Blake's 7

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Monday 7:15 PM Mar 20, 1979 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Revealing Mistake: The photo of Docholli is an obvious publicity still, in black and white and with Cally neatly covering his 20th-century tie with her thumb.

    • Krantor notices that Vila is cheating and can tell that it has something to do with the bracelet that he's wearing, yet still allows him to wear it while playing Speed Chess.

    • Mistake: Orac's metal casing disappears when he returns to normal size.

    • Mistake: Orac shrinks himself down considerably smaller than "one-eighth" of his normal size.

  • Quotes

    • Travis: All right, Blake. If you're man enough. Kill me now.
      Blake: Our quarrel is the Federation, not with you.
      Jenna: Give me the gun, then.
      Blake: That would be a mercy. Are you feeling particularly merciful?

    • Vila: (After watching someone electrocuted after losing at speed chess) He must have been crazy staking his life.
      Avon: Just risking money isn't always enough.
      Vila: What?
      Avon: If you're a gambler, that's the biggest gamble you can take. That's the real kick.
      Vila: Well he got his kick, all right. Straight up the spine.

    • Servalan: (About Krantor): He is a despicable animal. When the Federation finally cleans out this cesspit, I shall have that vulpine degenerate eviscerated with a small and very blunt knife.

    • Vila: You know, if it was a desert down there, so hot your eyeballs frizzled, poisonous snakes under every rock…
      Avon: Blake would have sent us.

    • Chenie: (about Docholli) They say he was one of the first in the burner. When the fumes got too much for him, it was you who dragged him out.
      Travis: Oh, yes. I'm a hero, too.
      Chenie: So. You've saved his life twice. Why?
      Travis: It's my noble nature.
      Chenie: Oh, yes, Travis. I can see. It shines from your one yellow eye.

    • Vila: What's on your mind?
      Avon: The Big Wheel is run by a computer that fixes the odds at five percent in favour of the house, right?
      Vila: Right.
      Avon: Right. Orac reads computers.
      Vila: Ohhh, that is beautiful! Avon, there are times when I almost get to like you.
      Avon: Yes, well, that makes it all worthwhile.
      Vila: I mean, you give me a warm feeling right here, around the money belt.

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