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  • This is not the movie. It isn't Wesley Snipes. It's still Blade, killing vampires.

    After surviving the pilot (which was an ordeal, I have to admit), the series takes off and turns out to be better than I feared.

    Especially in the pilot, the acting is horribly stiff, and the scenes just keep changing, sometimes showing us a few seconds of something then jumping to another important act.

    The man in Blade's part (Kirk 'Sticky Fingaz' Jones) is really stiff, and no doubt trying to follow Wesley Snipe's act. He doesn't succeed. He doesn't have the charm, his style is empty showing off, and frankly, I don't think he was all that intimidating. His lines had no conviction in them. I just didn't feel him.

    Sure, the characters got better, not to mention the plots, as the season went on, and by the time it ended, I would have liked to see more, frankly. But still, it seemed something was very often lacking, whether it was good writing or believable, heart-warming (or chilling) acting.

    Also, the vampire hissing/growling seemed a little overdone to me; they didn't look like lions, but they sure sounded like ones!

    The special/visual effects got a little better as the show progressed, but they looked pretty bad sometimes too - or the scenes were purposefully cut to avoid us from seeing what would have otherwise been something... unreal or hard to create. The series also had the distinct style of cutting the action where it would have got a bit too brutal or detailed, although the final episode had some surprisingly gruesome stuff in it...

    All in all I would not mind seeing more, because they left things hanging pretty bad.
  • Creative and well controlled writing since a long time. Not as slow as lost, and not as fast as heroes, just the right plot development.

    It is interesting to see that the audience responds badly to strait and tight plots. It seems that they need some absurdity to be pleased from a show.

    You can find these absurdities in shows like heroes and lost.

    White bears in the jungle, people healing for no apparent reason, islands disappearing or moving around without a goal. for Lost...

    Or 20 different characters becoming good or bad every next episode, trying to save the world... from themselves, Being shocked all the time by events like "this is your real father" (which confuses them more than their powers btw). for heroes.

    In short, those are Mixed Soup plots to keep the viewer tuned.

    I was extremely sure when I first decide to check Blade "the tv series" that I would meet non-sens and absurdity in person. I was wrong.

    Blade's main plot is as simple as intriguing and easy to watch, and the side stories are well served, never boring. Blade itself disappears for a while to appear exactly when it should.

    There may be some amateur moves in the shooting or cutting of some scenes, but they never spoil the show.

    As they mostly are in the Marvel Comics. The Cast is excellent and fit well their covering their lack in acting skills.

    The action and episodes are well balanced, each character has its time, and is well developed.

    And most of all, for the first time, vampires are not shown as "Halloween Monsters" with weird costumes or make up as in Buffy, but they are seriously treated "a la supernatural".

    Maybe the casual viewer may not choose to watch such a dark show, but where are the hardcore Fans of the genre who lets such a show being canceled? watching supernatural perhaps?
  • Awesome Show!

    Blade: The Series is one of the best action tv shows on television ever. I thought it is the best in the Blade Trilogy. One of my most favorite episodes was the pilot Blade: House of Chthon. I loved this series so much but I cannot believe it was cancelled just after thirteen episodes (including the pilot) Though it did suck the Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones took over the role of Blade from Wesley Snipes but the Blade Trilogy will always be remembered. I really liked the action of this series. It had great vampire action and violence. This should've never been cancelled. Farewell Blade: The Series.
  • Bring it back!!! i want this show brought back now. The plot was f****** awesome. I loved everything about show! Just by watching the pilot I was hooked

    Bring it back!!! I want this show brought back now. The plot was f****** awesome. I loved everything about show! Just by watching the pilot I was hooked - In the pilot, Krista Starr returns from military service in Iraq to learn that her twin brother, Zack, has died under mysterious circumstances. Her investigation reveals that Zack was a "familiar" - a kind of indentured servant who agrees to do a vampire's bidding in the hopes that his "master" will eventually reward him with eternal life. Krista's search for her brother's killer soon brings her face to face with Blade, as well as with the killer himself, Marcus Van Sciver, a powerful vampire and high ranking member of the House of Chthon. Smitten with Krista, Marcus decides to turn her into a vampire by injecting her with his blood. Krista is then approached by Blade, who injects her with the same serum he uses to control his own vampire instincts, and offers her a chance to help him avenge her brother's death and bring down Marcus and the House of Chthon, and revealed that Zack was trying to do a sting operation with Blade. The two form a reluctant partnership. This series was awesome.. And I really do wish they would bring it back.
  • what the hell were the creaters smoking when they wrote this expertly put trash?

