Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 09, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • great episode

    This episode looks back at Blade's childhood. The story somehow connects to the events in the Blade films. We learn that Whitler's leg injury seen in the movies was in fact caused by Blade himself when he was a kid. His dad took care of Eric aka Blade by feeding him donated blood from the hospital his mom works at as a nurse. When Blade grows up, he can no longer fix his son's problems, he asks the help of Whistler who deals with vampires, he believes Eric/Blade can use his unique attributes to fight the evil that's stalking the world. Awesome episode.
  • Good episode and is getting better and better

    the story is etting more complex and more deep with each episode gone by. In this one we see how blade's past is catching up with him and is hunting him in the present. Also we see how the internal battle between de houses of vampires are getting more ugly bye each episode. THe directos gives us a great episode with three story lines together and very intense
  • The episode was ok, but i was more than disturbed about the pureblood's eating habits.

    The series is ok, getting better and I hope it does well. But I almost turned the TV off when the eating habits of that child pureblood was revealed. I have a daughter about the same age of that baby and my stomach cramped up when I saw it and had to turn away until it went to commercial (even though there was no feeding - that would have been totally crossing the line)

    I know it was for shock value, but still, as a mom of 2 kids, I couldn't stand it. If i see that again, i'm never watching this show again. Things like that are just going too far for shock value.

    (added: anyone who disagrees obviously does not have children otherwise they would know what I'm talking about)
  • I Really Like This Series

    I keep telling my wife, who puts up with my endless blabbing about comics, that Blade The Series is what I expected from Blade Trinity (which wasn't bad, but it was too talky). I especially like seeing Blade's past and hope the writers explore more of the characters' lives before the films and series took place.

    I loved seeing young Whistler. I'm looking foreward to seeing him in future episodes.

    Richsrd Roundtree was incredible as Blade's father. I get the feeling we'll see him again.

    The subplot of Krista's mother was also a nice touch. I can\'t wait to see the ramifications of her actions.

    All in all, I really like Blade The Series and hope there will be a season 2.
  • And, I mean that in both a positive and negative way.

    It was nerve-wracking, in a positive sense, in that we (the viewers) knew who was messing with Blade's head by killing off some of his old friends/mentors. But, I, for one, was on the edge of my seat wondering how long it would take Blade to get the idea.

    It was also nerve-wracking, in a positive sense, to see Vanessa wrestling with her conscience, as to whether or not she should vampirize her terminally-ill mother.

    But, it was negatively nerve-wracking to realize that the script-writers for the show have yielded to the old ret-con temptation, after all.

    Initially, I was going to deduct that two-tenths of a point for having Vanessa Brooks survive the C-section that had to be used, to deliver her infant son Eric, in the original movie. But, when Steppin' Razor referred to the woman in the flashback as "your Daddy's girlfriend...a nurse," I realized that she was actually Blade's stepmother. And, thus, I regarded continuity-credibility as being restored.

    My relief, however, was short-lived.

    It now turns out Abe Whistler's leg was broken by adolescent Eric in a fit of semi-vampiric temper! At least, according to the show's writers. And, that bit of character-b.g. deviation I cannot tolerate.

    So, I'm sorry, guys. But, your show does not get a perfect ten from me, this week.

  • It was enjoyable to see more than a bit of Blade's past, but I don't watch the show to take a walk down memory lane for an hour with Blade.

    It seems like the writers have come to a crossroads with the series and I'm confused as to which path they are taking. Is this a show about Blade? Or is it a show about the House of Chthon? It started out mainly being about Chthon, and that was OK, I liked it that way. But then we have this random episode thrown in that was primarily about Blade and his past. I'm not even sure if the information we learned in "Sacrafice" will be pivitol in further plots. I doubt it. Which makes the episode pointless, except for the fact that Krista turned her mother.

    It really was a good episode if you just consider the episode in itself, it's how it meshes with the rest of the season that is weird. During the entire episode we only saw less than five seconds of Marcus and Chase, which I was under the impression were just as important charcters as Blade. Will we get an episode about their past? I hope so considering their pasts are probably just as important and intresting as Blade's.

    I hope the rest of the season will provide an uninterrupted flow of Chthon storylines, and less of Blade's sordid past;)
  • Blade is trying find the killer whom has been assassinating people from Blade's past. As for Krista, she is torn with the fact that her mother is dieing. To save her mother, Krista turn her into a vampire.

    I find it VERY interesting that they focus more on the family backgrounds on both characters. (Blade and Krista)

    This was unlike the other episodes and.....I LOVED IT. I'm glad that they moved away from the high action and concentrated more on the background stories of the characters. I never knew so many people were involve with Blade when he was a child. I still don't think Kirk Jones is the right person to be Blade but....he is starting to grow to me. Love Jill Wagner's character (Krista). The way Jill portrayed Krista just makes want to know her more. Of course she being good looking helped too ;)

    When Charlotte had that baby in her arms....that was very disturbing. I know they didn't show her devouring the infant but even the thought of it brought chills down my spine.

    By the looks of the preview, it looks like Krista regrets turning her mother....should be good.
  • 9.5
    I actually liked this one, seeing into the past of Blade himself, and seeing his father and how he coped with his son being a vampire was heartfelt. I would like to see more episodes like this in the future. And then later hearin that his father may not have been his biological father at all was shocking. I also liked the situation with Krista and her mother, very emotional. The special effects of this episode were pretty good as well. And to finally bring Whistler into the equation? About time they did so, I was actually expecting him to be brought in sooner.
  • I really loved this episode.

    I loved how we learn about Blades father. I always wondered about that after watching the movies. In this episode we learn so muxh about blade. I thought it was interesting how the Blood leader went around killing people from blades' past. I neveer read his comic so i enjoyed learning that blades father is still ablive and how he met up wsith whistler. Plus whistler getting shot in the leg. SO DOES that lead to his limping around. Plus at the end, when Krista turns her mother and the other vamp shows up saying she has be tailing her that was great. Even better when the FBI guy barged in and was like Holy F***. i loved that part.