parents, before his very eyes, by a street-mugger?"*

    I believe he also predicted that no one would remember "X-Files" by 2012 (date of alien invasion mentioned in the series finale). And, yet, Sam and Dean Winchester made a Scully/Mulder reference in the pilot/premiere of "Supernatural!"

    So, I'm equally convinced he's wrong to be so cock-sure that "Blade The Series" will be a one-season wonder. A lot of professional TV critics thought the same thing with regard to "NYPD Blues," and _its_ R-rated language.

    Boy! Were _they_ wrong!

    As to the 90-minute pilot of this brand-new series? I liked it, a lot. Sure, the fight choreography wasn't as elaborate as in the movie trilogy! But's that only because TV-episode budgets are, by their very nature, more limited than their feature-film counterparts.

    I also liked how the writers didn't ret-con Blade's origin, the same way that the writers of "Beastmaster The Series" did. In fact, they slightly expanded on it!

    Most of all, however, I loved the references to other Marvel characters (Marc "the Moon-Knight" Spector) and concepts (Chthon, the pseudo-Lovecraftian Elder God).

    The only reason I didn't give the pilot a perfect ten? Spike TV's ten-minute delay in airing it!

    Otherwise, let me just say, in summation, that I will definitely be tuning in to Episode 2. And, I am already sincerely hoping that "Blade The Series" enjoys the same longevity as "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys."
  • Painful to watch. Much too long for a pilot episode which made it SLOW. Fight scenes desperately needed a choreographer. Cheesy one liners. \"Krista\" can\'t act her way out of a wet paper bag but is HOT in that white dress.

    Being a big fan of the movies, I was really looking forward to watching this episode. I kinda figured that it would be bad, as most pilot episodes are, but was disappointed at how bad it really was. Not to fear, it does have potential, but they need to REALLY try hard to change some things.

    1) Most importantly, this is an action show. As such, you need a fight choreographer to orchestrate the fight scenes. Too many times there was some vampire that had just gotten knocked down, getting back up too soon and having to wait to throw his next punch or kick because Blade was not done fighting off another vampire. That 1 - 2 second delay just kills the immersion into the show because you disconnect from it being an intense fight scene and are reduced to realizing that it is just a bunch of actors pretending to throw punches at one another.

    2) Please drop the cheesy on-liners. They didn\'t fair well in the 80\'s, they were played out in the 90\'s and there is no room for them in today\'s TV shows. One a show we might stomach but there were at least 3 that stick out in my mind and make me cringe just thinking about them. Ugh...

    3) The Pilot was WAY too long. Now, I like 2 hour pilot episodes but this was just boring which made it seem even longer than it actually was. I remember looking at the clock numerous times in the last half hour hoping it would just be over. That isn\'t good. Most of this was due to the extensive character development of the \"Krista\" character. He brother, her family, her past, etc. But there was next to nothing about Blade except for the intro which was ripped directly from the movies (don\'t think we didn\'t notice that.) Nothing about Blade\'s Asian buddy. Nothing about the 3 fingered book writer. Not much about the main bad guy or his House of vampires. And definitely nothing about the vampire underworld. Hopefully these get fleshed out in later episodes, but in a 2 hour pilot you would think that there would be more back story than on one single character. Lets hope they don\'t try to focus on the back story for a single character every episoide. This isn\'t \"Lost\" you know...

    4) Some of the special effects were pretty well done for a TV show but since the action scenes were few and far between there wasn\'t a whole lot of room to let them really shine. That is disappointing.

    5) Way too dark. I know it is Blade and it is mostly at night but it got a little hard to watch and it started to feel like they were keeping it dark just because they didn\'t want you to see how bad the sets were, or how aweful the consumes were, or how HORRIBLE the fight scenes were.

    All in all I think it has potential. Just look at the first season of Star Trek: TNG. Now THAT was a painful season to watch. And that went on for 7 years and then spawned 4 movies with a 5th one in the making. So it can be done. Lets just hope it can gather a large enough fan base to keep it going until they get some new talent in front and behind the cameras.
  • Blade was reborn last ning for the better in the way the story left you hanging on the edge of your seat wating to see what will happen next.

    Ever since the day that I heard about the new blade series I knew thaat we had a keeper on our hands. This episode proved this with 2 hours filled with non stop action scenes with equal segments of storyl lines to keep you wanting and thirsting for more. With this being only a pilot episode it only touched the surfaceof what lies in the weeks ahead of this show.

    To touch on the summary a bit...
    This show starts out with action and eds with just the right amount of action with the opening shot of blade running down and killing a moscow soldier first with an axe to the leg, to slow him down, and then by slicing his thoat finishing the job. The whole plot line for this episode was a sister taking revenge on her brother's death which eventually leads her to discovering that vampires are real and that blade is there to help. Later in the episode she teams up with blade but her luck ran short when she was turned into one of them by the head vampire himself. Leaving her to discover her new power and how to over take the thirst that has grown over her. With blade hot on her trail as he slices and dices his way to her and uses his serum on her to subside her mutations. In the end she rejoins up with blade and she uses the serum on herself but how long will this last I guess we will find out in the weeks ahead....