    first off yes i did just see the pilot episode and yes it was so bad that i did'nt even finish watching it.(yes it was that bad!)Okay! i'm a big fan of the movies(note: only one&two tinity was trash!),and i like mr.snipes in action flicks so you could only imagine how happy i might have been when word got out that there will be a blade tv show course wesley was'nt going to be in the show so they pick that dude from flight of the phenox which looks nothing like blade or wesley snipes.The fight scences were horrific and the dialoge was lame and dull couple that a very weak pilot episode plot and you get a blade-errific nightmare.Then there were a few things that just pist me off for starters the new blade can't fight his way out of thin air,secound the acting on blade's part and the cast was terrible especially blade,and thrid they completely changed blades look i mean what happend to those really pimpin vest from the movies? then since when dose he need infered shades to help him see whos a vampier or not?(stupid)and last(which this really pist me off the most) since when dose blade get his rear kick'd by well...every one i mean almost every villian in the pilot beat the crap out of blade as if he were a some extra in a low-buget martial-art flick. so in conclusion may this marvel nightmare be put to rest in peace and hopefully it dose'nt stay on the air for long.
  • The House of Chthon is on the verge of eliminating the final barriers to their supremacy over mankind, and only the Daywalker can stop them. Half human, half immortal. And he will stop at nothing to win his war, because he is the ultimate vampire hunter.

    I wished they kept this series airing on the television. I really liked this series because it was based on the movies that I also love to watch in my free time or when I am bored. To anyone who have not seen the series at all you should. The series is different from the movies but still good and have a lot of things that are the same. I wished they bring it back in some form but if they do not then I am glad I was able to see it when I could. It was an o.k. series when it was airing.
  • Bring it back. They killed Blade! you bastards! loved the show, acting, CGI, story line I don't get why they stopped the show P.A.R.T(people against reality television)

    Great show loved it through and through. It was missing the budget of the movie trilogies but all in all was great and I miss it. I think that it was about the only show I actually watched while it was being TIVod so I could watch it again the next week before the new episode would air. Sci-fi channel needs to pick it up and continue with the story

    P.A.R.T(People Against Reality Television) I am starting this movment to get TV stations to stop making any more reality TV programs. They need to get They're thinking caps and there pocket books out, and stop making generic programs and start making quality television

    P.A.R.T(people against reality television)
  • Surprised me...

    I haven't expect the show to be so good. Yes, it wasn't like the movies but it was good. I liked the idea of the movies but when I heard about the series I wasn't excited. I was curious so I watched the first episode. It was completely different than my expectations but I still haven't been sure if I like it. The second episode winned me. I watched every episode after that and I really enjoyed them. I felt really angry when it ended because everything was left open - we didn't find out if Marcus killed Krista, or where did Chase go, or why Shen joined Blade... I could continue but I don't think it's nessessary. Oh, I forget about Boone... What I mean is that we deserve answers!
  • Love the films, hate the series, watch them destroy the IP.

    I love the blade films so much, especially the second one, so imagine my excitement when the first episode of blade the series finished downloading. Unfortunately this feeling soon evaporated like a hoard of dying vampires... I mean the premise is cool, who doesn't like vampires where this show lacked was in the acting department and the non-film budget is written all over the special effects of this series. Its a shame because Blade films (and i thought the blade series) would provide me with my vampire fix as i don't watch buffy or angel as i think they are even worse, but it didn't. This series should have expanded the IP, but I think for me at least its killed it.
  • not very good...

