Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 28, 2006 on Spike TV



  • Trivia

    • When Starr goes to see the professor, she says "Next you're gonna tell me werewolves exist?" He replies "My colleague, Marc Specter's area of expertise." This is a reference to Marvel Comics character Marc Specter A.K.A. Moon Knight, spirit of vengeance resurrected by Khonshu the lunar God of Egypt. In the comics Blade and Moon Knight worked together a few times.

    • This episode shows continuity from the movies by mentioning Summerfield the blind lady from Blade Trinity.

    • Blade's sword does not have the handle booby trap from the movies anymore.

    • In contrast to the movies, where Blade's medicine against his blood-lust was a opaque, blood-red fluid, here it is a transparent blue fluid, which was used in the movies to represent EDTA, a blood thinner with the ability to make vampires explode.

    • After Krista leaves Marcus' party, she throws her transponder in the trunk of her car, and grabs a sniper rifle. After Krista is captured by Chase, Blade tracks her transponder to the rooftop, not to her car.

    • Zack's keyring had a keychain of the Chthon symbol.

    • At Zack's apartment, there is a copy of the Marvel Comic "Dracula Lives!" #1 on the wall.

    • Professor Melvin Caylo wrote two books: "Eternal Darkness: Avoiding the Light" and "Spontaneous Combustion: Myth and Fact".

    • Garlic sends vampires into shock on contact. So why did the test vampire burn up on contact with it?

    • Krista and Blade first meet while battling the 2 vampires in an abandoned building. Blade shoots the second vampire, killing it, but the vampire reacts to being shot a second or two before Blade actually pulls the trigger.

  • Quotes

    • Krista: I was just at his apartment and there was this man there going through his stuff.
      Boone: Oh, yeah? What'd he look like?
      Krista: Black, dressed in black...
      Boone: Oh, black? That narrows it down.

    • Krista: Can I see my brother's file?
      Boone: No.
      Krista: Maybe I could help. I was a Sergeant in the Army.
      Boone: Yeah, well, this ain't the Army.

    • Krista: Where's Zack?
      Uncle Pat McCallum: He was arrested last week. Listen, I'm thinking we should all sit down, have a nice long talk before he winds up in prison.
      Lisa Starr: Waste of time.
      Krista: Mom, he's not a bad guy. He's just a little lost.
      Lisa Starr: Why do you always defend him?
      Krista: Because nobody else will!

    • Marcus: The House of Chthon has a lot of locked doors. Doors meant to hold my secrets. You've been peeking through a lot of keyholes, Zack. Too many.

    • Blade: You can go.
      Russian General: You're kidding, yes?
      Blade: Yes.
      (chops his head off)

    • Blade: It's a disaster.
      Shen: Just the way you like it. Barbed windows, plenty of space and if we get bored there's a ping-pong table in the back. I know how much you love ping-pong. Come on, I've taken you to half a dozen sites that could be sealed up tighter than a frog's ass - you pissed on every one of 'em. You said we had to move fast.
      Blade: We do.
      Shen: Well, then pick a place to throw down your damned sleeping bag!

    • (after Marcus suddenly appears out of nowhere)
      Boone: Don't pull that Dracula shit- sneaking up on people. I almost crapped myself.

    • Krista: Stay the hell away from me.
      Marcus: Oh, I know you're scared. You think of us as sociopaths who just walked out of a nightmare.

    • Krista: What are you going to do (sarcastically) bite me?
      Marcus: (a grin creeps across his face) Bite you? That's for savages. In truth, it's not the most reliable form of transformation.

    • Marcus: See Krista, the so-called living--the ones growing obese and passive, oblivious to the true layers of life. They are the ones who are dead.

    • Blade: Sun is down - time to make some new friends.

    • (referring to Blade wearing dark sunglasses in a very dark room)
      Krista: How can you see with those things?

    • Caylo: You didn't use it did you?
      Krista: Use it?
      Caylo: The ash. It's found its way onto the streets now, with the rest of the drugs. You inhale enough of it, and it'll give you to abilities of the homines nocturnae. At least for an hour or two, though the side effects, the . . .thirst that comes with it – most end up chewing their own fingers off.
      Krista: The homines nocturnae . . .?
      Caylo: Vampires. This is vampire ash. It's quite expensive, too. This vial . . .is at least a thousand dollars. Ten if it comes from a pure blood.
      (incredulous laugh)
      Krista: And I suppose next you're going to tell me werewolves exist?
      Caylo: My colleague Marc Spector's area of expertise.
      (Krista's smile fades)
      Krista: Really? (opens the sheet of paper with the glyph drawn on it) What do you think this means?
      Caylo: It brands familiars dedicated to the House of Chthon, humans who have pledged their lives to their culture, hoping to be changed someday. They're everywhere, you see, the police, the government. Everywhere.

