Blake's 7

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Monday 7:15 PM Dec 21, 1981 on BBC

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  • Avon and his reluctant followers track down Blake on Gauda Prime.

    A brilliant episode, penned by Chris Boucher. It encapsulates the themes of trust and betrayal, so prominent in all of Blake's 7, and culminates in a bloodbath, very apt for the tone of the series. We finally get some characterisation for Soolin, and an embittered, older Blake comes to the fore. Gareth Thomas has commented that this was the way he wanted to portray Blake all along; with bitterness, world-weariness and yet still holding on to a scrap of humanity, a belief in people, still wanting to take over the Federation by any means possible. This idealism, honourable as it is, leads to his and the others' eventual downfall. A brilliantly scripted and character-heavy episode. Grimy, realistic, painful and above all, unforgettable conclusion to a fantastic series.