    Blade the show follows the movies and does a poor job. The acting is terrible. Right now, I can't think of any of the actors being mildly good. The idea was ok with the whole daywalker story and purebloods and everything like that. The little girl annoyed the crap out of me (I don't even remember her name). Anyways, overall, the show is really less than mediocre and annoying, which is probably the reason not many people watched it and the reason it got cancelled.
  • blade

    United States, 1998
    U.S. Release Date: 8/21/98 (wide)
    Running Length: 2:00
    MPAA Classification: R (Extreme gore, violence, profanity, sensuality)
    Theatrical Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

    Cast: Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristofferson, N'bushe Wright, Donal Logue, Udo Kier, Traci Lords
    Director: Stephen Norrington
    Producers: Peter Frankfurt, Wesley Snipes, Robert Engelman
    Screenplay: David S. Goyer based on characters created by Marv Wolfman & Gene Colan
    Cinematography: Theo Van de Sande
    Music: Mark Isham
    U.S. Distributor: New Line Cinema

    Vampires. Few creatures of legend speak to human terror on a more fundamental level. Ever since the silent days of movies, when F.W. Murnau chilled audiences with Nosferatu, a creepy, atmospheric adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, film-goers have been entranced by vampires on the big screen. The worldwide blockbuster success of two recent pictures, Interview with a Vampire and Bram Stoker's Dracula, indicates that the lure of the undead has not worn off. With Blade, director Stephen Norrington is wedding two popular subjects: vampires and superheroes. His hope, and that of New Line Cinema, the production company financing the movie, is that Blade takes a huge bite out of the late-summer box office.

    Blade has been kicking around the comic book world for the better part of twenty-five years, since he first appeared to square off against the title character of Tomb of Dracula. While the most famous vampire of all time didn't make it past the August 1979 issue when the series ended, Blade lived to fight other battles against the legions of night stalkers haunting his universe. The effort to bring the Vampire Slayer to the big screen was spearheaded by the legendary Stan Lee, a mainstay at Marvel Comics for nearly sixty years. Lee believed that Blade possesses two characteristics that make him an attractive property: he's one of a select number of African- American superheroes and he has a "dark side" that will appeal to audiences familiar with recent motion picture interpretations of Batman, The Crow, and Spawn. For a production company like New Line Cinema, eager to start a movie franchise (their first attempt at establishing one was this spring's disappointing Lost in Space), Blade offers a potentially significant upside.

    The film opens with a brief prologue in 1967 that explains Blade's origins. On the night his human mother gave birth to him, she was bitten by a vampire. Through some sort of genetic mutation, Blade (Wesley Snipes) came into the world as a hybrid, possessing the physical strength and appetites of the undead, but lacking several of their key weaknesses (garlic doesn't bother him and he can exist quite comfortably in direct sunlight). Since being rescued from the streets by his mentor and friend, Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), Blade has waged a war against vampires, showing no mercy and giving no quarter. To prevent himself from having to feast on human blood, he takes a serum, but his body is developing a tolerance to it. When Blade saves a pretty hematologist (N'bushe Wright) from a vampire, he sees the chance for a cure if she can analyze his blood. But, before he can dream of becoming completely human, he must deal with the new leader of the vampire nation, Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff), whose stated goal is nothing less than the complete domination of the world.

    For about one hour, Blade is a source of fast-paced, action-packed entertainment, as we follow the dour superhero from one confrontation to the next. After a while, however, this approach starts to wear thin. By the time the film is well into its second hour, we begin to wonder whether there's ever going to be a variation on the carnage and mayhem. As it turns out, there isn't. The entire movie can be summed up in one sentence: Blade battles vampires. There is an attempt to turn this into an epic adventure by introducing the concept of a vampire god whose awakening will trigger an apocalypse, but this particular plot aspect is not well-realized, even though it forms the basis for the climactic struggle between Blade and Frost.

    The performances in Blade are serviceable. Wesley Snipes does his best Terminator impression by hiding almost all of Blade's emotions beneath a macho facade. This approach works on a certain level – it make Blade a more dangerous and ambiguous figure, but it also prevents the audience from connecting with him. Kris Kristofferson, who plays Blade's grizzled sidekick, is far more interesting in this movie than in his other current outing, Dance with Me. Despite being over-the-top (as one might expect), Stephen Dorff fails to imbue Frost with the ferocity necessary to make him a memorable villain. And N'bushe Wright is simply boring. The supporting cast includes the internationally known Udo Kier as the vampire whose position Frost usurps, and ex-porn star Traci Lords as Frost's long-toothed mistress.