    • Zack: Is there a speech I need to say, or a prayer or something?
      Marcus: We're not really ones for prayer.

    • Caylo: Vampires exist, young lady, but most people don't see the dangers.
      Krista: So, who the hell is Blade?
      Caylo: A favorite fascination of mine. His parents were Robert and Vanessa Brooks. They lived in Detroit. Vanessa was nine months pregnant the night she was attacked, bitten, left for dead. Robert found her struggling to survive for the sake of their unborn child outside their apartment. He rushed her to the hospital where their son was delivered by C-section. Robert named him Eric. The boy aged relatively normally, but he wasn't normal.
      Krista: Yeah, I kind of figured that.
      Caylo: Blade went through genetic changes at birth. He was born a different kind of vampire: a half-breed. He has all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses. Except for the thirst. The thirst is what controls all homines nocturnae. And no one can fight it.
      Krista: Except for Blade.
      Caylo: His father kept Blade secret. He provided fresh blood for him the first 10 years of his life – don't ask me how – till he couldn't handle it anymore. Then Blade was loose out in the streets – till a friend of mine, Abraham Whistler found him and took him in. Some say Blade started drinking the blood of animals. Others a cloned supply like the House of Leichen. But I know the truth. He lives off a synthetic serum.

    • Reporter: Excuse me. This gallery hasn't opened these doors since 1978. How's it feel to be part of another revitalized historic institution, Mr. Van Sciver?
      Marcus: I'm just doing my best to keep this city alive.

    • (Shen watches Blade convulse after injecting the serum)
      Shen: What? I got hungry too.
      Blade: I miss those inhalers.
      Shen: I'm working on it.
      Blade: Work . . . faster.
      Shen: Dude, most of Summerfield's notes are destroyed, all right? The serum that keeps the thirst away is easy to replicate, but the inhalers work on a totally different system. You see, they allow you to generate hemoglobin. Humans have genes that develop proteins, but vampirism disables the links between those. Now, the inhalers help to fuse those chains . . .
      Blade: Figure it out! You're supposed to be the smart one.
      Shen: Yeah, and I'm the good-looking one too.

    • (About the UV glaive)
      Krista: Isn't all this a little, elaborate?
      Shen: He likes the pretty lights.

    • Blade: Look, you wanted in. And you're in. You're in as far as you can go. You're one of them.

    • Krista: If you knew who I was, why mess with me like that?
      Marcus: Because it's my nature.

    • Krista: I've got a silver bullet ready to blow that stupid smile right off your face. You killed my brother.
      Marcus: Yes, yes I did.

    • (pointing a gun at Blade)
      Krista: Silver bullet.
      Blade: Doesn't work on me.
      Krista: But I bet it hurts like a son of a bitch.

    • Van Sciver: I'm impressed, Krista.
      Krista: I hope you still are when I shove a stake up your ass!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Proměna (Transformation)

    • Robert Habros, Kevin Little, Greg Hansen, Aaron Brown and Stu McRae were nominated for the 2007 Leo Award for "Best Visual Effects in a Dramatic Series" for this episode.

    • Jessica Gower originally auditioned for the role of Krista Starr.

    • Neil Jackson originally auditioned for a minor role, then returned to read for the part of Marcus Van Sciver. Jackson at first read the part in an American accent, but when the producers didn't like it he read it in his natural British accent. The producers liked his performance so much they re-wrote the character of Marcus (which was originally intended for a much heavier and older actor) for him.

    • Marcus Van Sciver is named after comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver, a frequent collaborator of series writer and prolific comic writer Geoff Johns.

    • The footage of Blade's mother giving birth to him is footage taken directly from the original movie.

    • The first episode had 2.5 million viewers.

    • The initial airing of the pilot ran 90 minutes with limited commercial interruptions.

  • Allusions

    • Professor Caylo refers to his colleague Marc Spector as a specialist on werewolves. Marc Spector is the alter-ego of the Marvel Comics character Moon Knight, whose first appearance was in the 70's Marvel comic Werewolf by Night.