Blake's 7

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Monday 7:15 PM Nov 09, 1981 on BBC
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Servalan hires an assassin to kill the crew by luring them to a trap set aboard the assassin's ship.

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    Caroline Holdaway

    Caroline Holdaway


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    Richard Hurndall

    Richard Hurndall


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    Betty Marsden

    Betty Marsden


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    James Muir

    James Muir

    Pirate Guard - uncredited

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      • Servalan: Fire!
        (the attacked ship explodes)
        Servalan: Well! May I congratulate you on a job well done, Captain.
        Captain: You don't seem altogether happy.
        Servalan: Oh, I'm happy enough. It's just that a universe without Avon and Tarrant will take a certain amount of getting used to.

      • (after Soolin slaps Piri's face)
        Tarrant: You enjoyed that, didn't you?
        Soolin: There are two classic ways of dealing with an hysterical woman. You didn't really expect me to kiss her, did you?
        Tarrant: Of course, you know what this is about, don't you? It's simple female jealousy.
        Soolin: Oh, terrific. If two men don't like each other that's a rational judgement. If it's two women, what else could it be but jealousy?

      • Dayna: A hired assassin with Servalan as his utilizer - why?
        Avon: I don't want to seem paranoid, but the tape said five subjects. You may use your fingers, if you like, Vila.
        Dayna: Well I suppose it makes sense. Why break her neck chasing us around the galaxy when she can pay a professional to do it for her?
        Tarrant: Yes, but so what? Why should he find us any easier than she can? He's good, is he, this Cancer?
        Avon: You can imagine how much it hurts me to use the word infallible.
        Tarrant: Oh, come on. Nobody's infallible.
        Avon: All right, then he's not infallible. It's just that up to now, he has never failed.

      • Benos: Well, well, well. What's this, a mirage?
        Avon: Thank goodness! I'm so glad to see you. My space shuttle crash-landed back there. All my friends were killed. I've been walking all day. I wonder, can you please help me?
        Benos: Well - what sort of help were you thinking of?
        Avon: Well, you know; food, water.
        Benos: Well, I think we can manage that, don't you lads? Food, water, nice dry sleeping quarters.
        Avon: Thank you. It'll just be for tonight.
        Benos: Oh no, no, no, this'll be board and lodging for a lifetime.
        Avon: I'm sorry, I don't understand.
        Benos: He talks very pretty, doesn't he, lads?

      • Soolin: And this, presumably, is Cancer.
        Vila: Doesn't look so terrifying, does he?
        Soolin: So what are we going to do with him?
        Avon: What do you think?
        Vila: You're going to kill an unarmed prisoner?
        Soolin: When did you get religion?
        Vila: I'm a thief, not a butcher!

      • (Avon comes round, strapped to a couch. He sees Cancer sitting near him, motionless.)
        Piri: You're quite right, he's completely dead. I killed him. Pity, in a way - he was a fairly impressive specimen.
        Avon: You killed Cancer?
        Piri: Oh Avon! And you are supposed to be the clever one. I am Cancer.

    • NOTES (1)

      • In Doctor Who, Richard Hurndall stood in as the first Doctor in the episode The Five Doctors - due to the death of the original first Doctor, William Hartnell.

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    • 10:00 pm
      Hannibal The Wrath of the Lamb