    Visually, Blade is an unqualified triumph. This seems to be a common trait of films based on, inspired by, or influenced by comic books (consider, for example, the likes of Batman, The Crow, and Dark City). In fact, the atmosphere is so well-developed that it's easy to forget how derivative and repetitive the plot is, and to get lost in the dark ominousness of Blade's paranoid, vampire-filled world. Blade is fueled by a kinetic energy, and there are scenes, such as the opening dance club sequence, that function as exotic, erotic assaults on the senses. Ultimately, that all turns out to be a rich icing on a half-baked cake. Blade has the capacity to dazzle, but it also will leave many viewers dissatisfied.
  • it continus on the story line in Blade 2. they are trying to develop a better vampire race.

    this is the coolest action fild series. a girl that looking for her brother go in to the world of the vammpires. and she ends up helping Blade with taking down the vampires. you se here deal with having the craving to kill and drink blood. She gets dragd in and has hard time leting go of her old life as a mortal. She wants to stay in here famely. it has every thing that you ned in a good action series you have tunes of action you never get bord with this series. its sad that Spike tv did not do a second season.

    You have to see it
  • Not as good as the movies but it kept me coming back for another bite each week.

    Ok, so when I heard that they were going to make a blade tv series I thought oh this is going to be really bad, and then when they cast some rapper that I’ve never heard before I thought this is going to be even worse. I saw the trailer for it and thought ok so it looks ok but nothing really that good. So when it was first aired on TV I really enjoyed the first episode and couldn’t wait for the next week, that feeling continued throughout the whole series and it still is going on now but as there are not going to be anymore episodes then the feeling of wanting more will just go. But it was a very good series is one of the TV programmes that good but bad at the same time. I loved every episode except for one (hunters), which was a really bad episode but anyway this show I good and should have been allowed to make a second series.
  • The problem wasnt the show,it was the creator,David Goyer!

    Ever since the first Blade movie was released I was hooked.Im a huge Blade fan and I started to research the story from the first appearance in Tomb Of Dracula to the Spiderman team up in the Vampire Wars comic book series.So when Blade:Trinity was released and they announed the tv series I couldnt wait.The series had potential written all over it just with the fan base alone,but as I started to follow the tv series before it came out I kind of realized it might not be that good.Not because it wasnt a good idea but because David Goyer just didnt have the vision!David Goyer is the screen writer for all the Blade films and the director of Blade:Trinity.But his vision for keeping the franchise alive by creating the tv series just wasnt good.First off you get Kirk"Sticky"Jones to play Blade?The
    rapper from Onyx?He sucked playing Blade.Granted Blade doesnt say much but theres a lot more going on in Blade's troubled mind than meets the eye.Actors who read this will know what Im talking about.Wesley Snipes IS Blade and although I agree that the tv series Blade should be a little different from the films Kirk Jones just couldnt pull it off,he isnt a good lead actor period.All he does is say his lines mean with attitude and thats not acting.Second,Blade is described as an excellent martial artist.Wesley Snipes who is a legitimate martial artist gave Blade an arrogant,flashy,cool,
    slick fighting style in the films.Kirk Jones doesnt know any martial arts whatsoever.In the Matrix films the cast practiced martial arts 6 days a week 8 hours a day for 3 months before they began shooting and they pulled it off beautifully.You dont have that element here and its too important to the character not to.The fighting choreography was just bad and I think having 20 years of martial arts myself I can make that statement.Kirk Jones wasnt the person to play the part and I think they could have found a
    less known better actor to play it.Also it was set in Detroit?Huh?Of all the cities he picks Detroit?It doesnt even sound right.How many tv series have you seen that were based in Detroit let alone a sci-fi action series?Why not Los Angeles,New York or Chicago where the first film was set?The set also always looked dark,drab and boring,maybe thats being picky but the setting plays a big part in a series like this.Who knows maybe it was a budget issue.There were some good elements about it.Jill Wagner's character was a good addition,Marcus Van Sciver was a great villain and even Blade's new partner Shen was good for the show and it had some good story lines.Maybe Im a little upset because I was in the process of writing some teleplays and story lines for the series when it got cancelled,had my copyrights and all.All in all the show just didnt have those elements that I think the fans were looking for.I think the fans were looking for a more Joss Wheodon/Buffy/Angel feel to it and I think David Goyer knew that and tried to get away from it and it cost him.David Goyer is a great screen writer but his directing and creating skills have yet to be tested and this first test failed.For all of you that want more Blade in your lives check out the comic book thats started September of 2006,thats IS good!Maybe because David Goyer didnt create it.
  • This show try's very hard to live up to the films but fails.

