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Blake's 7

Season 1 Episode 7

Mission to Destiny

Aired Monday 7:15 PM Feb 13, 1978 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Mission to Destiny
Liberator finds a ship flying in a circle, going nowhere. The crew are unconscious, the controls smashed, the pilot murdered. They work to both unravel the mystery and save a dying planet.

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  • Agatha Christie in space

    Trying out different types of plot, the show goes into Agatha Christie territory here. Who's responsible for the sabotage and murder aboard the Ortega? With Blake and the Liberator off to save a planet, Cally and Avon remain behind on the stricken ship to solve the problems and discover the truth. With all the traditional conventions of the murder mystery we get more murders, false clues and likely suspects, with the most unlikely suspect being the eventual culprit. (The only thing missing is a butler.) The strength of the episode, though, is supplied by Cally and Avon, surely the most original characters. Cally's sensitivity plays well off Avon's coldness and still you are amazed that Avon, despite his selfish nature, comes out as the hero.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Revealing Mistake: When Blake closes the vents, one of the knobs breaks off and bounces across the floor.

    • Plot Hole: The "meteorite storm" aspect of the plot has numerous problems. Going around the storm is supposed to lengthen the Liberator's journey by a factor of four -- meaning the storm would have to be many light months or years in size, which is impossible. Further, the Liberator drains its energy banks going through the storm the first time but then simply turns around and goes back with no problems to regroup with the Ortega.

    • Mystery: Why does Avon, who is notoriously paranoid, turn his back on the murderer when revealing her identity?

    • Mistake: Kendall tells Blake he is the only one who has the molecular key and the combination to get the neutrotope out of the safe. Yet he later sends Sara to retrieve it on her own - and doesn't even check the box before Blake leaves!

    • Mistake: Paul Darrow's wedding ring is visible when he reaches in to remove the gas cannister from the ventilation system.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Vila: I don't like this.
      Jenna: That's unusual.
      Vila: Mock if you like, but I can always sense danger.
      Gan: Yes, even when there isn't any.

    • Avon: Right, I'll just contact Vila. (into bracelet) Are you awake?
      Vila: (over comm) No.
      Avon: (smiles) That's what I thought.

    • Avon: It is frequently easier to be honest when you have nothing to lose.

    • Cally: (to the Ortega crew) Remember that Avon and I will be staying. We will regard ourselves as hostages against Blake's return.
      Avon: Well, thank you, Cally. What a clever idea.
      Cally: (telepathically) Blake will return.
      Avon: You can bet your life on it. In fact, you've just bet both our lives on it.
      (Blake smiles)

    • Blake: You're quite sure about volunteering to stay?
      Cally: We must help these people.
      Avon: Must we? Personally, I don't care if their whole planet turns into a mushroom. I shall stay because I don't like an unsolved mystery.

    • Cally: My people have a saying: A man who trusts can never be betrayed, only mistaken.
      Avon: Life expectancy must be fairly short among your people.

    • Cally: So who do you think it is?
      Avon: Mandrian.
      Cally: Why?
      Avon: Instinct. I discount Dr Kendall.
      Cally: I thought you mistrusted instinct.
      Avon: I do. So I am probably wrong.

    • Blake: Have the locators detected the outer edge of the storm yet?
      Vila: No. Yes! No! Maybe...
      Blake: Which is it, Vila?
      Vila: It's maybe.

    • Gan: Power reserves are almost gone. Zen: In one point zero three minutes, it will no longer be possible to operate force wall and main drive simultaneously. Please decide which to close down. Jenna: Without main drive we'll never get out of this. Vila: Without the force wall we'll be smashed to pieces. Blake: Have the locators detected the outer edge of the storm yet? Vila: No. Yes! No. Maybe... Blake: Which is it, Vila? Vila: It's `Maybe'. Zen: Directive is now required. Blake: Jenna, stand by to feed all power through to the main drive when the force wall is down. Gan, deactivate the force wall. Gan: Deactivating...

    • Avon: You're not going anywhere, Sara. You don't just get off a spaceship and run.

    • Avon: (After punching Sara) You'd better get her out of here. I really rather enjoyed that.

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