Blade: The Series

Season 1 Episode 5

The Evil Within

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 26, 2006 on Spike TV

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  • Less intrigue, and more action, than last week. Which should appease the bored adrenalin junkies.

    Me? I've loved the plot/counter-plot bit! It shows that Blade is maturing. No longer just a "slay-first/ask-questions-afterward" type of guy.

    Still, the Chthon commando raid, on Boone's so-called safehouse, and Blade's Berlin rescue mission, were undeniably thrilling. In fact, "fantastic" and "awesome" seem inadequate to describe both the fight choreogrpahy and the special effects used for those scenes.

    As for poor Vanessa Simms? I cannot help wondering how she'll react to the news that dear old Dr. Vonner was using in vitro fertilization to create genetically engineered dhampirs. The Pure Bloods certainly won't like it. They obviously have enough problems with accidentally-created ones like Blade!

    Whatever else happens, I am definitely tuning in next week to see if Krista is really turning traitor. Although, I sincerely hope not.
  • exciting episode

    Chase is sent to Berlin by Marcus in order to check on Dr. Vonner's patient. Blade goes to Berlin as well with the help of his German contacts. Blade attacks Chase and her team, he makes his move in broad daylight to get the upper hand with the Chtham vampires. He kidnaps the lady and goes on his way. This episode is so exciting, it's got action and adventure. The action sequences inside the berlin hospital is amazing. The talking scenes were done really well, this is one fast paced episode. It never bores you, the shooting keeps on coming to light up the screen.
  • good episodebut still some work to do

    this episode is very well made, we see how blade has a real network all over the world. The vampiers in this episode show their real faces when we see how much problem the vacsine is getting for them. The pregnant woman that blade safe has open a new line for the story that wiil se hot it develops over the next few weeks.
  • The show is very involved but where's Blade.

    Despite the plot, sub-plots, and plot twist let\'s be realistic this show is a far cry from Star Trek or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I understand the need for characters and character developement but all of this is happening around the central character(Blade).

    If this show is meant to be a spin-off of the original films then what happened to the main character. I mean Blade is the central part of the show. In addition to the bad acting, clumsy fight scenes, and even a very contrived plot the show seems to be focused more on the supporting cast. Blade seems to be present for simple \"color\", excuse the pun.

    Come on,I new when they gave \"Sticky\" the part that some gang reference would pop-up in the show. I see this as being the typical M.O. of the \"Hollywood Shuffle\". This has very little to do with the part that Wesley Snipes originally introduced in the first two Films. I don\'t see martial arts, warrior, combatant, or discipline in the form of an ex-gang member. I don\'t see certain expertise in infiltration, extraction, or counter intelligence coming from a street kid with \"fangs\". All I get is mumbling, bumbling, twit with fancy toys who needs help every 15 minutes. Trust me - this is no Batman or Captian Kirk - I don\'t wan\'t this guy showing up to save me.

    Now we have a show where they have distorted or changed the unique qualities of the Blade character. To be honest, from the movies - if anyone noticed - Blades serum has an interesting compostion. Since it is the catalyst for the actual cure for turned vampires which was improved in the first movie. If an actual vampire(born or turned) tried to use Blades serum it would kill them.

    Now they\'re adding super babies, ultra humans high on vampire dirt, plus a super hot babe to steal the show. Personally, I think the hot chick is there to distract everone from \"Sticky Fingaz\"(Blade) bad acting. I got to hand it to New Line for finishing where Blade III left off. Descimating probably one of the best characters to hit the big screen.

    Though the show has one redeeming quality just scratch Blade off the rouster. Then the show would probably be perfect; it would make better since.
  • While Blade tracks down a patient of Dr Vonner, Krista tries to track down Boone for the vampires and the Vaccine for Blade.

    *some specific plot details discussed*

    The episodes keep getting better. While we left the asher storyline behind, we have gotten into some more interesting conflict. I guess it figures that the house Armaya would be rather pissed at finding out that their vampires were being used in tests like that. Though, Van Scriver's own house would be rather pissed to find that the vaccine doesn't really work ...though he claims in will help to make his house stronger. Perhaps, he is planning on giving it to other houses, so that they all die out.

    One thing that did bother me is the stupidity of the 'bad guys.' It is one thing to have a hero that can outsmart her enemies, but it is another to have them act stupidly. Keeping blueprints to your secure lab in your office is just dumb ...particularly when you have one of the blueprints hanging on your wall. Also, the carelessness in not being sure that Boone really was dead. I guess it helps move certain plot points forward, but it is a bit lazy.

    Overall though, I really enjoyed the episode. The mystery of what exactly Van Scriver is doing is very captivating...and there are plenty of great action sequences as well. I really an eager for the next episode.
  • Krista gets careless and it could spell the end of her. The house of Chthon is in to some really heavy stuff and they aren’t sharing with the other houses. Charlotte comes to town and she is not happy. Marcus sends Chase on a mission and Blade follows.

    I really enjoyed this episode. It gave insight to the house of Armaya and the Purebloods. Chase is a trip she is my favorite character. Let me clarify I love to hate her! I guess that means she’s doing her job. Why the heck was Krista so careless about injecting the serum? I can’t wait to see what happens with that! Boone is a tricky snake isn’t he? What’s going to happen when they find out he is still alive? I want to know how old Charlotte is and what rank she holds. Does she view Marcus as scum? Is that why she wouldn’t touch him? Why does she need to be carried? I have grown to like this show and I’m itching to see more.