    After the success of the Blade films I can see where they got the idea for this series but I'm sorry they needed the budget of the films to make it work!

    The UK has just got this series so we are seeing it for the first time and as much as I like this type of show I wont watch it if its ever repeated and I'd not hunt out the series DVD's and yes I do have all the films on DVD This show is worth a watch once but don't worry if you never see it you haven't missed much!
  • i dont understand it was a dumb show even do i never see them i heard from someone that it was bad

    i dont understand it was a dumb show even do i never see them i heard from someone that it was bad . i dont know if there was a movie but i have seen 3 movie with the same name blade i dont know if the movie was base on this seies but if it was i can definitly say that the movie is a 1000 times better i have seen the movie so i know / :>
  • ummm..... who thought this seris would last????

    ok the movies was really good one of my fav but seriously who thought that the show will be a good idea???? i watched it a few time and at frist i was like im going to give it a chance but then after that i was like they making blade look like a joke come on....serious who evr thought of this should get slapped!!
  • the vampire hunter, blade, and his partne, shin, try their best to eliminate the house of chthon with the help of military lieutenent turned vampire, krista.

    It was a pretty good show and if you enjoyed the blade movies, you would have liked at least soem of the episodes but i give it an 8 because it ended prematurely and i would igve it a higher rating if they bring back on a different network or just back on spike tv.
  • Intrigue in the supernatural, with a good serving of whoop-ass :)

    This was a good show. it was action, drama, sci-fi all-in-one. I like the plots and I was kinda appalled when I heard that SPIKE TV wouldn't be giving a season 2, especially with the cliff hanger ending of the last episode.

    It's funny how TV execs don't look at the big picture about TV shows in general.

    Nowadays, the Nielsen ratings are not representatives of what people watch. So many shows are downloaded off the web. And Tivo, recorders, etc....

    This show deserves a season 2, if only to wrap up the storylines.
  • I wish I could give it -10

    I thought I would give this show a chance and sat down to watch the pilot, I cant believe I wasted of an hour of my life with this.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the last film but without Wesley Snipes this just doesnt cut it as a series. I thought Blade was supposed to be a hard man but he gets beat up quite a lot! It seriously needs someone to tell that actor what to do in a fight scene.

    I can sum this show up by saying if you liked the films DO NOT watch this series.

    The End.
  • What utter, utter rubbish. Who on earth thought they could make Blade the series without Wesley 'on the run' Snipes?

    I saw this was on and thought, hey, why not give it a rattle, who knows it might even be quite good. How wrong could I be? Very is the answer. From the outset this is a shameless, cheap, and tacky cashing in on a franchise. No attempt has been made to capture the original comic book or movie characters. Having an overweight Blade who gets a pounding in every episode is just plain stupid. The acting is terrible, the script is terrible, the directing is terrible. In summary it's terrible, avoid like the plague of vampires. Lets hope they season 2 stays in its coffin.
  • Spike TV wasted what could have been their only good show.

    This TV show relives the same adventure that propelled Wesley Snipes into one of Hollywood's best comic book tie ins. Unfortunately, this show got cancelled after 12 episodes. Spike TV falls into the same trap other networks have fallen into before. They canceled a very good show despite its artistic appeal and very high production value. Something that will bite their ignorance once they realize that this is perhaps the only good show from Spike TV. The sci fi channel should definitely pick up this show since its up their alley. Kirk Jones might not have the same agility of Wesley Snipes, but he plays Blade just fine using his own acting persona. I really like this show, it needs to get resurrected.
  • Blade is about a man who's a vampire but due to a special serum is able to keep this under control. His main aim is to eliminate the House of Chthon before they finally acheive the ability to take over the world. It also follows the story of Krista Starr.

    In my opinion Blade is only an ok show. It's main problem is that it has to nearly be all shot in the dark because of the fact that they are all vampires. This makes it hard to see what is going on some of the time. This wouldn't be so bad if some of the indoor locations were better lit so the dark is split up by lighter sections.

