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Spike TV (ended 2006)





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  • This is not the movie. It isn't Wesley Snipes. It's still Blade, killing vampires.

    After surviving the pilot (which was an ordeal, I have to admit), the series takes off and turns out to be better than I feared.

    Especially in the pilot, the acting is horribly stiff, and the scenes just keep changing, sometimes showing us a few seconds of something then jumping to another important act.

    The man in Blade's part (Kirk 'Sticky Fingaz' Jones) is really stiff, and no doubt trying to follow Wesley Snipe's act. He doesn't succeed. He doesn't have the charm, his style is empty showing off, and frankly, I don't think he was all that intimidating. His lines had no conviction in them. I just didn't feel him.

    Sure, the characters got better, not to mention the plots, as the season went on, and by the time it ended, I would have liked to see more, frankly. But still, it seemed something was very often lacking, whether it was good writing or believable, heart-warming (or chilling) acting.

    Also, the vampire hissing/growling seemed a little overdone to me; they didn't look like lions, but they sure sounded like ones!

    The special/visual effects got a little better as the show progressed, but they looked pretty bad sometimes too - or the scenes were purposefully cut to avoid us from seeing what would have otherwise been something... unreal or hard to create. The series also had the distinct style of cutting the action where it would have got a bit too brutal or detailed, although the final episode had some surprisingly gruesome stuff in it...

    All in all I would not mind seeing more, because they left things hanging pretty bad.