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  • what the hell were the creaters smoking when they wrote this expertly put trash?

    first off yes i did just see the pilot episode and yes it was so bad that i did'nt even finish watching it.(yes it was that bad!)Okay! i'm a big fan of the movies(note: only one&two tinity was trash!),and i like mr.snipes in action flicks so you could only imagine how happy i might have been when word got out that there will be a blade tv show course wesley was'nt going to be in the show so they pick that dude from flight of the phenox which looks nothing like blade or wesley snipes.The fight scences were horrific and the dialoge was lame and dull couple that a very weak pilot episode plot and you get a blade-errific nightmare.Then there were a few things that just pist me off for starters the new blade can't fight his way out of thin air,secound the acting on blade's part and the cast was terrible especially blade,and thrid they completely changed blades look i mean what happend to those really pimpin vest from the movies? then since when dose he need infered shades to help him see whos a vampier or not?(stupid)and last(which this really pist me off the most) since when dose blade get his rear kick'd by well...every one i mean almost every villian in the pilot beat the crap out of blade as if he were a some extra in a low-buget martial-art flick. so in conclusion may this marvel nightmare be put to rest in peace and hopefully it dose'nt stay on the air for long.
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