    I haven't seen the original Blade movies so I cannot compare the two actors portraying him. So far though I feel that Kirk has played his character well and I haven't noticed anything odd about him playing Blade. I have noticed though, that so far they have concentrated more on Krista's character than Blade himself.

    I do think that Krista's storyline has a lot more to offer than Blade's because of the fact that she has only just become a vampire which adds a new dimension to the show. If her character wasn't in it I think the show would be very one dimensional and it would be quite boring because all episodes would only vary slightly from the last.

    In my opinion though this show will only get better the longer the show goes on.
  • It's got style, and a nice plot going on, but really, Kirk 'Sticky Fingaz' Jones is really no Wesley Snipes.

    I've got to say, I loved the Blade movies (except for the second one, but let's never mention that again) and I was so excited to see a series go up on Spike TV. However, when I started watching, I was a little disappointed with the lead character. I didn't really *want* to watch him and I found the scenes without him much more entertaining. WHat I wasn't disappointed with was the amount of gore on the show. Sometimes TV takes a movie and desperately tries to tone down the amount of gore and violence instead of simply putting the show in an age-approapriate time slot. Luckily, Spike TV did not make this mistake, thus staying true to the original.
    Was I amazed by this show? Only somewhat. Am I upset it's been cancelled? Absolutely.
  • No Season 2. Oh no. I really loved this show!!!

    A show dedicated to vampires was an awesome idea. I really enjoyed it with the purebloods going up against the others. While Marcus leads the turned against them. Blade is so cool. He's one of those vampires that doesn't burn in the sun oh ya. Then theres Krista who was turned by Marcus and now is a double agent working for Blade. But Chase knows somthings up. She doesn't trust Krista one bit. This show is so great and I am really going to miss it. But maybe they will surprise and make a season 2. Yaaaa. Anyway this is a great show.
  • Could have lasted much longer!

    I wonder why shows get cancelled so fast nowadays, while shows like "Roswell" (which was a good show, too, but not that good)stay on air for three years. I wish they would have given Blade a chance to improve during a second season. Maybe some cast changes and improved writing would have had this show taking off during season 2, but unfortunately we will never know. Sticky Fingaz was a great substitute for Wesley Snipes and actually i liked him better than Wesley, but then again i am a die-hard Blade fan and am very sad to see this show go!
  • A very exciting show!

    This is a very exciting show, that I hear is being canceled. If they do that i will stop watching Spike FOREVER!!! well except for MXC ( man that show is great) the plot is tha same as the movies, the main chracter's voice is really annoying, but u get used to it. the action is awesome, and the suspense is very good. that's pretty much all you need right? like tha statement above, this show is very underappreciated by Spike TV. well all we, or I anyway, can do is hope they bring back one of their better shows.
  • Blade is one of the best new shows.

    The blade season finale was so, intense, my personal favourite part was when Chase and Krista had that huge fight, I was waiting for that to happen and I was so pleased with the outcome. I\'m glad Krista didn\'t kill Chase cause Chase is a really cool bad guy. love to hate her really. The end was sooo good, just that last line of dialogue was so perfect for the ending. To me Krista\'s storyline is more interesting then Blade\'s. Like when Blade\'s past came back to haunt him, was to me a bit boring, but eh had to have it I guess..
  • Blade takes place sometime after the movies end, the vampire empire is falling prone to the halfblood Markus and his unbelieveable delicious sidekinc Chase, in comes former army girl Krista.

    Blade the series are much much better than the movies ever were, the entire universe, the drama going on is just so interresting and clever, together with Supernatural this series give television a new desireable look, not since Kindred the embraced have I been this exited over a Vampire TV show.
  • Best show ever!!!!!!!! and it better have a season 2

    This show has amazed many people by bringing you nonstop exiting action. Many thought this show wouldn't last due to no Wesley Snipes but proved them all wrong! Many never knew this was a Marvel production but it didn't need to be to make it big. The series was different from the movies by splitting it in half with Blade's story and Krista's. The premier was a big hit which made it last. The premier was a leave you hanging moment, which usually means it, will have another season. Spike TV doesn't say yet and there in question about bringing it back this summer. Lets just say this show beats the rest and BETTER be back!!!!!!!!!
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