    This episode was great and all but they could of done more to the opening( no opening just the words Blade in red bold letters) and with the first part of the show was a bit slow because of the introduction of the characters and the layong of the plot.

    With a great start to this show that is going to be bigger than big I give this show an 8.5 thirsty vampires out of 10 because of all the stuff I said above and for the intense action that was all throughout the show.....keep up the good work blade in the weeks to come.

  • I think Blade has great potential and will look forward for it running for another 7- 8 years.

    Well you have to factor in that the episode is a premiere episode. The actors are new and most dont have that much experience. However, the Blade episode had a nice plot overview on each individual character. It suffered from explaining the Universe to those who dont know the Blade Univers that much but anyone can pretty much figure out the basics of the Series. Jill Wagner looks like a future hot actress that we will see later in life winning an MTV award. Kirk just may be the next will Smith. LOL The episode felt a little dry and the action scenes could have been a little better but it was very well execute for its first episode. I think Blade has great potential and will look forward for it running for another 7- 8 years.
  • Good start!

    Being a fan of the Blade movies, I was looking forward to the show. I think that it’s the only show I’ve seen that looks like a movie. Kirk Jones isn’t as good as Wesley Snipes, but he is a much better Blade than I expected. There are a few differences in the show than the movies, but it generally sticks pretty close to the movies. One thing I didn’t like so much about the pilot episode was that it was slow paced. After about an hour I was starting to get a little bored, but I’m sure that the other episodes will be better as this was the pilot, and pilot episodes usually are slower because they have to establish all the characters and start the story. I’m sure that I will like the rest of the episodes even more, and this was a great start for the series!
  • While Blade pursues his self-appointed crusade to destroy all vampires, Marcus Van Sciver is working on a serum to immunize vampires against their weaknesses. Ex-soldier Krista is caught & turned into a vampire; now, she must choose a path to follow.
    Given that it is a pilot episode, I shall wait until I see the whole season before passing judgement on the show; too many actors, writers, or series don't hit their stride until at least the sophomore year.

    Still, the pilot for "Blade" did what was expected of it. It provided a quick rundown on the origin of Blade, established the main characters, and set up the major conflicts. There is still plenty to explore, including Shen's background (where's Whistler?), the history of the House of Chthon, the visions that Krista experiences, and exploring just how far vampiric influence is really felt in the city's political & economic arenas.

    The initial episode is rather open-ended. We hear references to a subgroup of the vampires called the "Purebloods" to which Marcus answers, as well as a "Council" (if they are not the same thing). There is a confirmation that werewolves exist, which allows for future non-vampiric threats, much as in "Buffy". There is even the possibility of cameo appearances by select Marvel heroes; a vampire expert refers to a werewolf expert called "Marc Spector", the alias of the Marvel Comics hero, "Moon Knight". Other heros might appear in teh future. Even the name of Marcus' clan, the House of Chthon, refers to a demonic "elder god" from Marvel Comics that is cited as the origin of all vampires. Given these hints, there is a lot of room left open for future exploration.

    For now, I would suggest that the series be given a chance to work out its freshman seasons kinks; remember that "Buffy" and "Babylon 5" were not given much credit in their initial episodes either, and look how they turned out.

  • This was an amazing premiere. I always thought Blade was being cut short in the movies, not having enough time to explore deeper storylines. Now that has all changed with Blade the series.

    The show definitely has a lot to work. Blade and Shen make a solid team, much like Whistler in the movies. Krista definitely went through a lot in this episode, providing a solid base for the series. The action was top notch and the special effects were nothing short of just right, if not a little better than the movies, specifically the way vampires die. It's pretty clear that at least this season will revolve around the House of Chthon, which is great. As for the acting, well Blade is Blade, Shen is your typical sidekick (mich like Scud in Blade 2), Krista is well acted by Jill Wagner, and Marcus Van Skiver is the perfect villain. Van Skiver is something fresh to the Blade environment who's not your typical fighter. And what makes things even better for the future of the show is that it's made very clear that he's not even the king pin of the House of Chthon. I think the creators are making it very clear that the show isn't interested in a 12 episode and we're out series. In 2 hours, they managed to establish the potential for very deep stories and characters, which have even been tied in to the movies using character reference and even a clip from Blade 1.
  • A lone hero who talks like Clint Eastwood hunts nasty vampires in Detroit as if Detroit didn\'t have enough problems. Where does this guy get his money? Ya gotta give Blade better lines. Why nobody else knows about the vampires, hmmmm.

    Not too bad but any bets on how long before its cancelled?
    Why blindfold a person you plan to kill? Consider giving
    this Blade some personality. Vampires are cool but I hope
    Blade also fights other supernatural villians. Why not
    have some more heros and villians from the Marvel universe
    Like Brother Voodoo or even Luke Cage AKA Power Man.
    I\\\'d like to see Iron Fist which based on how popular could also lead to another show.
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