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Spike TV (ended 2006)





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  • Creative and well controlled writing since a long time. Not as slow as lost, and not as fast as heroes, just the right plot development.

    It is interesting to see that the audience responds badly to strait and tight plots. It seems that they need some absurdity to be pleased from a show.

    You can find these absurdities in shows like heroes and lost.

    White bears in the jungle, people healing for no apparent reason, islands disappearing or moving around without a goal. for Lost...

    Or 20 different characters becoming good or bad every next episode, trying to save the world... from themselves, Being shocked all the time by events like "this is your real father" (which confuses them more than their powers btw). for heroes.

    In short, those are Mixed Soup plots to keep the viewer tuned.

    I was extremely sure when I first decide to check Blade "the tv series" that I would meet non-sens and absurdity in person. I was wrong.

    Blade's main plot is as simple as intriguing and easy to watch, and the side stories are well served, never boring. Blade itself disappears for a while to appear exactly when it should.

    There may be some amateur moves in the shooting or cutting of some scenes, but they never spoil the show.

    As they mostly are in the Marvel Comics. The Cast is excellent and fit well their covering their lack in acting skills.

    The action and episodes are well balanced, each character has its time, and is well developed.

    And most of all, for the first time, vampires are not shown as "Halloween Monsters" with weird costumes or make up as in Buffy, but they are seriously treated "a la supernatural".

    Maybe the casual viewer may not choose to watch such a dark show, but where are the hardcore Fans of the genre who lets such a show being canceled? watching supernatural perhaps?