Blake's 7

Season 4 Episode 13


Aired Monday 7:15 PM Dec 21, 1981 on BBC



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    • Tarrant: Look, there's nothing you can do. You're not a good enough pilot.
      Avon: I can see that.
      Tarrant: So get the hell out of here, will you? There's no point in both of us dying.

    • Orac: Everything has an effect on everything else around it. It is not easy to trace one line through the pattern of infinity, but in this case, I have. Blake is on Gauda Prime.
      Tarrant: How long have you known?
      Avon: (smiles) Long enough.
      Dayna: Before Zukan?
      Avon: Oh, yes. And the answer to your next question is, yes, I would have left Blake where he was and said nothing if things had gone according to plan.
      Tarrant: Oh, I must try and work that into the conversation when we meet him.

    • (Blake and Arlen enter - Arlen armed, Blake not.)
      Tarrant: Is it him?
      Vila: It's him.
      Tarrant: He sold us, Avon. All of us. Even you.
      Avon: Is it true?
      Blake: Avon, it's me, Blake.
      Avon: Stand still! Have you betrayed us? Have you betrayed me?
      Blake: Tarrant doesn't understand.
      Avon: Neither do I, Blake.
      Blake: I set all this up.
      Avon: Yes.
      Blake: Avon, I was waiting for YOU. (Avon shoots Blake three times. Blake collapses, grabbing Avon's arms.)
      Blake: Avon... (Falls at Avon's feet.)
      Deva: (running in) Blake! They've found us! The base is under... Arlen, what happened?
      Arlen: HE happened. (He shoots Deva, who collapses) Be so kind as to drop your guns, all of you.
      (Three guns hit the floor, but not Avon's.) You and this nest of rebels are now prisoners of the Federation. Your friend Blake said he couldn't tell any more who was Federation and who wasn't. He was right. He couldn't.
      Tarrant: You're a Federation agent?
      Arlen: I'm a Federation officer.
      Vila: Oh, now, look, I've never been against the Federation! I mean, I've only ever been along for the ride. I'm not even armed. You can't kill me. I'm completely harmless and armless.
      (Dayna reaches for a gun, Arlen shoots her, she falls. Vila hits Arlen and she falls. Vila picks up Arlen's gun.
      Vila: Sorry (he is shot in the back by a trooper, Soolin shoots a trooper and is shot, Tarrant shoots another trooper and heads towards Avon.)
      Tarrant: Avon! (He is shot by a trooper. More troopers enter and form a circle around Avon. He looks down at Blake and then raises his gun, smiling. Credits roll and more shots are heard.)

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    • In his book A History and Critical Analysis of Blake's 7, John Kenneth Muir comments on the ending of this episode:, "When Avon smiles at the conclusion of Blake, he is amused because he is the butt of a cosmic joke. Avon, the one who trusts nobody, will die because he should have trusted Blake. . . . Avon's last act is completely heroic and idealistic. He protects Blake's body from the storm troopers, and realizes that Blake's way was the only way. He learns that the only way to win is with ideals, honor and ideas, not with rationality and cold logic. With a last smile, Avon does the only stupid but noble act of his life. Surrounded, he brings up his gun. . . A lone character learns, adapts, and changes for the better in a single, explosive moment."