Blake's 7

Season 3 Episode 6

City at the Edge of the World

Aired Monday 7:15 PM Feb 11, 1980 on BBC



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    • Cally: Vila, we thought we'd lost you.
      Avon: But every silver lining has a cloud.

    • Karil: If you think that what happened in here gives you the right to treat me like some sort of …
      Vila: Treat you like some sort of what? I haven't treated you like any sort of anything.

    • Bayban: My mother…
      Vila: Eh?
      Bayban: Oh, yes. I had a mother. Wonderful woman. Truly evil person. She had a saying: "Babe," she used to say. She called me "Babe". "Babe," she used to say. "Treat every hour as though it's your last." I'll be back in an hour, Vila.

    • Vila: A thief isn't what I am, it's who I am.

    • Avon: Where is Vila?!
      Babyban: Who?
      Avon: How would you like me to let some fresh air into that rancid little brain of yours?

    • Dayna: If Vila saw you, who knows what he might do. Run away ... give the alarm ... Tarrant: I doubt that. Dayna: So do I. I think he'd try and kill you. [Tarrant looks at her. Dayna shrugs.] That's what I'd do.

    • Vila: [To Bayban] You have a reputation for straight-forward mayhem that's second to none. I've been an admirer of yours for um, well, for as long as I can remember. Well maybe not that long, I mean, you're not that old are you? But then again you did start very young, didn't you? I think I feel sick.

    • Avon: You want me to threaten you?
      Tarrant: Why not? I haven't had a good laugh in ages.
      Avon: Sensible. You could die laughing.

    • Tarrant: They stipulated no surveillance devices.
      Avon: So you said.
      Tarrant: I gave them my word.
      Avon: You didn't give them mine.

    • Vila: Let's get on with it, then.
      Avon: No last minute protests? No sudden illnesses?

    • Vila: I think I've just made the biggest mistake of my life.
      Orac: In the light of your previous record, that seems unlikely. Hah! I would predict that there are far greater mistakes waiting to be made by someone with your obvious talent for them.

  • Notes

    • In City at the Edge of the World, Vila was given a braver role as Michael Keating's young daughter, after watching the show, had said to him "Daddy, you're stupid".

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