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Welcome to the Blake's 7 guide at This BBC series came from the fertile brain of the late Terry Nation (also the creator of the Daleks on Doctor Who). It chronicles the adventures of a small group of fighters fighting the tyranny of the Federation, the corrupt government of a galactic political union.

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  • Battlestar Gallactica,WITHOUT the Racism(Col. 'Ty' and 'Boomer' were originally black now,oh a lone 'black' female,and she's not even on the bridge. But, seriously find another person of color(hell any other ethnicity than caucasion)you'll see what i meanmoreless

    Blake's 7 ROCKED, excellent characters(even though most of them did not live too long), some of the best humor of any show, EVER. I even thought the acting was above par for virtually everyone, even the minor characters. Just needed a budget for props(lol). PLEEEEEESE bring it back. I liked the original 'Battelstar', but it could not compare to Blake's 7. Just DON'T change energy weapons to bullets(B.G)pleeese give me a can do interstellar travel, and program humans(the 'undercover' 'cylons') but too ingnorant to know bullets are inefficient(and should be useless when you can take a direct hit from a nuke?!?!?!?)........sorry, venting again, lol.moreless
  • Highly Recommended!!

    Although I am a big fan of the time-travelling Doctor, that series was always intended to be a 'family' show. BLAKE'S 7 was its complete antithesis with a dark and cynical outlook that took many viewers by surprise.

    Now remembered for "cheap" special effects and "hammy" acting (two claims I refute utterly!), the series dared to go where few others would even dream of, evolving over it's four seasons to take risks never before seen in television science fiction. For a start, there were few heroes aboard the Liberator - Even freedom fighter Blake himself was a fanatic, prepared to go to extreme lengths to bring down the Federation. The rest of the crew were there for the sake of their own survival, seldom sharing Blake's ideals and motivated by greed or some other less noble instincts. Kerr Avon, as played by Paul Darrow, was an especially cold character - Exellently acted, Avon is truly one of the greatest characters seen in television drama ever.

    If you want gloss & flashy effects coupled with slick editing, look elsewhere - But for drama of a quality not seen since, BLAKE'S 7 is the only choice. The only crime this series ever perpetrated was to have a scope & ambition that exceeded its budget. Those with sufficient imagination can realise this and see beyind the visuals (no worse that contemporary DOCTOR WHO) at the multi-layered story-telling beneath.

  • Blake, finding himself with four condemned criminals, He organizes them into a team to fight the Federation. The only things which hold this group together in the beginning are Blake's leadership, the relative safety the ship offers, and the fact that nonmoreless

    Blake, and a small group survives and manages to occasionally damage the mighty Federation with the help of the superior alien technology they acquire when they take over the derelict alien starship they come to call Liberator. Later they increase their advantage when they inherit superior human-engineered technology in the form of the electronic brain, Orac. The advantages these machines give the team are redoubled by the Federation Administration's desire to capture the Liberator and Orac undamaged.

    great f/x dont make a show great. it just helps dress it up. if you have to have great f/x to like a show then dont bother.

    but if you like a great story then this is a show for you.

  • A true classic. Blake fights an oppressive totalitarian regime, with disturbing elements and utter darkness in the very first episode. Such elements were only explored previously in The Prisoner, and only in the late 90/00s with softer darkness.moreless

    I am one of the late B7 fans, born right in the middle of filming of series 3. But as they say, new converts are the most devout preachers!

    Blake's Seven are a bunch of rebels ostracised from the Fascist Federation, and when led by Blake, fighting against the oppressor. The stories are engaging, Terry Nation's and especially Chris Boucher's scriptwriting honour strong, capable females who can fight and kick bottom just as well as the male rebels can. This is very important, and was very rare at the time for UK shows. This appeals to me as a woman viewer, even in the episodes where the women are left to tend the teleport. In general, B7 characters are given good characterisation (albeit brief in Soolin and Cally's case), and the dialogue sparkles with Wildean wit, especially in the case of Boucher's script-edited (season 2) or written episodes. Doctor Who Gothic horror veteran Robert Holmes brings utter horror in various episodes (especially in "Killer" and "Orbit"), and also contributes the delightful "Gambit". I give it a full ten, even if some utterly disgusting, misogynist episodes written by Ben Steed (or "Ben Stud" as he's known amongst most female fans) plague the weak season 3 and the season 4. Season 4 picks up slowly from the fantastic "Rescue", but has its strongest episodes like "Sand" (by Tanith Lee, exploring the character of Servalan), "Assassin", "Gold", "Orbit", "Warlord" and the fantastic "Blake" at the very end. The most disappointing thing in season 4 is Paul Darrow's cringeworthy OTT acting, spurned on by his egotism as the female fans' favourite. From all the seasons, I'd rate the seasons 1 and especially high, 2 is the strongest in script and script-editing wise. Season 3 is the weakest, although it starts well with the strong "Aftermath" and "Powerplay". Tanith Lee's intoxicating, lush, mythological "Sarcophagus", the characterisation-strong "Rumours of Death", "Death-watch", "City at the edge of the World" and "Children of Auron" brighten up the otherwise disappointing series three. With its wobbly sets and all, Blake's 7 is a gem for the discerning SF fan, and should not be judged by its low budget, but rather on the basis of its strong characterisation and witty dialogue. It's the characters and their interactions that matter in B7, above all else. The first two seasons are brilliant in developing Blake and Avon's love-hate relationship, culminating in the tragedy of the final episode, "Blake". It is true Shakespearean drama, and sadly underrated with shallow comparisons to higher-budget US shows. However, those can only hope to match the depth of character and intensity that makes Blake's 7 still the most enduring, the most popular British SF show second to Doctor Who, and continues to attract new converts like myself. Long live Blake's 7!moreless
  • Fight the system

    What happens when a group of people on route to prison end up with a mighty war Machine? It might be regarded as a trivial question, but Terry Nation masde it into one excellent trip lasting for 4 seasons.

    It might start with a noble freedom fighter, but when we watch how a war changes a man, then the pool of emotions will change. How cold must a man be, to survive insensitivity with humanity? How does one measure loyalty? Blake 7 does more then just skirmish these questions. Like Dr. Who, this is not a high tech series, however the stories and the storyline makes more then up for it. As it is usually with anything the BBC writes, this is top notch draama in a sci-fi sugarcoating.

    How do you fight a system when you stand alone? Can you even win?

    Blake 7 answers that in an excellent way.moreless

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