Blake's 7

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Monday 7:15 PM Jan 07, 1980 on BBC
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Severely damaged in a battle of the Galactic War, Liberator disperses its crew while undergoing repairs. Avon lands on a neighbouring planet and is rescued by Dayna, the daughter of a former revolutionary, only to run into Servalan.

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  • A new era

    Okay, first of all, the ship is being blown to bits, and Cally states "Blake chose to stay behind", another character asks where Jenna is, and Cally states "She's going with Blake". That's a neat and bizarre way to write off two characters without being bothered... Cally, Vila, and Avon jettison from the ship in liferafts and the ship will flee, engage auto-repair, then pick them up after life support is repaired...

    On Sarren, Hal Mellanby and his blood daughter Dayna, and adopted daughter Lauren, live in isolation and away from the Federation. Hal was a rebel like Blake, conspiring to form a resistance and, like Blake, saw his friends and family slaughtered. He was captured and rendered blind, and now wears a sensor to help see.

    I liked Hal, and it's a shame he was (cruelly) gunned down by Servalan, after she destroys his optical sensor. The incidental music is bad, but the acting manages to compensate.

    Dayna vows revenge, but before she gets a chance to follow through, she and Avon are teleported up, only to find a Federation officer demanding what they are doing on *his* ship.

    It's a solid series opener, let down mostly by some inane dialogue put out by some Federation troops that landed on Sarren after the war. "How many ships were confirmed killed?" - really?


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Steven Pacey and Josette Simon make their first appearances as Tarrant and Dayna Mellanby. Marina Sirtis auditioned unsuccessfully for the part of Dayna.

    • The war footage which starts this episode is recyled material, especially from the episodes Star One, Hostage and Duel.

    • Revealing Mistake:As Avon fights a native on the beach for the second time, a man in a red coat can be seen on the cliff in the background.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Avon: (After Dayna kisses him): What was that for?
      Dayna: Curiosity.
      Avon: I'm all in favor of healthy curiosity. I hope yours isn't satisfied too easily. I think you cured my headache.

    • Avon: Servalan.
      Servalan: You don't sound surprised.
      Avon: Why should I be? It has perverse kind of logic to it. Our meeting is the most unlikely happening I can imagine. Therefore we meet. Surprise seems inappropriate somehow.

    • Servalan: I'm going to be honest with you.
      Avon: That should be mildly disconcerting.

    • Mellanby: What's left of the Federation fleet, which isn't much, is scattered halfway across the galaxy. I'd say the Federation's in a lot of trouble.
      Avon: Yes, it's difficult to sustain a military dictatorship when you've lost most of the military. I only hope Blake survived long enough to realize that he was winning, both wars.
      Mellanby: Blake? You were with Blake?
      Avon: Yes, though it hardly seems to matter now. If it ever did.
      Mellanby: If it mattered? Blake and the Liberator? I've been hearing reports for the last couple of years. You were magnificent.
      Avon: Not from where I was sitting.

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